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The Dark Knight Southeastern States/Texas Dentmobile (FL, GA, KY, TX)

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That might be possible. A friend and myself are considering the 2 hour drive up there from Knoxville to check it out.
It's better than going to Atlanta. I'll be there for the 1:30-3:30 event. Probably get there earlier to get some lunch then pick up a ton of schwag (hopefully) and level K-Town with Harvey Dent posters!
I live about 10 minutes drive from Lex.....guess I'll try and check this out on Saturday.
I needed to consolidate some space for the growing Dentmobile activity so, in addition to housing the discussion for Lexington, Dentmobile stops in the following cities will be held here as well:
  • Atlanta;
  • Austin;
  • College Station;
  • Gainesville;
  • Houston; and
  • Tallahassee
Though seven cities seems pretty cramped, with the limited interest some of these cites have shown so far, I'm thinking this setup still works. If it turns out to be a major problem, shoot me a PM and keep in mind that Billy Gillespie approved this idea.
Heading to Gainesville FL, from Ocala, if anyone wants to meet up let me know. Is it true that if you get there early they might let you help out and hook you up with a tee shirt or two?
I wish Knoxville would be on the map. I'm heading up to Lexington tomorrow morning. Look for a white BMW. My girlfriend is wearing a red son t-shirt.
ooops double post> sry

anybody going to the one in austin tomorow
ooops double post> sry

anybody going to the one in austin tomorow

I'm trying to talk my fiance into going up there for the day so we can hit the stops and get more stuff, and maybe I can get my stepson the shirt I should have got him yesterday.
I'm definitely heading from Orlando, anyone else wanna join let me know!
I will definitely be there at the Austin one, possibly on both so excited. :D
Long shot I know, but seeing as I'm a UK dent supporter, and won't get the chance to visit the dent mobile locations, would any of you nice, friendly chaps or chapettes out there fancy trying to pick up some extra SWAG on behalf of the other side of the pond?
You may get it for free, but I don't expect to be that lucky...if you get my meaning, lol
If any of you would like to extend a helpful hand, shot me a PM...
I'm going to Gainesville at the 11am Oaks Mall Dentmobile on the 22nd when it rolls around. Anybody want to meet up?
No Dallas?

s**t...I really don't wanna go to College Station...but if I must, I'll try.

Yeah I'm in Richardson (went to school in Plano)...And you're right...getting around here is like an episode of 'Dragonball Z'...it takes FOREVER to get it done!

If they at least had the Dentmobile somewhere along the DART line, like Mockingbird station...but NOOOOOO...ridiculous.

i couldnt even go! i was in class all day and im bout 30 minutes from houston!!...and with all the things going around people saying the cops have been shutting them down i was skeptical of going and nothing being there =[
I'm gettin ready to head up to Lexington. If anyone wants to meet up, just shoot me an email. I'll check it periodically.
Now we play the waiting game. I'm sitting here waiting for the van to pull up. Lexington is nice. A lot of old houses with nice little shops in them.
There were 3 sites and times for Lexington.....I got a babysitter to take care of my kid....went to the 2nd site that was to be from 1:30-3:30.....got there at 2:10.....waited till 2:40.....nothing showed up.

Went home.
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