SNK Published Metal Slug XX (king o fighters character inside)for PS4 launches May 29


Apr 17, 2008
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PlayStation 4
[FONT=&quot]Metal Slug XX for PS4 launches May 29[/FONT]
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An overview of the PlayStation 4 version's upgrades.

The April-announced PlayStation 4 version of Metal Slug XX will launch via the PlayStation Store on May 29 for $19.99, developer SNK announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via the PlayStation Blog:
Graphical Upgrades

For the first time in franchise history, Metal Slug can be enjoyed in 4K!
The game is fully 4K-supported with a variety of display settings, including new scanline filtering options and high-resolution border art styles.
We all agree that the Metal Slug Series features truly legendary 2D sprite-work, so we took extra care to create scanline options that we felt lived up to the standard of the amazing graphical style that fans adore around the world.



The first new scanline style we call “TV”, with the simple goal of replicating the look of a high-quality Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitor that you would use at home. In particular, we’re simulating the alternating colored and black lines as seen on CRTs and applying them carefully so that the image scales properly and looks natural both on a 1080p or 4K screen. Ever wonder what Metal Slug XX would look like running on your Neo Geo AES? Now can you see for yourself!


The second style is called “Arcade” – here we’re trying to capture the complex scanlines used in classic arcade monitors, just like the original machines. This filter was carefully crafted to simulate the delta-gun shadow mask configuration of an arcade monitor, including emission of red, green and blue phosphors. Additionally, a scanline effect is applied to complete the arcade monitor look and feel. A close examination of the screen will reveal the subtle triad phosphor effect. As one of the only Metal Slug entries to not have an original arcade release, we wanted to honor the series’ quarter-munching roots and give fans an option to experience the game through a classic arcade lens.


Controller Support, New Trophy Set

This “remastered” port of Metal Slug XX is also fully functional with DualShock 4 game controllers, including (optional) vibration support to make the heated battles feel even more hectic, and fan-favorite voice samples played through the controller’s speaker during the release of POWs and other in-game events. On top of that, more than 30 Trophies have been added for players who enjoy a good challenge, with some of them based on fan-favorite trivia and Easter eggs! We are also excited to announce that this is the very first time Platinum Trophies have been implemented in a Metal Slug title!

Leona Unlocked and Loaded!
In addition to the six characters found in the original release, “the silent soldier” Leona Heidern is now playable from the beginning! She is a very strong character with her special ability (Moon Slasher) that can be activated at any time by pressing simultaneously up on the directional pad, L1 and ? to nullify projectiles, cut enemy vehicles in half, and of course protect your brothers and sisters-in-arms!

2P Co-op Online Multiplayer via Share Play
Metal Slug XX can be enjoyed alone, together with a friend through local co-op, or with registered online friends via Share Play.



Exclusive Illustration
As Metal Slug is also a game series known and praised for its unique art style, SNK’s original Metal Slug artist Tonko has prepared an exclusive illustration for the PlayStation Nation of iconic hero character Marco Rossi ready to clash with his archenemy Gen. Morden’s most trusted soldier, Sergeant Allen O’Neil! “C’mon, boy! Go home to mommy!”

Watch the launch trailer below.


View a set of screenshots at the gallery.

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