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May 10, 2012
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Hey guys, thought I would share some of my other stained glass pieces. Below is my Fantastic Four collection

The Human Torch, is lit from behind using "twinkle" lights to make it look like he's on fire. This was the first mosaic I created
This is a miniature Ant-Man that is not yet finished. You can see how small it is by the quarter next to it.

This is glass on glass of the Flash. It is made so a photo can go behind it. That way it looks like the Flash is running in front of whatever you decide.

do you make these for fun or for sale? both?
This is a mosaic of Mark Texeria Ghost rider cover that glowed in the dark. I thought it was only fitting that it should glow in the dark as well. It is made of broken records, glow in the dark stars, and iron shavings as grout. The pics are regular light and in the dark

these are so creative. it's great to see different art mediums on here!
Here is another one of my creations. I posted this a while ago. Iron Man, a stained glass mosaic on a background of computer components. The repulsors, facemask and chest plate all light up, using LED lights.

This is a stained glass mosaic on plaster and is very heavy. Around the edge of the shield is the phrase "The first Avenger" spelled out in morse code.
And what Avengers group would not be complete without a little Hulk thrown in. I took 2 hulk hands and covered them in fiberglass resin and then put stained glass on them. You can still wear the hands. The "table" is also covered in stained glass with comics decoupaged around the edges then covered in clear glass.

these are all awesome. vartha is going to die when he sees that hammer!
Finished all the glass work on Batman Mosaic part 1 of 3. Still have to grout and frame.

how long does it take you to do these usually?
The Batman has taken 1 week, but it depends on the complexity of the design. This one is easy. The Darth Vader took right at 2 months. The Superman took about 6 months. The biggest issue is time, since I can only work on them at nights and when time allows.
these are brilliant

the mjolnir in particular is beautiful

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