so i'm moving cross country tomorrow...


Apr 23, 2005
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if anybody remembers, i posted a couple months ago that i was moving out of the house for the first time, then later posted about how it didn't work out, friends became enemies who screwed me (both emotionally and financially) and i got kicked out...

well, i'm moving cross country tomorrow, going from california to tennessee. it's pretty big for me, i've lived in the same HOUSE for 20 years, save for the one month that i had been moved out with my "friends", so moving across country is going to be a pretty tough adjustment for me, but in the end, i think it will be a good experience. i do have some family out there - my brother and his wife and kids, so i will be able to hang out with my brother, and be involved in my nephews' lives which i'm looking forward to. it's hard, because california is all i've ever known, but except for my parents and like, one friend out here, i don't have much left. out in tennessee i'll have some family, and i have some friends nearby in both indiana and ohio. so it should be a fun experience for me.

anyways, i just wanted to post that out there. i figure amongst all of the articles posted about twins marrying each other and crap, that some discussion about life events isn't too far out of line.
its always nice to have a fresh start especially after some drama. If you don't mind the inquiry What happened with the "friends" how'd they screw you over?
Welcome to the South dude...NC here sup neighbor:o
hey good luck with the move man. I live in tennesse. welcome to the south
its always nice to have a fresh start especially after some drama. If you don't mind the inquiry What happened with the "friends" how'd they screw you over?

i don't mind.

a friend of mine got an offer to rent a house from her aunt, so her and her fiance` jumped on it. but they couldn't afford all the rent themselves, so they rented out a room to me, and a room to another of her friends.

i happened to look at this girl like a sister... we spent a LOT of time together, and i did a lot of stuff for her because she didn't have a car, and her fiance` worked long long hours, so i helped her out with a lot of stuff, especially after she got pregnant.

after i moved into the house, she didn't really need me for many favors anymore, and coincidentally... she stopped talking to me and i would never hear from her anymore, even to get so much as a "hi" from her when i'd come home or anything. but a couple times when she needed favors, she'd contact me asking for favors. i started to feel used, and when i confronted her about it, she threatened to raise my rent on me, told me that she doesn't need to show me any kind of appreciation because i wasn't her boyfriend, and ended up telling me she didn't want to be my friend anymore, and telling me to get out of the house.

i had already paid my rent for the month of december, i paid it well in advance, and her and her fiance` won't return my rent money despite the fact that i wasn't there for the month of december. i wanted to take them to court, but i can't with the timing of this move coming up when it is. i am also out a $2000 inherentance that i got before moving, that i spent on different things to get set up in that house, like utilities, and rent payments, and groceries, etc... $2000 that i can really use right now considering i'm moving clear across the country.

i guess this got a bit long, sorry, it's just still kind of fresh in my mind. thanks to all who are wishing me well, and i'm moving to middle tennessee, near the mtsu area.
Whoa Nell, that's huge. Good luck. :up:
I remember that story!

Well, hey, good luck to you. TN is a great state. Beautiful. Full of music and great food. You'll have a helluva time. And this might work our for the best for you. It might be a grat fresh start to clear your head and find out where you need to be in life.

Again, good luck!
MTSU area is great, I got a couple of friends going to school there right now.
If you enjoy breakfast food check out the Pancake Pantry over on Wedgewood in nashville, it's close to vandy I believe
Welcome South, Brother. The land of food, fun and football. :word:
i've visited the nashville / murfreesboro area before, since my brother lives out here, and the times that i have been here, i have absolutely loved it. coming out of high school, i wanted to go to mtsu for college, but that didn't work out. i suppose once i go back to school, and finish up my aa i can transfer there if i decide to, but i'm unsure.

what i do know is that i love the area. the people are much nicer i find, than they are in san jose, and the bay area. don't get me wrong, i love the bay area, but working retail there has shown me the worst in people, and it's really wearing on me. i think a change of scenery will be a good thing.

hopefully i will be able to find a job and an apartment. i'll be staying with my brother and his family for a bit, but i don't want to be there too long. he's giving me a month, but i'd like to be gone before then, so i don't become a bother. so as soon as i get into town, i'll be job searching.

i'm nervous, i've never done anything like this. this is by far the largest change i've made in my 24 years of life so i am a bit nervous and apprehensive. but at the same time, i am excited, i believe there will be many oppourtunities and countless possibilities for me, and if nothing else, i believe it will be a good -experience-, even if it doesn't turn out to be a permanent situation.

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