SM3 Spoilers: Your opinions on opinion.


Jun 22, 2005
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We know that GG, Sandman and Venom are in the movies. Yay. We know who will be playing them respectively. But we don't know that much about the film.

So when people are saying that the film will probablly suck, we don't know that. I've been trying to express my opinions with that basic idea. I don't know hardly anything about the film, and I have no real opinion on it until it comes out. I've expressed opinions about details, but I have not said anything that you would not be lead to with common sense.

- I think that we do deserve better than a palette swipe. Like a different template. In terms of Red/Blue vs. Black costume.

-I think that Gwen should have a good reason for being in the story, even if it has nothing to do with the comics. Because the fact is that we can't go back in time and simply make Gwen his first love like in said comics. We're already past that now. So Raimi should come up with a valid and creative reason for having her. I'm not saying that he has not or will not, I'm just saying that he needs to.

It would seem that we're past the problem of people thinking that the SM2 manip is a real picture from SM3. But people aren't thinking clearly. Even if it was real, wouldn't we have already known.

At this point we're all working on hypothesis(from the small bits of information we have and are getting) and desires on what -should- be in SM3. Not what -WILL- be in SM3. Because we don't know. That was always my opinion on the matter. I have not contradicted it, nor do I plan to.

So people need to stop acting as if they know things other people don't. Not everyone has an uncle or cousin or friend who works for Sony or Marvel. And they need to stop assuming that people like me have been contradicting ourselves. All of the people with common sense, have been saying the same things they've always said and have not denied when they were wrong(I can name a few, myself included). The funniest thing is that in every case it has been newer people making accusations. Funny, indeed.
You should call up Sam Raimi and Bill Pope and let them know who's boss.
Well see. Heres the thing. It might not be GG, and it might be Hob. Thats what one of the latest rumors is, so can we just call it Harrys Goblin of HG from now on?
You can. That's the whole point. Anything is possible between now and the trailer or now and more information. Anything is subject to change. And we don't know.

But at the same time rumours aren't facts. There's probablly more evidence of him being GG2 than hobby. Though that evidence is also pretty much rumour. So as long as you're saying "goblin" you're probablly right.
Well we can agree that Spidey has a fight with Sandman at the bank, and probably has a fight with GG2 at an allyway.
You're right. Right now it's all speculation. I'm holding off oppinionns of the movie until I get more information or a trailer.
^But if you do that, you can't b:tch, and we can't have that now can we?:O
I don't worry too much about other peoples opinions; its their opinion. We all know opinions are like ********, everybodys got one, some just stink more than others. But in the end, there's no right or wrong. I agree with Chinese, its hard to form an opinion on something without seeing the finished product.

Speculation is a completely different can of worms. With so little actually known about the film, speculation is practically useless because there are too many people that have nothing better to do than sit around thinking up stupid, crazy, goofy(you can pick the adjective) ideas about what the movie should be like. Hopefully some actual news will start coming out so things can start to take shape.
ChineseFooD, how many times are you going to contradict yourself and then divert everyone's attention by posting more inane rubbish in another thread?

Your schizophrenia is both amusing and highly disturbing. Keep up the good work.
It's funny how people say that. Can you quote me in context whenn I was contradicting myself? I'm not being sarcastic or anything. Please....quote me with everything you can find. If you can't then you really have nothing important to say. And you can go sit down in the corner of people who talk small nothings of little sense.
All I willy say is this;

I don't have an opinion, as I haven't seen the film yet.
ChineseFooD said:
It's funny how people say that. Can you quote me in context whenn I was contradicting myself? I'm not being sarcastic or anything. Please....quote me with everything you can find.
I'm not being sarcastic, but the thought of re-reading all your posts makes me want to gouge my own eyes out.

ChineseFooD said:
And you can go sit down in the corner of people who talk small nothings of little sense.
Okay? What was your point again? You made a baseless attack, and had nothing to back it up.(You're cool now) You couldn't even "bother" with a single referance. Not even a link to a thread. So don't talk to me about inane rubbish when you can talk without any ground to stand on.

So does that thumbs up mean you're going to shutup? You honestly should. I mean, even if you were to be on topic, you probablly wouldn't make any referances to anything or site any facts, you'd probablly just make things up. I'd really like to stay on topic, though, so if you have any other lies to place on me....Kindly send them to me in PM and not pollute the boards with your stupidity.

So, back on topic.....

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