Spiderman loves mary jane

Well, I don't blame Pete for wanting MJ to go out with him without the costume. Why wouldn't he want MJ to like him as he is, and not as Spider-Man? He sees her drool all over Spidey... and maybe that's given him some confidence to come out of his shell a bit. Somehow I doubt he's even been on a real date at this point. We have seen Pete give her many long looks when they're on her bed "studying."

I'm not surprised at her reaction, given that Pete took so long to make his intentions known. But it still broke my heart to see him crushed. I wonder how he can shift gears into Spidey for their date after that...
'Cause he's a different person when th' mask goes on.
gliderpilotgirl said:
yeah, I have to agree..I wish the art was more like Ult Spidey, but it works and it's not too bad. :)

i like the art. it fits the books.
So... I think I understand. Peter hated seeing MJ depressed, and knew he had the power to lift her spirits, so he asked her out as Spidey. It had the desired results, she's happy again... but about Spider-Man and their date. This suddenly puts Peter in a weird place, and may-be he didn't expect to feel the way he did, which prompted him to action.

Obviously Peter is conflicted... he wants MJ to be happy AND he wants to date her... and Spidey is an easy way to do both.

But all the reasons he said "no" to MJ's offer before, as Spider-Man, still exist, and he wants to be with MJ as Peter. So, now he regrets not making a move AS Peter. And, in his awkward way - with [SIZE=-1]incredibly[/SIZE] poor timing - he tried to make up for it.

I do wonder if his excitement in just being with Mary Jane - even as Spidey - will overcome his conflicts. I have a feeling it will... but I also have a feeling that something is going to interrupt the date... doesn't it always.
For those of you who have never read it and don't plan on buying it...it's one of the best Spidey titles out there. Definitely better than all of the 616 regular titles.

If you still don't understand, I love it!
Yeah..I've got a problem with the whole 'premise' of it. :(

*Goes to pick up some*
euroq said:
Sean McKeever talks "Spider-Man loves Mary Jane"
Great find. Thanks.

I've been frustrated with what there is to read in the way of Spider-Man titles, so I gave this a try. SMLMJ has me hooked! I even went back and bought the first two PBs under the Mary Jane name... which I had snubbed before. They were good too.
issue 5 recetly came out Gwen stacy is in the book now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god i miss her soo.

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