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    I had this idea for a Suicide Squad story.

    Amanda Waller discovers Villainy Inc., led by Morgan Le Fay, and the League of Assassins, led by Ra's al Ghul are both after an artifact called The Prophecy Journal. Under specific conditions, anything written in the journal will become reality.

    Waller decides she wants the journal, if only to keep it out of the hands of America's enemies. To this end, she assembles a new Task Force X.

    (Just to be clear, this is a separate continuity from Hell To Pay)

    Deadshot - An expert marksman with a twisted sense of honor.

    Harley Quinn - A former psychiatrist turned psychopath.

    Jinx - An ex-delinquent with hex powers who's trying to turn her life around.

    Firefly - An arsonist who really enjoys his job.

    Ibac - A circus strongman who turned to crime after selling his soul to the devil.

    Monocle - An inventor with eye-pieces that emit a variety of beams.

    Rick Flag - Special Forces officer tasked with keeping the Suicide Squad under control.

    Wildcat - Semi-retired vigilante recruited to help Flag keep an eye on the Suicide Squad.


    I also came up with this bit of dialogue of Jinx's recruitment...

    "Jennifer Hexton, age 16. Second meta human to use the code name Jinx. She can fire arcane energy blasts and cause minor accidents, bad luck, to happen in her general vicinity. She was one of the worst super delinquents to come out of Hive Academy. Jinx has worked for Brother Blood, The Brain and she was even on Deathstroke's payroll for a short while. Now I want her to work for me."

    "But Miss Waller, Jinx's file also says she willingly turned herself in. She got a light sentence since she never killed anyone. She only has a month left in the Jump City Juvenile Detention Center and then she'll serve the rest as community service. The usual Suicide Squad offer won't work on her."

    "Not if I use HER sentence, no. But I've got another angle. Jinx's mother is currently serving a life sentence for killing her husband. I recently came into possession of a document proving all evidence of self-defense was suppressed by both the prosecution AND the defense. Jinx does what I want her to do, her momma will be waiting for her when she gets out of Juvie."

    "The higher ups might not like you putting a bomb in a kid. Even if she's an ex-super villain."

    "Please general, even I have my limits. A non-lethal shock collar should be enough to keep Jinx in line."


    Any suggestions on how to develop this idea further?

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