South Park: Imagination Land (Uncensored) DvD

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Mar 28, 2005
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...and then awesomeness ensued.

i wonder why trey and matt didn't just come up with another half an hour or so of content, a couple hundred-thousand dollars of added production value, and just release this in theaters as 'South Park: the Movie 2'... it's common knowledge that these shows cost beans to make, and a little money thrown towards marketing would have made this a sure hit at the box office.

but still, i'm glad to get this on dvd in uncensored form. these 3 episodes were definitely the highlight of an already hilarious season of south park.
Hah, I remember this trilogy of episodes. Being a fan of South Park, I thought Imagination Land was truly incredible. But I'll probably just wait for the box set, rather then buy this separate dvd.

Good stuff!

These were my favorite episodes in a long time :D,I liked all the cameos

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