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    Excluding the obvious ones like Viola Davis returning as Amanda Waller, Jai Courtney returning as Captain Boomerang, Joel Kinnaman returning as Rick Flagg and of course Margot Robbie returning as Harley Quinn I thought it would be fun for us to see if who can get guess the most of the who the new members of the Suicide Squad cast will be playing? (so preferably don't edit your post)

    I will start us off with my guesses
    Also there's quite a few of these folks I know things about so where as others I have no idea so certain actors will get more lines than others.

    Idris Elba
    The biggest star by far on the movie without a confirmed role as of yet Idris was initially pegged to replace Will Smith as Deadshot but that has since been dropped for another character. Which makes sense as a recast's always leave an actor being compared to his predecessor at least here he can do his own thing here now. My bet is on him playing Bronze Tiger because one their isn't actually many other black characters that spring to mind in the Suicide Squad for him to play and two Elba has plenty of martial arts experiences so he could do the fighting convincingly.
    My Guess He's Playing: Bronze Tiger

    Michael Rooker
    Not quite on the same level as Elba in terms of fame but no doubt a much bigger star than he's ever been after both the Walking Dead & GOTG fame. While a lot of these guys and girls are likely to be killed off at the start or throughout the movie Rooker is likely safe so possibly a bigger character.
    My Guess He's Playing: Blockbuster

    Peter Capaldi
    The best clue as to who Capaldi will be playing has been dropped by the man himself as he said previously revealed in an interview that he was fitted for head prosthetics and has shaved his head for the role. Now while that doesn't confirm anyone it does suggest either a bald, balding or not with a full head of hair anyway. One former member of the squad who might fit this description relatively well is The Thinker.
    My Guess He's Playing: The Thinker

    John Cena
    Can't lie I couldn't help but see all of the rumours that John is playing Peacemaker and honestly I think that's a good fit. Cena in generally comes up as a super nice guy so having a member on the team have an extreme form of pacifism could make for a great fit for Cena who im sure could have fun with that comedically.
    My Guess He's Playing: Peacemaker

    Nathan Fillion
    Fillion is a hard one to pick, not just in terms of casting. In terms of how big a character he will get. I don't see any in between and Fillion is imo either gonna be a main character or a throwaway one like his cameo in GOTG 1.
    My Guess He's Playing: Doctor Light

    Jennifer Holland
    With a cast so big Gunn had to get his girlfriend in on the act as well. Now she doesn't have a lot of big credits to her name and I don't want to say she's only in this because of Gunn. But I do think she likely will have a smaller role as a I doubt WB okay'd him using his putting his girlfriend in a leading role.
    My Guess She's Playing: Nightshade

    Steve Agee
    Cards on the table I had no idea who the dude was and had to look him up so I got a bit of a hand with this one, rumours are suggesting he is set to provide the voice for King Shark, which makes sense considering he has plenty of vice over work on his record already having worked on Rick & Morty, Bob's Burgers and others. Here's hoping King Shark's final look is more inspiring that Killer Croc's was.
    My Guess He's Playing: King Shark

    Tinashe Kajese
    Originally from Zimbabwe Trisha would fit any DC character of African origins and what that springs to mind almost immediately is Vixen. Im just not sure if Vixen is a character that DC would happily let Gunn use in a Suicide Squad movie.
    My Guess She's Playing: Vixen

    Sean Gunn
    It wouldn't be a James Gunn movie without his brother on board, now with Sean's experience with mo-cap I think he will likely be in that role again, however as a less prominent character. One character that sort of fits all Sean's talent of Rocket while being a bit different is Weasel.
    My Guess He's Playing: Weasel

    Juan Diego Botto
    Can't find very much about this guy he has mostly acted in Spanish speaking movies, nothing to really go on other than what he looks like and based on Juan's appearance I think he could make for a very elegant version of Count Vertigo.
    My Guess He's Playing: Count Vertigo

    Alice Braga
    Brazilian born Alice will be getting her fill of Superheroes over the next two years with New Mutants coming next year and Suicide Squad the year after. Total guess for her but one I think may suit her is someone like Plastique.
    My Guess She's Playing: Plastique

    Taika Waititi
    The actor/director brought Korg to life in Ragnarok and I might be wrong and they are saving him for another CGI character here but I doubt it with how much of that will have to be allocated to make King Shark look good. Having him play someone like Kite Man means he likely gets to bring a lot of the same zany creativity with not having a big role.
    My Guess He's Playing: Kite Man

    David Dastmalchian
    David is a good fit to the Superhero game now having appeared in both The Flash tv show & Ant-Man movies. Although just a rumour David playing the Polkadot Man makes sense to me. As it means it will probably be a one time only performance.
    My Guess He's Playing: Polkadot Man

    Flula Borg
    Relatively unknown the German YouTube star is a hard one to predict at all, so im gonna take a different approach on who he could be, first I thought he would have music related powers as he is a DJ but then I thought maybe he's a throwaway character and who would be a good fit Plasmus as both are German's.
    My Guess He's Playing: Plasmus

    Mayling Ng
    A martial arts champion & fitness model Mayling has surely been hired because of her expectational fighting skills so I assume she has been cast as a character to accurately highlight that. One that springs to mind as a potential fit is Duchess.
    My Guess She's Playing: Duchess

    Pete Davidson
    Now if I had to bet on those who will be quick exits from the movie Davidson would be one of them. The comedian just seems like someone who will be brought in for the laugh before either being killed of or otherwise removed from the team. A good fit for him imo is Multiplex as he can bounce his own jokes & gags off of himself for even more comedic effect.
    My Guess He's Playing: Multiplex

    Storm Reed
    Rumour is currently that she will be playing Bronze Tiger's daughter, only info on her right now.
    My Guess She's Playing: Bronze Tiger's Daughter

    Potential Villains Of The Movie Non Squad Members
    Joaquin Cosio, Daniela Melchior and Julio Ruiz.

    I look forward to hearing your guesses below
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    If Mayling Ng is Duchess then they could use that to connect with the New Gods movie.
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    Fillion-Hal Jordan
    Capaldi-The Clock King
    Pete Davidosn-Killer Moth
    Idris Elba-Bronze Tiger
    Alica Braga-Nightshade

    All I got for now.
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    Here are my predictions

    Michael Rooker as General Eiling
    Alice Braga as Killer Frost
    Peter Capaldi as Psimon
    Mayling Ng as Duchess
    Tinashe Kajese as Vixen
    Sean Gunn as Count Vertigo
    Joaquin Cosio as John Economos
    Nathan Fillion as King Faraday
    Taika Waititi as Briscoe
    Jennifer Holland as Mindboggler
    Juan Diego Botto as Vandal Savage
    Julio Ruiz as Shakedown
    Pete Davidson as Eel O’Brien (Cameo)
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    To me the curious cast members are Nathan Fillion and Pete Davidson. Don't they both have other commitments? Yeah, NF has a few episodes of The Rookie finished to start this season, but PD is still on SNL, right? I get the feeling that their characters are either briefly seen or quick casualties.

    I like what someone else said about Pete Davidson playing Eel O'Brien / Plastic Man. Somehow that just feels right to me.

    Someone else speculated that Fillion is playing Hal Jordan. Since a plot summary said it involves an alien, involving the Green Lantern Corps would make sense. If the GLC is involved, casting Nathan Fillion in a role that is NOT the silver-age Green Lantern would be torture to numerous fans.
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    Cena plays Peacemaker
    Idris plays Bronze Tiger

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