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Sony to introduce new PS3 budget line


Aug 25, 2006
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Too bad its only in Japan for now. If it were to come to the US, that 3,800 yen is about $35. Not bad. Hopefully we will get it soon. I hope they change the box art though bc those are ugly

Sony Japan is set to continue a PlayStation tradition with the PlayStation 3: an official budget lineup. A Japanese online retailer has posted listings for the first set of PS3 titles to fall under the new "PlayStation 3 the Best" lineup.

According to the retailer, PS3 owners in Japan will soon be able to pick up PlayStation 3 the Best versions of Resistance, FolksSoul, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Gundam: Target in Sight, and Ridge Racer 7 for 3,800 yen each. All five will arrive on 3/19.

While a definite drop from the full priced versions, the PS3 budget lineup seems to be a bit pricier than its PS2 counterpart. Most PlayStation 2 the Best titles go for 2,800 yen and below.

For Sony's self-published titles, the savings amounts to about 2,200 yen per title. Third party PS3 titles tend to be priced a bit higher in Japan, so the savings is about 1,000 yen more.

None of these games will have the honor of the first actual budget release for the PS3, though, as From Software jumped the gun earlier this month with a re-release of Armored Core 4.

We expect an official announcement soon, along with hopefully some boxart that isn't too unsightly.

Gah, that box art is just as bad as the Xbox 360 Greatest Hits line. Why do they insist on not having the entire front being the art? What's with both companies stupid need to put an ugly border around it?
IMO the budget line should have a different colored "Playstation 3" banner, but I can't stand the idea of having a big white border around the actual box art.
IMO the budget line should have a different colored "Playstation 3" banner, but I can't stand the idea of having a big white border around the actual box art.
IA. The PS1 had green, PS2 had red, PS3 should just get a different color. I think navy or some other shade of blue would go well since its on a blu-ray disc. Oh and I hope its not called PSR The Best over here. Thats a horrible name. Just stick with Greatest Hits


we get the sexy platinum range. altho they should have kept the changes as simple as they were for PS games for PS2 games.
How about something like this for a US release?

When these hit the UK they better not try to sell them for £30. I usually pay £35 or less for a new release so I'm not paying over the odds
i managed to get 2 PS3 games for £20 already.
Wow, I really like that. Good job Tim
LOL. Toshiba want their HD-DVD cases back.
LOL. Toshiba want their HD-DVD cases back.
haha, its not like they have any use for them anymore.

Apparently the new price for the Greatest Hits will be $29.99. Im surprised bc I thought it would be either $34.99 or $39.99

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