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Sooo... How was Scary Movie 4?


Oct 10, 2005
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I haven't seen it, and I was just wondering what ya'll you went to see it thought.
Well it had a few funny parts(most were in the trailer). But overall it was ok.
it was ok,i stayed away from the trailers so I found some of it was kinda funny,some of it was totally stupid and unfunny, it had it's moments.
The movie stays in line with the quality of the preceding movies... So take that for what it's worth. The beginning is hilarious and the parts with Anthony Anderson are great and so is Leslie Neilson. The rest is somewhat hit or miss, overall it's worth the matinee I went to but full price, it's not a bad waste of your money but it's forgetable.
Same old jokes that are either hit or miss, younger kids might not have seen Million Dollar Baby so they won't understand the spoof, I felt it was too boring and some guy was actually sleeping in the theater.

Let's hope that SM5 is funnier.
Not quite as funny as the last...but it is what you expect. You can't really be disapointed in these films, because you know exactly what you are getting going in. Wait for rental....that's my verdict.
The middle to end of the film is where it gets funny. It was an ok movie, what makes it worthwhile is Anna Faris.
Horrible, as always. It's a wonder I went with my friends, but heh, they are friends, and I have difficulties refusing to have fun with them.

The jokes are all so easy, most 12 years old could have written them. If I want dumb jokes, i'll go watch Team america, at least the people behind that movie had some originality.

David Zucker used to make great original comedies in the 80's, but most of the reason he did was because he was the one who discovered Leslie Nelson's talent for comedy. Without him, we might have had movies like Scary movie.

What's mostly depressing is the actors he goes for nowadays. They aren't bad per see (well, not far, imo), but they have no comedic talents.

Even when the jokes are bad, people like Martin Sheen or Leslie Nelson makes you giggle. THEY have talents in that area. They know how to make it truly sound ridiculous. The movie's main stars do not.

Ahhh, how I long for when Sheen and Nelson were the stars of such movies. The Hot shot movies were great dumb comedy, that didn't just cater to teenagers. Same with the naked gun trilogy.

Scary movie caters to the dumbest viewers there is: Teenagers.

Sheen and Nielsen are the masters.

I've watched those shows and been in serious awe of how they keep a straight face. I've wondered how many takes they have to do.
Octoberist said:
Is Lesle Nielsen immortal? Does he ever age?

He looked damn old to me in Scary movie 4. Sad, especially for those of us who viewed him as our hero back in the Naked gun days. :(
Does anyone have a young pic of Leslie? I swear, since 1980, he always had white hair!
Octoberist said:
Does anyone have a young pic of Leslie? I swear, since 1980, he always had white hair!


He sure has aged.
Yea your right about Scary Movie catering to teenagers, they seem to like the slapstick humor which I cannot stand.The charlie sheen scence was really funny though,Charlie Sheen can be really funny even though he's a bit of a moron in real life.Anna Faris looks better as a brunette IMO.Tyson biting the ears off of people was funny and gross at the same time,I saw Million Dollar Baby and of course I got the joke at the end,with everyone's neck breaking.What I didn't see was The Village,so I didn't really get the jokes with that. The Best scary movie was the 1st one,then they have just gone down hill from there.
Completely ******ed (no surprise there), but you'll laugh.
Leslie Nielsen is still cool to be from the old school Hollywood and having no problem making an ass of himself.
I got a chuckle out of it. A lot of it is just dumb funny, its no where near Zucker's earlier works, but on the other side, Zucker has not pulled a George Lucas where he pumps out absolute garbage. Leslie Neilsen's parts are obviously the best, although they do absolutely nothing for the story. The ending seems tacked on (The Cruise spoof, I mean to say).

Here's what I don't get. Why is Anna Farris still doing these movies? She has proven she has talent. She should move on.
Anna faris keeps saying this is my last one.She needs to get naked.
Shuley said:
Anna faris keeps saying this is my last one.She needs to get naked.
In Just Friends, she has a nice back. :p
I prefer Anna naked too.

Anyway, I like her with black hair. There's TOO MANY BLONDES in Hollywood. Plus, with darker hair, you can see her facial features more. SHe's hot.

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