The Force Awakens Star Wars The Jedi Zambarie Vangar.


Nov 8, 2012
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This was a story idea I had back when I assumed SW was over. I decided to share the story with the fellow Wars fan base here.

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The Jedi Master Zambarie Vangar.

Chapter One

Luke crash landed on a planet near Tatooine. he had not quite gotten used too his new hand and he was not alright. Vader was his father and Obi Wan knew likely. Luke ejected from his craft and R2 beeped and scanned the area.

Luke saw a cave and went to investigate it and he saw Green Kyber Crystals and he decided to make a new saber for Yoda had taught him.

He made the first saber and it melted and fell apart. The second one exploded. A figure watched Luke and when Luke made his climb this time to get another crystal he fell, but he stopped 3 inches from the ground.

"Who are you to make a master saber boy?" "I am a jedi but need to make a new Saber." "You are no jedi for if lost your Padwan Blue Saber then you are not ready to master green."

"Who are you Myself and master Yoda are the last jedi?" "My friends call me Liam but I am Darth Gailen."

"You are a Sith Lord." "I served Dooku and then he fell to Anakin Skywalker." I however have had time to reflect and decided a Sidius Lacky was not for me."

"Can you not be a Sith." Until 12 years old I was a jedi but my master was killed and no other jedi would take me. Dooku found me and made me in secret his apprentice."

"I lost too Vader for a rushed to face him" Gailen drops Luke and sits down. He was a portly man and yet seemed more. "I never said you could note earn a Green Saber for your problem is you have no flow in your power.

You must not use the force so sloppy. The force is not to be used. Let the force be one with you. The problem is you are trying to force your self to use powers. Your body is not your problem. You are not a Jedi in mind. You must mentally here find the force and to do that takes years. You must choose here if you are light or dark and then you will be able to make your new Saber."

"I have not the time." "Yoda is old and has not the time you think. You must master your mental side of being a jedi. Obi Wan and Yoda spent years but if you are to beat Sidius you must master your light side in order to defeat your foe."
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"Today is your first Lesson and when your are done you will be stronger with the Force. A wise man once said you do not control the force. The force is willing to except you as its humble guide."

"I never agreed to excepting a sith as my master." "There is that vulger fraze again. I am no Sith. I was never Sidius apprentice so there for was no sith. Dark Jedi at most."

" Our first lesson is a simple one. Widen your tance and stay there until i tell you to move. No matter what happens you stay here as rock young Skywalker."

Liam caused a nearby mound of crystalized dirt to break away and become boulders with green particles in the them
He caused the boulders to fall one by one where Luke was at.

"What are you doing.?" "Do not break focus use the force to protect the living force which is yourself. When you can master this and not break your stance you shall be powerful in using the force on the level that Vader can."

Luke got kinda banged up for a few rocks did hit him but he adventually was able to use the force to move the rocks from himself. "Now young Skywalker our next lesson will be a little thing called force barrier. It creates a ball of energy around the force user to protect them from harm. This move has not been used and, not even Yoda could perfect it. You must meditate and feel the inner force inside your body for the living force is what creates this field."

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Liam could tell Luke was not the most trusting of people so he showed him very little of where he lived or even in fact if he had sabers or not. Luke was in constant contact with Lando and they were preparing to go to Tatooine.

He fallowed Liam did Luke and he was looking into a chest and then he closed it. "Why would a Sith hide in the outer rim unless they still served the Empire?" "Tell me something Son of Vader how does it feel to know your father killed all the Jedi in the temple during order 66.

How does it feel to know he is the reason for your mother passing. Do not play games of guilt for you have the dark side within you more then i ever could dream of having.

"Darth Vader is not my father its some trick of Vaders. Ben would have told me." "How do you think Vader got into the mask. Anakin crossed Kenobi and Anakin lost that battle. Obi Wan Kenobi . The only Jedi I know who is as respected by the Force as Yoda. Not even Anakin can best Obi Wan a fully trained Jedi with the the force as his alley."

"What is in the chest?" "Here since you need a green light saber. Or maybe a purple or Red one." He tossed three sabers on the floor. But Skywalker have you ever seen the Druid Saber. He takes out a Saber and its beam was a golden light.
"This was the last mission I did for Dooku and I chose to lie and tell him it did not function. The Druid known as Vangar the greatest Jedi Master of all time found the one Saber that could triple a Jedi's power."

"You kept it out of Sith and jedi's hands." No Its destiny is for the one that dare have the same name as Obi Wan. He is the one who will truly bring Balance To The Force. I am intrusting you with the hiding place and asking you if you redeem the Jedi. You must return it to the Jedi Temple."

A Legion of the emperors best troops descended onto The Planet.

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