Iron Man 3 Special thanks to Joss Whedon


Mar 17, 2012
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I wonder if somebody has a clue about why there was a "Special thanks to Joss Whedon" in the credits. I know J.J Abrams had input on it, but this caught me by surprise. Just curious about it. :yay:
Since he has the position, I imagine he had input in the script-writing phase. Then again, it could be something minor: Millar recounts in the supplementary material for Civil War, that Whedon was the one who supplied an answer to a problem that the creative team was facing: namely, the ending. He told them that audiences craved a winner in a versus match, and hence they had to decide on who would win the fight (Cap or Iron Man.) Thus, the ending we know was reached: Cap won the fight, Tony won the argument.
I suspect he at least looked over the script to make sure nothing conflicted with what was planned for AVENGERS 2. Just like ANT MAN is now getting a rewrite to put it more in line with the current movie continuity.
Maybe. But he did a rewrite of the first captain america (nothing major, mostly giving some of the dialogue a 40 vibe) and he didnt get any credits for that so i doubt he would get one for something as little as overseen the script for continuity, and J. J Abrams did give Black some advise Civil War tipe, and didnt get it either, so i thought it may be something special. I dunno; maybe even writing the post credit scene, but hey... Movie credits usually are a world on its own. ;)
Maybe he got a special thanks for making Iron Man even more popular with The Avengers.
They also used Avengers footage and Iron Man 3's plot is heavily influenced by what happened in Avengers.
Maybe because he directed The Avengers. They are just giving him credit.
They used his footage from The Avengers, plus he oversaw some aspects of the movie. He earned a little mention.

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