Supergirl: Maid of Might

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Aug 29, 2004
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Of all the women heroins, besides the most known and best female is the other known as Supergirl. There was a movie long ago starring Helen Slater which was a flop but Helen was a great supergirl in the movie and as a reprise role on Smallville. Don't get me wrong Superman is great but there is too many of these movies done not that i dont want to see this new kick as man of steel coming out but I think that a new Supergirl movie needs to be done to become a female element in the man of steel movies but told on a better plot and better villain without the magic. To me, Supergirl should be done as:

This is the film of Kara Kent, a girl adopted by the Kents and raised as a cousin of Clark Kent, a role cameo by Henry Cavill. Kara moves away when Clark does and takes the name of Linda Danvers where she gets a job working at a small newspaper office cause she wants to be like her cousin. With powers like his and keeping them secret she tries to live a normal life until a girl named Karen Star arrives in the city. The two become friends and roomates together in a small apartment but unknown to Linda, she is a criminal with powers who takes the name Powergirl with a suit she uses to create terror. Linda, without able to find her cousing must take this into her own hands even though the Kents made it clear she keeps her powers hidden but she uses her own mind and creates a copy of Supermans costume to take on powergirl whom she dont know is Star. The two fight in the city where it is revealed that Star is also Linda from a alternate dimension who came here to shape Linda to become a heroine until a new threat arrives called Despero that wants to take on this new super girl whom he calls her which sticks and they battle in the streets of Metropolis and other towns. There is more but unsure.

In a plot like this and a new and exciting style of CGI and a great actress to pull of the characters it would be a great film i think that can lead into a trilogy where she and Superman faces Darkseid in a third film or something and she is turned evil to fight superman. Let me know what you think, who to cast and what other things should be in this. post pics if any of designs of movie ideas.
in the snyder-verse Superman project, does Kara exist?

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