So Who’s the Bigger Horndog?


Jan 12, 2012
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I’ve thought about posting this for a while seeing as there are two clear front runners in the MU, each with double-digit conquests!
Some info on their respective women (*associated with both men):

Tony Stark
-Meridith McCall
-Sunset Bain
-Joanna Nivena
-Pepper Potts
-Natasha Romanov*
-Janice Cord
-Marianne Rodgers
-Whitney Frost (Madame Masque)
-Bethany Cabe
-Janet van Dyne
-Indries Moomji
-Heather Glenn*
-Brie Daniels
-Rae Lacoste
-Kathy Dare
-Dr. Su Yin
-Veronica Benning
-Rumiko Fujikawa
-Calista Hancock
-Anna Wei
-Maria Hill

Matt Murdock
-Elektra Nachios
-Karen Page
-Natasha Romanov*
-Moon dragon
-Heather Glenn*
-Becky Blake
-Glorianna O’Breen
-Typhoid Mary
-Maya Lopez
-Milla Donovan
-Dakota North
-Felicia Hardy
-Some chick in the current run of DD (someone help me with her name!)

And I am not stipulating any advantage for one or the other. I'll leave that up to each voter to decide. Personally I have to pick Stark because in addition to the ones we know about, there are surely many nameless women captured in 1-2 panels throughout the years showing Stark as the dashing playboy. NOw I'm sure Matt has had his share of 'nameless' as well, just probably not shown to the degree as has been with Tony.
Anyway, vote your pick!
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I prefer to call them Himbos like Wolverine did to DD.
It's Stark because he actually goes around looking for it. Murdock can't help that he's a fox whose nemeses just like killing/traumatizing his girlfriends.

Also, props for including Nyla Skin in your list.

Current love interest is Kirsten McDuffie, by the way, but they haven't gotten busy yet. Same goes for Felicia, actually; I don't believe they ever completed the act.
I prefer to call them Himbos like Wolverine did to DD.
Wolverine's just mad because he spent thirty years fantasizing about some dude's wife, and then when he finally might've had a chance Magneto killed her.
What about the other Avengers. the red haired Avenger thats kind of a god or something where he kept trying to get with She Hulk all the time back then during the 1980s

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