Strangers on a Train Remake-Affleck/Fincher/Flynn


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Apr 9, 2012
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Ben Affleck and David Fincher will re team on a Warner Bros remake of the Hitchcock classic thriller Strangers On A Train. Gillian Flynn, who adapted her novel Gone Girl for Fincher and Affleck, is in talks to write the script. The film will be produced by Affleck under Pearl Street, the Warner Bros-based banner he runs with Matt Damon. WB’s Jon Berg is overseeing. They are calling it Strangers.
Cool. Shia Labeouf would kill in the Robert Walker part (no pun intended:woot:)
One of my favorite Hitchcock movies. I hope they do it well. The talent involved is all great. So it's a promising start.
How about Steve Carell?
Affleck was da bomb in Strangers, yo.
This better be more awesome than Snakes on a Train.
Gone Girl was pretty much the closest thing to a modern Hitchcock movie I've seen in a long time, so this makes sense.

Remaking a classic is rarely a good idea, but given that it's Fincher this could easily turn out great if they're able to bring a fresh modern twist to it. The last part is essential I think, cause otherwise why bother?
I could see this being similar to Scorsese's Cape Fear: a remake no one really wanted, but an auteur director behind it makes it very worthwhile.
I don't really want a remake of this but it's Fincher so it'll automatically be on my radar. I bet this will be a satire of the whole Oscars campaigning stuff like how Gone Girl was for marriage and relationships.

Come on, guys... We all kow Matt Damon should be the guy for the other role... :D
They are never going to make the Dragon Tattoo sequels. :(

Otherwise I am excited about this. It is Fincher afterall.
So if Affleck is shooting this between Live by Night and Justice League, I would assume we are looking at a 2016 release?

Fincher remaking a classic film by one of the industry's greatest directors is enticing enough. The film doubling as a satire on Oscar campaigning? Too good to be true. Fincher owes the Academy another "**** you."
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