Smallville DVD Sets - $9.99 ALL SEASONS @ Best Buy!

Wal Mart has S1-7 for $14.98.
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Wal Mart has S1-7 for $14.98. I thought I would pass this along for anybody who might still need one these seasons.

Sorry double post, I didn't see the above post to start with so I reposted. Last night my first post in this thread didn't show up after I posted it.
The Season 8 Blu-Ray is on sale at Best Buy for $25 this week.
dam wish i had bluray lol i still need season 8 dvd set was only able to get season 7 set for xmas from family.
Thanks for the heads up!

I did a quick check and it looks like BestBuy, Wal-Mart, and Amazon all have them on sale right now for around $16.99. Now I can go grab season 8 and be caught up.

Maybe a mod should change the title of this thread to something like "Smallville DVD/BlueRay Sales Watch" or something like that for people to post sales that come up from time to time.
well yea i just havent had alot of cash and when i gone to certain stores in my home area some stores still have season 8 set at the standard 49.99 price.
Best Buy has season 8 on sale again for $16.99 on dvd. I don't think the Blu Ray is on sale this time, BB's site still list the BR at $49.99 I think. They also have S4 of Supernatural on sale for $16.99 also.

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