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Hey everyone,

I've been searching for a spiderman costume for quite some time and I ran this site and saw some of your guys work.

My best friend is getting married in 5 months and he is the HUGEST spiderman fan that I know of. His fiance and I have planned on having spiderman show up to the reception as a surprise which he would love. We've got this whole scene to play out. Alot of the costumes I've found are very cheesy and I would be embarassed to wear them so I'm looking for one with high quality.

I'm willing to pay a decent amount for it, since I know the quality would be good. I'm very serious about it, I'm working out trying to build muscle so I don't look like a complete dork in it. I'm just wondering if anyone here would be willing to make one for me. You guys are my last hope.

If anyone's interested, please PM me and I'll send you my email.

That's a pretty cool fiance he's got there. I don't think my wife would have been too keen on anyone showing up to our reception in a Spidey costume. :D
Send me some more information about the date and your size. I have a costume that I might be willing to loan. My E-mail is [email protected].
I also would be wearing the costume for the Bachelor party which is actually the comic book convention in Philadelphia, Wizard World June 2-4.
Whoever were to make the costume for me, I would be able to advertise your handy work if you'd want me to. There's usually TV cameras there and everything so if you're looking for publicity it's a good place to start.

Yeah, he's got a very understanding fiance. He's nuts about comics but pretty balanced overall. The scene we have planned for the wedding if pulled off right will actually be pretty long as I don't look like a dork.
Get back to me also I will be there at the convention I would like to take some pictures with you as well,

you can reach me from that website.
Lakota said:
We've got this whole scene to play out.

Sounds pretty cool what will this "scene" be?
I have always wished to have a Star Wars or LOTR wedding. I just love wearing jedi cloaks or those long dresses.

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