Star Wars: Galaxy Divided Season I IC Thread

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    Welcome to the Star Wars RPG!


    Set 10 years after the events of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, the Star Wars RPG allows the player to immerse themselves within the Star Wars Galaxy! Either create your own character or take existing ones from the movies and novels!


    GM: Nowufacedoom

    AGMs: Syn (Mercenary)


    - Stick within continuity as best you can. The people who died in previous films/novels stay dead. The people who arent born yet arent born yet. Common sense stuff.

    - No killing PC'ed characters unless already worked out between all players involved. Nameless NPCs can be killed at will. Especially Ewoks... and Gungans... and Imperial Officers if your Vader.

    - No Time travel.

    - Have fun! It's Star Wars!

    - Try to post at least once every two weeks, I know life can be demanding but an RP relies on its players!

    - All regular Hype Rules apply of course.

    Application Form:

    Screen Name:

    Name of Character you would like to play:

    Age of Character (If not known Estimate):

    Race and Location:

    Allegiance (Eg. Rebel, Imperial, Neutral.):

    Brief background and summary of your chosen character:

    Three reasons why you have chosen that character:




    Font Character will speak in:

    Write two complete sentences using proper English grammar explaining what you think you can bring to the RPG:

    How many times do you intend on posting a DAY IN the RPG:

    Do you know how to post pictures on the hype boards:

    Please provide a small in-character sample post:



    Wege Antilles

    Obi-Wan/Ben Kenobi


    Darth Vader

    Commander Bacara
    Syn (Mercenary)

    Emperor Palpatine


    Mive Fisto

    Fi Skirata


    Boba Fett
    Johnny Blaze

    Lando Calrissian
  2. Gallagher Shaman of Sexy

    Nov 15, 2006
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    The silence of space enveloped the bridge of the Star Destroyer Executor. The regular beeps and whistles and the hum of the giant engines, but nothing major. The Officers fiddled with switched, monitoring screens filled with information and status reports. The relative silence and calm was interrupted by the now ominous and unnerving sound of breathing...

    With a 'pshhhh' noise the doors opened and in walked the near 7 foot behemoth known to the Galaxy as Darth Vader. Imposing and Intimidating no longer come close to describing the presence of the Dark Lord of the Sith.

    The crew take a collective gulp as he approaches the giant view ports at the forefront of the bridge. "Well Admiral?" Vader's voice resonated inside the very being of the commander of the Star Destroyer.

    "No news as of yet my Lord. It could take several hours to establish a link."

    Vader looked at the man in silence for a moment, the rhythmic breathing never skipping a beat. "Double your efforts, I want communication equipment up within the hour."
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    Fi Skirata
    Fi downed the shot of agamarian wine quickly, and looked about the crowded cantina. Sargeant Skirata was talking to some women in a far corner. Why they still called him Sargeant, Fi didn't know. Any war they'd been in had ended years ago, with dire consequences.

    They were running hard down the Acclamator ship corridor. Bessany Wennen had managed to smuggle him in to visit his brothers, disguised as a GAR menial worker. Halfway through his visit, a dozen clone troopers had burst into Atin's room, and asked them to surrender quietly. After he and Atin had subdued them, non-lethally of course, they had gathered the rest of Omega squad and head for the landing bay. As they rounded the corner, and sprinted down the straight path, the bulkhead doors had sealed.

    Darman was sitting down at a table, Etain leaning her head on his shoulder. Little Kad'ika ran around the pub, knocking peoples drinks over, and screaming like a wild thing. It was dangerous to have a child with them, but they weren't on a mission. There was no immediate problems with him. At the sight of a blaster, his over-protective father would heave him behind a table. There was no danger.

    Omega Squad raised their DC-17's to chest height, loooking around at the clones before them. Their brothers. A clone sargeant stepped forwards.
    "We're to apprehend you on the orders of Emperor Palpatine," he said, his accent thick unlike some fellow clones.
    "What verification?" Niner asked briefly. The DC-17 stayed raised.
    "Order 89 - 'Commando Squads Delta and Omega have been comprimised. They are to be captured by any force neccessary'. We don't want to hurt you," he said, but his rifle was still raised.
    "The feeling's mutual," Corr growled. Fi nodded. The sargeant looked at him.
    "This doesn't concern you worker," he barked. Fi smiled. He didn't like this guy, he was a bit too smug with his position of power. He would shoot to kill, Fi knew that. But would he? They were all brothers, were they not?
    The sargeant stepped forwards and grabbed Darman's arm. Corr fired, and was immediately hit by some kind of portable rocket launcher that Fi had never seen before. Even Katarn armour couldn't withstand that. Maybe that was the point.
    Atin unclipped a thermal detonator from his belt, and threw it into the clone squad. There was a loud explosion, and Omega Squad ran off to the operations room, DC-17s ready to meet any clone troopers. They had no more qualms about killing them. They weren't brothers anymore.

    "Fi'buir? What are you thinking about?" little Kad'ika squeaked at him. Fi returned to the present. Buir, it always made Fi smile. Kad'ika called everyone buir, they'd never taught him uncle. It wasn't important.

    "Nothing Kad'ika. Just remembering some of the old times, before your real buir knew you were his," he smiled. They often joked about that now, how Etain had been so worried how he would react.

    "Like when Fi'buir?" he asked, inquisitiveness shining in his eyes. Fi laughed, and gestured for Kad to sit on his knee.

    "Let me tell you a story little Kad'ika,"

    "About what Fi'buir?"

    "Death, blood and family Kad'ika. Kyr'am,tal bal aliit,"

    [Glossary of Mandalorian]
    Buir - father
    -ika - term of affection
    kyr'am - death
    tal - blood
    bal - and
    aliit- family
  4. Climperoonie A God Named Sparkles?

    Nov 19, 2006
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    RAID - Part 1
    Let's start with the basics, my name is Mivatorius Potorum Fisto, but my friends call me Mive for short. I'm ten years old, and six years ago my Mother and Father were murdered. Heard of Kit Fisto and Aayla Secura? That's them. They had on Kamino, a half Nautolan, half Twilek species. I'm a sort of blueish-Green colour, like the colour of the sea on my Father's homeworld, Glee Anselm. I am VERY proud of how my Father died. He went down fighting that treacherous bastard Chancellor Palpatine - Or should I call him Sidious, or the Emperor? - But anyway, I was devastated when I heard what had happened, so I fled. Stowed away on a ship going to Tatooine, hid in a cave there for a while.​

    That's where Robifor Hoodins found me. He's a force-sensitive, but he's neither Jedi nor Sith nor Dark Jedi. He's just Robifor Hoodins. He steals from the Hutts and other rich people and gives to poor slaves and stuff. Plus, he's excellent with one of those primitive weapons,the bow and arrow. But, anyway, back to the story, Robifor found me, and took me under his wing. Two outcasts together. When I was six years old, I discovered I was a Force-Sensitive, too. Mind you, I was expecting it, since I did have two Jedi parents. So Robifor trained me to be like him. And we started going out on raids together. Until that Raid. The unfortuante raid that began my Solo career.....

    I stand in the canyon, having a laugh with my friend, a younger kid named Luke Skywalker. Nice boy, too. Lives with his Aunt and Uncle, out in a small hut. They work vapor moisterisers or whatever they're called. Anyway, we play about outside, a game we made up called Jedi vs Sith, where we use sticks and battle eachother.

    "Ya, take that evildoer!" I say, meaning to sound tough.

    "You will never defeat me, Fisto, I will destroy you!" That's it, this is just toooooo funny. We drop our sticks and burst out laughing.

    "What are you two up to?" Watch out, Rose Tyler is about. Our other friend, eleven year old Rose Tyler, is a Human like Luke. She gets in with our antics, too. We play another game called Star Wars, based on the Clone Wars. I'm always Kit Fisto (Duh!), Rose is Aayla, and Luke is Obi-Wan. Talking about Mr Kenobi, I've always wanted to meet hikm. I hear he is one of the last surviving Jedi, along with that frog-man, um, Yoghart or whataver, and that Shaak Ti. But as I am about to ask them to play it, I hear a voice from the canyon's top.

    "Mive, time to go."Robifor shouts down at me.
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    Three men sit around a table playing cards, it was a dimly lit, smoke filled room with a very distinguished smell. Still, where the money is good and the people are dumb...

    "Alright, I'm in... 'bout you Reeko?" Growled a fat, bearded man. His cards kept closely to his chest.

    "<Don't rush me you overgrown womprat!...>" Snapped a green skinned Rodian, speaking in his native tongue. "<I'll raise.>" He said slowly, both men now gazed at the third player. He wore a casual purple shirt and a warm-boyish smile on his face, the man clearly had some good news in his hands.

    "Gentlemen, I'll call you." Spoke the charming human, his eyes wide with a child-like excitement. The other two laid down the cards on the table in unison while the dark-haired boy smiled.

    "Hello, what do we have here?" He said cheerfully, laying down the winning hand. The others let out curses of disappointment and frustration as Lando Calrissian collected his credits. "I'd like to thank you two wonderful people. I've officially got enough for my little correllion ship I've been eyin.' Take care o yourselves."He quipped as he strutted out the door leaving the anguish-ridden players behind.


    The door of a modest little homestead in the bowels of Nar Shadaa flew open and in walked the smiling facade of Lando Calrissian. "T'Kaal? Honey you home?" He shouted into the house. At the sound of Lando's arrival a head poked round the kitchen door.

    "Hello you." She said with a frown. Lando smiled playfully.

    "Oh ok, what did I do now?" He asked throwing up his hands in a sign of surrender. T'kaal walked in still drying a dinner plate.

    "You go out all day, you leave your Commlink here and you take off with our lifesavings? Let's see, now what part of that was I supposed to be pleased about?" She scowled at Lando who just kept smiling,

    "Oh I don't know, how about his part?" He said holding up a bag filled with credits. T'kaal's jaw dropped in astonishment.

    "Where did you get all this?" She said after a few moments of staring at the bag. Lando simply grinned.

    "Turns out I'm a dab hand at Pazaak." He dumped the contents onto a table and they both sat down, beginning to count. "This is what we always dreamed of T'. We can finally get off of this Hutt infested garbage pile. You know the ship we saw the other day? The Correlian one? Well I spoke to the dealer yesterday, he says he'll give it to us for 700." T'Kaal jumped up from behind the table and hugged Lando fiercely.

    "Oh Lando." She cried. "This is the best news I've heard all year, all my life even." Lando kissed her softly on the forehead and brushed her hair out of her face.

    "I'll pick it up tomorrow." He smiled. "Pack your things tonight 'cos tomorrow we leave this place for good."
  6. TKsRluv Guest


    The catchy and almost non stop tune played continuously in the Cantina band, Arineth was sitting in the back tables leaning back in her chair watching the band play. The cantina band seemed to always play the same song or she was just so used to hearing it she didnt notice the other songs they played, well every now and then she would hear a different song.

    Looking away she glanced around looking at the different aliens and made comments about them to herself in her head. Keeping a calm look on her face she took a sip of water she never really had much to drink in the Cantina band she only came to meet friends or just relax.It was hard to be a Jedi hiding, well a Jedi thats not trained all the way in the ways of the force but she was getting there. Noticing a couple sandtroopers come in she pulled her hood up and pulled her long blonde hair into her hood and took another sip of her water. Arineth needed to stay out of trouble and sometimes it was hard when she was wanted by the Empire for reasons she couldn't remember " damn sandtroopers....why do they always need to come here" she looked down at the table.

    Soon she decided it was getting to risky being in the Cantina when the sandtroopers where there so she stood and made her way twords the exit to get out and keep out of their site. Arineth walked right past the sandtroopers who were asking an alien some questions and she quickly made her way out of the Cantina and into the hot son of Mos Eisley. Looking around she made her way down the sandy crowded path to get back to her home.
  7. Gallagher Shaman of Sexy

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    Darth Vader stood solitary in front of the giant windows on the bridge of the Star Destroyer. He gazed out onto the stars and for a second a memory from long ago crept into his mind.

    "Do they all have a system of there own?" A young Anakin Skywalker asked.

    "Most of them." Came the reply of the wise old Jedi, Qui Gon Jinn as he wiped the scrape on Anakin's arm. The boys eyes went wide with revelation and enthusiasm.

    "I'm gonna be the first one to see em all!"

    The memory was not Vader's, the memory was Anakin Skywalker's. "Anakin Skywalker is dead." Vader said to himself forcefully. Willing the memory back into the abyss.

    "My lord, we have established the communications once again. The Emporer wishes to make contact." Vader turned to see a young officer by the name of Ozzel. His face held no fear or intimidation. He would have to watch this one.

    "Very good. I shall report to him at once."
    The Sith lord said as he strode off down the bridge and through the myriad of corridors. Finally he came to an empty, open chamber, a holocomm placed in the middle. Vader kneeled low, as low as he could bare it. He didn't feel the pain, he didn't feel anything anymore, he was told what to feel. The suit regulated his very thought patterns.

    The communications came in with a buzz and Vader looked up.

    "What is thy bidding, my master?"
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    It had been five years since the Emperor had left Coruscant but now at the final days of the Death Star's production, Palpatine was preparing for a departure. His new Imperial Ruling Council ; consisting of Advisors (Janus Greejatu, Sate Pestage, Ars Dangor, Kren Blista-Vanee, Ragez D'Asta, Bregius Golthan, Alec Pradeux, Crueya Vandron, Rodin Hlian Verpalion, Coh Veshiv, Sim Aloo, Mas Amedda and Sly Moore) had replaced the roles of Vice Chairs. This new Inner Circle was the only inside group Palpatine would trust and that's why they were in charge of his transportation, food etc.

    Palpatine approached the hologram-emitter. A holographic image of the Admiral of Vader's Star Destroyer appeared.

    "My lord,"

    The admiral instantly threw himself as low as his knees would allow him to go.

    "Admiral, patch me through to Lord Vader."


    "Yes My Lord."


    "Lord Vader, the production on the Death Star is almost complete. Rally a squad and meet Tarkin. Tell him I am coming."

    "Yes, my Master."

    Vader lowers his head and his image disappears.

    "My lord, your shuttle is ready."

    Sly Moore took a bow by the door and Palpatine began to walk out as two Imperial Escorts left in front. fallowing Palpatine was the council and another two Escorts of Imperial Officers. Along their sides was a row of clone troopers. This new controlled order made Palpatine drunk with power. An evil smirk came across his face as he walked to the Imperial Shuttle.

    As the Emperor sat back he felt the sudden lift off of the ground.

    "Amedda, I grow hungry."

    "Certainly my lord."

    Ragez carried a platter over to the Emperor as Pestage tested it foe poison. He stood back and Palpatine began to eat.


    The shuttle was closing in on the Death Star and Finally it was in full view.


  9. Saved SynTheMerc

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    Coruscant, Imperial Senate

    "This way, General Bacara." One of the Imperial Guards says to me. I keep a close eye on his power staffs. The electric current running through those things could hurt a guy even in clone armor.

    As I walk down the small hallway, retrainments locked around my wrists tight, I soon walk into a large open room. The Senate. I look at all my sides, my three, my twelve, my nine, even my six. So many senatators are here, each from a different planet in the galaxy. They all stand in their chairs, thousands of galaxies, staring at me. If only these circumstances were different. I sigh, and look down as they load me onto a chair. The door locks, and the chair takes me up to the center of the senate room.

    Soon, I am face to face with one of the chancellors advisors. A mean looking creature, it's spined tencacles shooting from his head. I stand silently, the guards behind me, watching my every move. I listen to the rants and shouts coming from the senators. I know this won't be good for me. This is my final bout, my last mission.

    Clones are to be the perfect fighters. That's what we were trained for. It's only fitting that once a clone proves his error, he should be terminated. I just wish, this time, it wasn't me.

    "General Bacara." The Spiny being bellows loudly. The whole senate falls silent, and I stand ready to accept my fate.

    "Yes." I say solemnly.

    "You stand accused of treachary to the Empire on the charges of killing or endangering your unit in the battlefield. How do you plea?" I take a large sigh as I lower my head and stare at my restrainments. I take a moment to get my composure. This is it. I raise my head, and stare the being in his wet glazed eyes.

    "I plea..." I start. My body becomes tense. I take another sigh, and gain control of myself. "I plea guilty."
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    (what happened to the rp?

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