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Stretch (Patrick Wilson, Ed Helms)


My name is Stefan, sweet thang
Mar 8, 2004
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Joe Carnahan directing the flick about a limo driver who gets sucked into an unwanted adventure following the orders of his new billionaire client. Could be played straight, could be an action-comedy, but probably the latter.
Sure, I'm in. I love this director a hell of a lot.
Nice. Sounds like Collateral through Carnahan's Smokin' Aces/A-Team filter.
Universal Pictures Sets Joe Carnahan's Stretch for March 2014

Patrick Wilson (Insidious), Ed Helms ("The Hangover" trilogy), Chris Pine (Star Trek Into Darkness) and Brooklyn Decker (What to Expect When You're Expecting) star in Stretch, an action-comedy in which all hell breaks out over the streets of L.A. during one twisted night for one desperate driver. When a limo driver (Wilson) discovers that he only has one shift left to pay off a big debt, he goes from worried to hell-with-it-all daring. When the chauffer picks up a reclusive billionaire (Pine) with some deviant appetites, he vows to fulfill the guy’s every request, no matter how weird, to score the big tip that could settle his score. But as the night grows stranger and the driver is pushed into some very dangerous encounters, he worries that the freak in his back seat might just be his final fare.

Sounds like fun. :D
Universal has decided not to release Stretch, saying that it would "be unwise to spend $20M-$40M to release it nationwide". Jason Blum had an option to shop it to other distributors, couldn't find one, and so the film reverted back to Universal.


Universal and the filmmakers will explore "creative" options for releasing it, but they're mum on whether it'll have a theatrical release.
The thing is, why didn't Universal do it earlier? I mean the film was in the can months ago...
This will finally be getting released in October. Granted it'll be VOD but I've been looking forward to it since I'm a fan of Carnahan's work. I watch The A-Team all the time and NARC and THE GREY are great. I even enjoy Smokin' Aces. His only slip up was his first low budget film which was a Tarantino knock off. STRETCH stars Chris Pine (looking crazy with long hair) as a billionaire who has a chauffeur (Patrick Wilson) drive him around town as he apparently "makes his life hell". Anyone else read anything about this film? Hopefully there will be a trailer soon even though it's VOD.
This screened last night and a reaction compared it to Boondock Saints. My interest is gone if thats spot on.
After seeing the clips and this recently released trailer:

I see why it wasnt theatrically it looks so cheap and beyond that it doesnt look that good. Which is unfortunate because I like Carnahan, Wilson, Pine, Helms, and a lot of others invovled. I'll still check this out and if it's good I'll actually buy the Amazon VOD
I don't think it looks THAT cheap though the trailer isn't convincing me that it's any better than Smokin' Aces, which was wacky but kinda indulgent.
Yeah there's nothing that looks cheap about it.
The studio probably would've spent more money releasing it theatrically than the cost of the film itself. Plus, it looks kinda "out there".
It definitely looks cheap compared to his other movies, but it looks like something I would enjoy, so f*** it, I'm in!
Getting this on iTunes Tuesday. Hope it's at least entertaining.
I follow Carnahan on twitter. Pretty interesting points of view.
He's been going off about Stretch sparadically for months now. Here is his latest:

Joe Carnahan @carnojoe · 1h 1 hour ago
If it wasn't so insanely offensive the way @stretchthemovie has been treated by the studio, then it would be funny. I mean hysterically so.
Joe Carnahan @carnojoe · 55m 55 minutes ago
Anybody who pays for @stretchthemovie and doesn't dig it, I'll refund your money personally. That's how confident I am in the experience.
Joe Carnahan @carnojoe · 39m 39 minutes ago
I mean, the studio's 'Give-A-S***' meter for @stretchthemovie hasn't been this low since '47 RONIN'...but at LEAST that got paid ads.
Joe Carnahan @carnojoe · 36m 36 minutes ago
By the way, current studio regime, 'LET'S BE COPS' has made over 100 million worldwide. No cast. Just smart people, overseeing the campaign.
Joe Carnahan @carnojoe · 24m 24 minutes ago
If I start to sound like a fiery Pentecostal preacher or worse, Randy Quaid, when ranting about @stretchthemovie, someone gently nudge me.

I dont think this wouldve done gang busters but I think it wouldve turned a profit. Only made for $3 mill and then maybe 5-10 mill for marketing? Yeah I think it wouldve worked
Interesting. Granted I haven't seen it yet but with the cast they have you would think they could have marketed this for a theater release. Especially with Carnahan coming off THE GREY.
Downloading on itunes now. I wonder if any sites will run reviews?
Patrick Wilson was great and Pine was even better(even though he's not in it much). That's about the only positives. There's just not much here in terms of story or character. When it ended I felt a sense of "that's it?". I guess coming off THE GREY Carnahan maybe wanted to try something different but it just didn't work for me.
i wanna watch it but dont want to spend the 14 bucks for it. Wish it was available for rent, not purchase, today.
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Well I watched this again and enjoyed it the second time. Still not sure Id recommend it fully but it's worth watching for Chris Pine.

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