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Star Wars: The Old Republic - Part 1

Star Wars: The Old Republic proceeds with its United Forces server merge

November 8,1017 14 comments


Today will be a day long remembered. It has seen the death of many Star Wars: The Old Republic servers and will soon see the death of long matchmaking queues.Or so BioWare hopes.

SWTOR activated its United Forces update today, condensing the game’s entire roster of servers down to a mere five shards. The spin on this merge is that it will allow “players to discover new guilds, new friends, and jump into multiplayer content more easily.”
As players and guilds adjust to the merge and see if they’ve retained their names, BioWare is hoping that a few promotions will bring the crowds through the doors. The studio has added more character slots to every account,Read more


source: Dulfy
I love the game and still play... but I'm having a major issue after the merges...

My fully unlocked SH's for Coruscant, Nar Shadaa, Dromund Kaas, and Yavin from my main legacy were replaced with not so unlocked SH's from a server/legacy I had no characters on, and I don't even recall the last time I played. Coruscant just needs one more unlock, for me, okay, I think the last unlock is reasonable, but my SH's back down to 2-3 unlocks...
SWTOR delivers anniversary gifts, runs a holiday bonus XP event, and patches in a new warzone

December 12 2017 10 comments

Happy birthday SWTOR!It has been six years since BioWare’s MMORPG launched, and that means plenty of presents for everyone. In addition to previous year’s rewards, players can log into the game to pick up a Valkorian statue (never sick of looking at that guy) and special flair. The Coruscant and Dromund Kaas strongholds are also significantly discounted during this anniversary event, costing only six credits apiece.

Game Update 5.6.1 also went out today, bringing a brand-new Yavin 4 warzone to the game. Additionally, players will see a significant increase in the command XP rewards they get from planetary heroics and daily missions.

Finally, SWTOR is hosting a “double rewards” event from now through January 1st, doubling experience points, CXP, and more.Read more


source: Anniversary, patch notes
Because everyone was clamoring for a Valkorion statue, lol.
Hyperspace Beacon: So SWTOR’s Update 5.8 happened

March 21,2018 25 comments

Yesterday, Star Wars: The Old Republic launched the delayed Update 5.8: Command Authority to the servers. BioWare now offers its first complete operation since Shadow of Revan. For those keeping score at home, SoR was launched way back in December 2014.

We also see some much-needed improvements to the guild questing system that was originally launched with Strongholds expansion earlier in June of 2014, although BioWare has been adding to and improving strongholds since then.

And lastly, we are introduced to some of new interactions companions Arcann and Ashara. It’s only been a day since the launch, but I’ve had a chance to take a long look at most everything BioWare introduced in this expansion. And overall, I’m glad to see an update,Read more

Also with below

The Stream Team: Checking out Chapter VI in SWTOR’s KOTET

march 21 2018 Comment


Massively OP’s Larry and MJ made it off of Iokath, but the adventure is far from over; just because they survived doesn’t mean they are safe. Vaylin is hatching a plan that could lead to trouble, Read more

Star Wars: The Old Republic seeks more feedback on conquest changes

March 23, 2018 12 comments

There are lots of moving parts with the conquest system for Star Wars: The Old Republic, so it was almost inevitable that multiple passes would be needed for improving it. The most recent dispatch from the team makes it clear that this was always the goal; the revamp was meant to be the start of revisions, not the end. So there are already plans in place to change certain things, such as lowering the objective cost for all tiers of conquest.

Players can also look forward to a weekly participation reward always being in the rotation for conquests (it was meant to only be there sometimes, but players wondered where it went).

Crafting reductions are being scaled back somewhat while Large and Medium targets are getting more enticing rewards. More feedback is helpful for further tuning,
Read more

source: Massivelyop.com/

Last edited:
SWTOR teases its new expansion, Cartel Market updates, and more coming by year’s end

April 4, 2018 6 comments

With all the April Fool’s updates and misinformation that were flying around this weekend, it was a little difficult to tell what was a prank and what was real, especially after developers saying they were not going to do “traditional expansions.” That said, during an interview with influencer SWTOR Central, Community Manager Eric Musco and Creative Director Charles Boyd confirmed that they are currently working on an expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but not much more was said about that other than one quote from Boyd:
“We’ve got the story in 5.9 coming out in May, and that’s going to conclude the whole Theron traitor story arc and put a capper on the Eternal Throne-related activities, for the most part, in terms of being the focus of the story. And we’re definitely going to be getting back to a Republic-vs.-Empire-core storyline — getting back to that war — revitalizing it into the core original SWTOR conflict.”
However, it’s not quite time to jump up and down, yet. After Boyd said that during the interview, Musco inserted,Read More

source : Massivelyop.com/

Anyone still play this? I haven't played in years. Was thinking of maybe trying it again...
I still play.

Content slowly trickles out.

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