So, you think your parents are embarsassing?

Since the dawn of the Book of Face my good sir.

You can not compete with lazy..... our future
I like how this woman didn't believe her son was fine when informed until he called her and spoke to her. As if Peru is going kidnap her son?
This reminds me of the Malcolm in The Middle episode where their mother went to the Middle East to retrieve Francis from the military.
I am so happy today that my son is well. Now our family will have to process all of this, and I think this will take some time. I can't wait to see Garrett and Jamie walking off the plane and into my arms.

Good lord. :dry:
I hope to God he doesn't live with that woman.
Does she expect them to cut their ba cation short because of all this? Lol, my god I wouldn't be surprised if the girl broke up with the guy because of his psycho mom.
I could see my mom doing this if she ever took meth and got really paranoid.
I wonder if Ghostrider87's mom got this worried about him, when he took off to Colombia to meet women that look like Sofia Vergara.
Knowing GR87, she probably went with him. They have Hooters in Colombia right?
I certainly hope so. That's the only place where he can turn on the charm!
Maybe he can meet up with Kainedamo and Vicki!

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