Stained Glass Mosaic Fan Art

Hehe that looks funny. Keep up the great work though. :up:
In order to get the hands in the shape needed, I had to create them using molds created out of an algae substance called Alja-Safe Alginate. I used my son as the model. We mixed up the alginate and he placed his hands in the substance for 10 mins till it hardened to a rubbery consistency. After he pulled his hands out we poured plaster into the molds and allowed it to harden for 1 hour then cut off the Alginate

After the hands are cured they are attached to the mannequin. The entire mannequin is then covered in cheese cloth that has plaster in it. I order to get the contours of the body to look more normal, some portions are built up using masking tape and aluminum foil.

After coating the entire mannequin in thinset mortar, the glass is being placed on.

Looking cool. I like how the blue tiles center on either the bulgiest part of a muscle or a joint.
Finished the grout work. Still some clean up to do on the hands and then affix him to the wall


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