The Amazing Spider-Man Songs in the movie (non-soundtrack)


Feb 16, 2012
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Anyone know the songs used in the movie that weren't part of Horner's soundtrack?

I know that during the Peter asking Gwen out scene the song is Coldplay - Til Kingdom Come.

Other ones I remember are during him waking up and realizing his new strength and also the very beginning with Peter going around the hallways.

And what'd you think of their use in the movie? I liked that they were included because Webb's use of songs in 500 Days of Summer was great and was glad to see he got a few in a more blockbuster film.
I didn't care for the Coldplay one (just because I'm burnt out on Coldplay), but I didn't mind the other two.

I actually really liked the one at the beginning. Not sure what it was, but I could tell it was James Mercer singing, so it must be either a Shins song or Broken Bells.
It was No Way Down by the Shins.

Apparently "Big Brat" by Phantom Planet and "Bus Bus" by Amy Ray are in the film too. Does anyone remember when those two are played?
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It was No Way Down by the Shins.
Thanks. I figured it was probably a recent Shins song since I have yet to check out their new album.

I have no clue where those other two songs you mentioned might have been. Maybe in deleted scenes?
"Big Brat" is played when he wakes up after being bitten. Smashing his alarm clock, bathroom scene etc. Still not sure about Bus Bus.
To be honest, I was expecting Marc Webb to put in a more late 1990s/early 2000s mainstream rock song to introduce Peter in high school, but it was cool to know Marc stuck to the tastes expressed in (500) Days of Summer. And I'm a fan of the Shins, so that was a great plus :awesome:
Tbh, I never heard of The Shins before, but I guess now you could somewhat call me a fan.
Tbh, I never heard of The Shins before, but I guess now you could somewhat call me a fan.
The Shins are great. I have yet to hear their new one that this song is from, but I love all their earlier albums. I think their 3rd one (Wincing the Night Away) is probably my favorite, though it may be tied with their 2nd (Chutes Too Narrow).
Yeah, "No Way Down" is actually part of their newest album that came out in March.
I rank their albums in accordance with their release, but I have yet to listen to all of Port of Morrow :whatever:

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