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Dec 22, 2005
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I'm I the only one that likes the theme song??
I'm I the only one that likes the theme song??

I thought it set the tone for the show great.

I disliked it and everything that followed.

The pilot still cracks me up. A klingon getting taken out by a farmer with a winchester phaser.

Epic first contact.
I was ok with Russell Watson's song. I just wish it had been composed specifically for Enterprise. I liked Archer's theme too.

Didnt like the way the show ended but enjoyed the series overall.
I personally never was that found of the intro song, to me it sounded too much like a bland rock song from the 80's. But it's interesting that they were trying another approach from the classic instrumental intro songs (which I like better, though). And the visuals' optimistic theme were great during the song. I like the idea, but the song unfortunately does nothing to me.

I really liked though in the Mirror episodes, when they temporarily changed the optimistic concept of the development of ships and planes that finally makes it into rockets that explores the space, to a dark tune with pessimistic scenes of war machines instead. It really sets the tone to these episodes.

Other than that, I really enjoyed Enterprise. It seems to be somewhat hated, or the least popular ST show, but I had great fun watching it. Of course it had bad or boring episodes, and the first season is the least favourite. But those subjects goes for all ST shows, and is part of the charm with the Star Trek universe IMO (perhaps TOS is the most even show in that matter?).

Edit: Yes, the ending was bad.
I posted this in the Star Trek music thread, but it's also relevant here.

I found a fan edit of the opening of Enterprise with "Archer's Theme" from the end credits playing over it instead of Russell Watson's song.


Although the audio isn't great, I think it sounds better and more appropriate. I didn't mind "Faith of the Heart" though (which was originally a Rod Stewart song written by Diane Warren), but it was rather unusual for a Trek series.
I've been re-watching the show on Netflix. The first two seasons are still 'meh' (but better on these viewings) but I'm loving the 3rd season (on the last 3 eps now). I really have a whole new appreciation of it. Looking forward to season 4.

Still think the theme song sucks and the series finale was just poor.
If you had to sit and watch Star Trek: Enterprise for all eternity, or watch Star Wars: Episode I & II... which would you choose?
I didn't hate Enterprise. It was okay, IMO. I absolutely HATED the Tucker/Tpol storyline
I thought T'Pol became annoying. She also seemed as if she were ill towards the latter part of the series. I know she was experiencing Pon Far in some of the episodes, but quite apart from that, she looked sick most of the time and always sounded ill as well. She was a miserable Vulcan, unlike Spock and Tuvok. Not that they were laughing Vulcans, but they weren't so sullen like her. They were just stoic.

She also didn't seem very strong either. There were a few fights where she didn't seem to be able to hold her own very well. She was pretty useless.
I liked T'Pol. She was really the first of her species to spend so much time around humans in an enclosed space; Spock and Tuvok had the privilege of serving in an already-established multi-species Starfleet. I'm sure for her it felt like she was Diane Fossey living among apes.
If you had to sit and watch Star Trek: Enterprise for all eternity, or watch Star Wars: Episode I & II... which would you choose?

That's not even a fair question IMO.

I'd happily watch Enterprise above those painful prequels.
I'm I the only one that likes the theme song??

Nope. I actually liked the opening to Enterprise & liked the series throughout. It's too bad that it was a short lived tv series, though.
Theme song? Absolutely appalling. ENT itself? First half of season 1 and season 3 & 4 were good, but that looong stretch there late season 1 and the whole of season 2 was just... dull. It was what killed the series prematurely because they could never convince people it got better. Too many thought it was crap no matter what was done later. Pity, because especially season 4 was, I think, what ENT should have been all along.
Before JJ Abrams Star Trek’s Prequel Was About Kirk’s Ancestor In An Earth-Romulan War
The show really picked up during the zindi story arc also the "mirror darkly" episodes in season 4 were fantastic, the show was a lot better than people give it credit for.
I need to re-watch this. I didn't watch season 1-2, but started during the Xindi arc. I'm in love with T'Pol a bit.

I hate how the series ended. If they really wanted to do that, they should have been on the Enterprise-E or Riker's new ship. They were so much older looking than their TNG selves it was distracting.
Should I start watching Enterprise from the beginning, or perhaps start somewhere during season 3?

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