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Suicide Squad Merchandise Thread


Hurting Really REALLY BAD
Apr 9, 2012
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Licensing Expo will showcase the first product lines for Suicide Squad.
As the power of Warner Bros. Pictures’ and DC Entertainment’s film portfolio shows its strength, WBCP will also offer a targeted licensing and merchandising program focusing on collectors and adult fans in support of Suicide Squad, the first film to feature many of DC Comics’ iconic Super-Villains as a team, including Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Boomerang, Katana and The Joker, as the second theatrical release from the Studio’s DC Comics film slate rolls out.
The merchandising will be focused towards adult fans? :hmm:
It could mean that we are getting an R-rated film.
Well Suicide is such a childish topic that I was expecting El Diablo halloween costumes in toddler size.:o
glad to see there will be merchandise of some kind
hoping dcc will make some figures if mattel isn't going to
Make sense they would target toward adults. I wonder if they will still have action figures in the toy section though come august 2016. It would seem weird to have a whole section of toys where kids predominantly go to have toys with "Suicide" on the label. Maybe only say Task Force X on the box instead?
Or go the Lego Batman 3 route and call them "The Squad."
Yup. There is a good chance they will change the name.

I can already imagine the outraged comments from the 1 Million Soccer Moms Against Comics...Fox News'll run a special on how comics are driving kids to killing (like when the Five claimed the Batman comics have inspired mass shootings.)
they could just call it "The squad"
i mean arrow and lego batman do that already

or Task Force X as others have suggested
they could just call it "The squad"
i mean arrow and lego batman do that already

or Task Force X as others have suggested

Or they can keep the name and these pansy asses can get over it.
I really hope for a alot of cool licensed clothes. Not to mention an Omnibus run from Ostrander and hopefully an +A creative team to relaunch the Suicide Squad.
Not official merch, but RIPT has this SS movie shirt available only for the next 14 hours:

I'm not particularly. The film isn't out until August. I'm sure we'll start seeing stuff pop up leading to the release of BVS.
The DCEU merchandise is going to make a killing for WB.
I really dig those. Need a waller too.
but joker is not part of the actual squad and he should have a damage tat on his fo'head.

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