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Daddy Long-legs

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Jun 22, 2012
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I've been trying for the longest time to figure out a pattern but I can never get it right. Also I've been trying to figure out the right materials.

I've come to the conclusion that Red Spandex would be best for the mask and super-fine white polyester mesh for the eyes. (I stuck my head inside a pair of workout pants, and if I can see decently through 2 layers of that stuff, 1 layer should be no problem.)

The webbing on the mask is going to be an issue though, so I've decided that until I find a way to do webbing, I'll just make a Scarlet Spider mask, along with the rest of the costume since it doesn't look so hard.

Any advice?
hey maybe u should c what curc du cellae made the costume out of and about the webs silk screen them on it'll look great trust me .
You could always just use long strands of rubber of the webbing (that's what I'd do) Just cut and paste.
I laugh in the face of danger what are the most efective ingredients and instructions:woot:
I'm actually trying to be spidey so I really need this :oldrazz:

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