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Jun 30, 2013
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Hey, new poster here. So if this has been done before forgive me.

I had a couple ideas on Rogue and wanted to pick your brains...

If Rogue were to touch a shape shifter, Mystique, Morf, ect. Then touch Multiple Man, are the multiples of Rogue able to shape shift as well?

I found this thread:

but with Vemon or Carnage bonding with a new host it`s really just another story of the Symbiote going bonkers.

So I was thinking, what if Rogue bonded with Toxin.
A story line could be that She is able to touch anyone now with out absorbing powers, or the Symbiote could turn it on/off at its will. Because the Symbiote is over her actual skin, so it`s the Symbiote touching, not really Rogue.

I`m thinking this happens before she absorbs Sunfires powers but is having the relationship with Magneto.

Rogue gets overwhelmed, it`s what she has always wanted, finally she can touch anyone. Magneto on the other hand is fearing the Symbiote taking over completely.
As I've said before about whiners like Rogue and Cyclops who can't control their powers (Both characters I love BTW) is that there are dozens if not hundreds of different things that have been used to limit, obstruct or nullify mutant powers on a limited, full or permanent basis. It's not like the couldn't just beg Mr. Fantastic to make a watch out of them or something so they can run around without having to worry about killing everybody all day.

As to your question though, Rogues powers are supposedly able to affect all living things human, alien, whatever. She absorbs the energy from whatever she touches and her genetic template shuffles a bit to allow her to use that energy on a limited basis or permanent based of length of time absorption is allowed to occur. As for the symbiote as it is a living thing she'd gain whatever properties it had on a limited basis unless she did the full shabang and took it all in. In which case she'd gain full properties of it and probably kill it. I doubt it could act as a buffer for her powers as she'd be constantly draining it as it tried to touch her.

As for the shapeshifting dupe bit, yes. As long as they retained both power sets she'd have dupes that could morph at will. Once it wore off the dupes would just vanish or be reabsorbed into her as the power faded.
Just some pictures of Rogue channeling multiple powers all at once.





What this thread made me wonder is, if she (or Mimic) absorbs Mystique's or Morph's shape changing powers, and then Multiple Man's duplication powers, and then various other powers, could her duplicates change into those other characters?
Maybe all still having her mind, but could she feasibly turn into an entire X-Team? Comprised of herself, Spider-Man, Juggernaut, Magneto, Storm, Invisible Woman, etc?


Could all of this team be Rogue?
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Is the consensus that if Rogue kills a person by prolonged contact she will attain their powers permanently/more permanently?
Is the consensus that if Rogue kills a person by prolonged contact she will attain their powers permanently/more permanently?

Well, she permanently absorbed Ms Marvel's strength and flight powers and put her in a pretty bad coma so I'd agree that if she killed someone by absorbing their powers, it would last forever. Then again, they have changed the rules with her so much in the past 10 years, who the hell really knows for sure? It's made me not like her as much. She was simpler back in the day (even though she was complicated), if that makes any sense...
I hate it when Rogue channels multiple powers at once or can mentally dial up whatever power she wants from the ones she's previously absorbed. Those are her absolute worst incarnations for me. I'm not a fan of power-stealers in general, though. They strike me as utterly unoriginal and boring. Except the Exiles' Mimic. He had reasonable limits and tended to overcome those limits by combining powers in interesting ways.

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