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Jun 1, 2006
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hey peoples heres some of my fan art, i hope you like

this one is actually the concept for the kratos god of war II alternate costume design contest.

this is starving artists nightcrawler there was no color so i decided to have fun and color it in. props to starving artist for this kickass drawing

this i colored in i found it at ign and it needed color, this isnt the right color i did my own version of the character.

another awsome drawing from starving artist that i colored in.

haha another drawing by starving artist, isnt he amazing yea i colored it in but the webs suck i kinda rushed it twars the end.

worlds fasted drawn thing in ms paint, sucks but what eva

and finally stoner man

i hope you like my work so far. im gonna skan my other sketches that i did in school.
I know I'm in the minority here with this request, but I must ask because he is a fave of mine. Your art is exceptional. So I was wondering what can you do with 'Darkman' in a drawing? Maybe standing in an alley, rain drenching down on him, hiding just enough of his face under the brim of his hat as lightning flashes.
Peyton Westlake,how many times do u have to post that request?
batboy99 said:
Peyton Westlake,how many times do u have to post that request?

You can talk, requesting manips left right and centre!

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