Summer TV Sucks SOOO Bad....So What Are YOU Watching???


Jun 20, 2005
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Me, I use summer to get a lot of other things done. For one, I do more stuff outside like most people. My fiance and I are grilling out more, planning our wedding, etc... But what about the AWFUL schedule of programming on TV?!

Here's my advice on three practical things to do while AVOIDING what's on TV this summer. Enjoy!

1) Remember to do REAL stuff - I'm certainly not about to buy into the networks' "summer schedule"! I know that everyone puts out their 'stool' from June to September, and calls it new programming. But I like to use my TV time wisely, and spend the rest of my time with REAL friends & family (and pets).

2) Catch up on GOOD TV - For example, last weekend I went out and bought Season 5 of 'the Sopranos'. I haven't seen the show in two or three years, so I thought it best catch up on DVD. Six episodes in, and boy was it worth my time & $$$! Also, I'll be watching Season 5 of 'Buffy' and Season 2 of 'Angel', respectively. Hopefully I'll be done with them in time for the Fall Season to pick back up. :)

3) Read a book - JEEZE! I had enough trouble keeping up with DC's '52' this past year (finally finished it a couple of weeks ago!!), let alone all of the Graphic Novels that pile up on my shelf faster than I can get to them. :( So summer is a good chance to do some exercisive reading. I've already tapped into trades of 'Y:The Last Man', 'Animal Man' vol.1, 'The Justice Society of America Returns'....not to mention the books I'm reading in preparation for marriage. :)
First, congratulations on the upcoming nuptuals, may you have a long and happy life together. As far as summer t.v., I usually find myself on 1 of 3 channels History, TLC or Food network. Of course the sports channels are frequented as usual. My wife is addicted to DIY and anything flipping , remodeling or redecorating.
Thanks! Cool TV choices, as I find myself drifting more into cable during the summertime. I do agree, ESPN will ALWAYS be a staple even when they don't have anything to report on! :)

I forgot my gal & I were checking out more Food Network/Discovery specials a few weeks ago. 'Ace of Cakes', very timely programming for us. I kinda get into the 'Bobby Flay Challenge' or whatever it's called. :up:
Yes! aND ALL THOSE DAMN BAR-B-CUE cook off shows. I could just finish eating a full meal and then watch that, I'm ready to kill for some BBQ food! lol


... and Hell's Kitchen... what? I love watching people cry cause someone has crushed their dreams.
We all have our sadistic side, love Hell's Kitchen! lol
summer sucks? Hardly, besides making tons of money I can see Rescue Me, Dead Zone, Kyle XY, 4400, Hell's Kitchen, Star Gate :p
I'm pretty much only watching Rescue Me, reruns of House, Entourage and gonna check out the 4400. It's pretty rough, I was watching TiVo'ing 3-4 shows a night when the new stuff was out, I'm going through major TV withdrawl. Although, I'm taking some of the extra time to exercise, riding my bike, running. The last summer I watched the entire series of both Buffy and Angel, I Tivo'ed the morning reruns on TNT and F/X, the summer before that used netflix to catch up on some old shows, this summer I got nothing.
Eureka returns for season 2 on Sci-fi this summer. Be watching that. Pysch and Monk too.
I'll be watching The 4400, Entourage, Rescue Me, Psych, Monk, and John from Cincinnati (at least until it makes some tiny bit of sense). I could've gone for some new Stargate Atlantis and BSG, but of course the Sci Fi Channel had to get delusions of grandeur and switch them to Fall schedules. :o Anyway, I've got work, Netflix, comics, and, of course, the Hype to fill the rest of my time. The real world is for losers. :oldrazz:
*Shameless doctor who promotion*

on sci fi starting july 6th in america ;)
I'll watch Burn Notice just because of the fact that Bruce Campbell is in it and some MST3K on YouTube.
Ghost Hunter, Monk, Dead Zone. Are the only shows worth a crap in Summer. My TV pretty much takes a break in the Summer. I Usually start to listen to music alot this time of year. Catch up on new music.
That guy is better than Simon. Cause even Simon tries to sugar coat it sometimes... Gordon s**t coats it for us! :woot:

Gordon Ramsey Rocks. I love it when he told that guy to F*** Off. With Simon Cowel its an act. Gordon Ramsey is really like that.
Footballers Wives
Kyle XY
Big Love
One Life to Live:o
Class of 3000
Storm Hawks

and various MTV and VH1 reality shows.:o
oh right, I forgot Eureka back this month :hyper:

I wish. But July 10th ( 9pm ) isn't too far off.

I'll watch Burn Notice just because of the fact that Bruce Campbell is in it and some MST3K on YouTube.

Ah yes, Bruce...maybe I'll watch it.

Footballers Wives
Kyle XY
Big Love
One Life to Live:o
Class of 3000
Storm Hawks

and various MTV and VH1 reality shows.:o

That's enough to make Darth Vader cry right there.
The only new shows I am watching this summer is
Hell's Kitchen
Rob & Big
Little People Big World
Ghost Hunters

Everything else is the syndicated sitcoms like Seinfeld, That 70's Show and Roseanne.
*Big Love
*The Closer
*Top Chef
*Big Brother (when it comes on in July) <---- i know... lame

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