Superhero Hype! Presents: The Spectacular Spider-Woman

Kenny Eugene McCall

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May 16, 2001
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Kenny Eugene McCall here. And, welcome to the first installment of a brand-new series of animated-series-style synopsis fanfics called "Superhero Hype! Presents... Only in the Fan-Fiction and Films section.

The Spectacular Spider-Woman
An Animated Series Fanfic written by Kenny Eugene McCall


Season One:

Episode One: Project: Arachnia

Synopsis: Here is my take on this first episode: What if in the past, HYDRA started a mysterious project on Wundagore Mountain, and they recruited a top scientist named Dr. Jonathan Drew to create a top-secret serum that would be used to create the perfect female assassin to use against SHIELD? Better yet, what if the subject of the experiment was the scientist's own ten-year-old daughter, Jessica? And what if their involvement in the project may have cost him and his wife their lives? That's the idea behind this first episode that begins to tell the story of a young lady named Jessica Drew, and how she became the beautiful and deadly arachnid heroine, the Spectacular Spider-Woman, all in this spine-tingling episode!

Episode Two: A Deadly Dream

It is ten years later, and Jessica has woken up from her long sleep inside a secret HYDRA facility. The now twenty-year-old brunette is brought into the auspices of the supervillain trainer called the Taskmaster, where she is put through a rigorous and brutal training program where she is given a red-and-yellow costume. But will she have a change of heart when she is given her first assignment to kill SHIELD Director Nick Fury? That is, if HYDRA doesn't end up killing her first!

Episode Three: Escape From HYDRA

Jessica failed in her mission to assassinate Nick Fury, and now, the huntress has become the hunted as she tries to escape the clutches of HYDRA! And with one thousand of the subversive organization's top soldiers looking to put an end to the life of the Spiderfemme, Ms. Drew is in for the fight of her life! But, could Jessica be getting some much-needed help from the one person she was sent to kill - Nick Fury? Find out in this episode!

Episode Four: My So-Called Brand New Life

Jessica and Colonel Fury have finally put an end to their manhunt for their "Arachne." Now pardoned by Fury and SHIELD, she finds herself in Los Angeles with a brand-new apartment, some brand new clothes, and a job as an investigative reporter for an outfit called Justice Magazine! But, that's the least of her worries, for there's another Spider-Woman looking to cause trouble for both Jessica and the citizens of Los Angeles, and she must find a way to defeat this dangerous new blonde doppleganger before she destroys the city!

Episode Five: Return of the Spider Queen

The evil Spider-Woman, Charlotte Witter, is causing havoc in her quest to kill our heroic Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew! Now, these two lethal ladies are in the fight of their own lives against each other! But, Jessica is really out of the frying pan and into the fire, as she witnesses Charlotte's transformation into a giant Spider-Queen, with the ability to control thousands of deadly spiders in the process! Now, Spider-Woman must find a way to break free of Charlotte's web, snare this giant spider-queen with a web of her own, and put the (bioelectric) sting on her! But, what's this got to do with a mysterious old lady who has been watching this battle from the sidelines? Is she here to mentor the young Jessica, or to kill her? Find out next episode!

Episode Six: Madame Web

Remember those episodes of the old 1993-98 Spider-Man animated series on Fox where Spidey was mentored to death by a mysterious old psychic named Cassandra Webb? Well, replace Peter Parker with Jessica Drew, and you get this episode where Jessica, injured from her battle with the mutated Charlotte Witter, finds herself stumbling into an old curio shop where she meets the aforementioned elderly Cassandra Webb. Only this time, she goes by another name: Madame Web! And, she wants to help our young heroine on her superheroic journey. But will her first mission under Madame Web's tutelage next episode be her last?

Episode Seven: Swarm

Here's a twenty-first century flip on an episode from the 1981 series Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends: An old Nazi crossbreeding experiment from World War II rears it ugly head in the present as the techno-conglomerate Advanced Idea Mechanics has just resurrected a very dangerous villain by the name of Swarm, whose body is composed entirely of millions of stinging bees! And now, he wants to turn the populace of a small Northern California farming town into his personal drone army! Jessica finds herself traveling there as part of a story for Justice Magazine in order to find a way to put an end to Swarm's madness as Spider-Woman before this nightmare spreads right into Southern California and even Los Angeles itself!

Episode Eight: The Gypsy Moth

Jessica finds herself at a party in the Pacific Palisades where she is about to meet and interview a beautiful Croatian actress and hedonist named Sybil Dvorak, whose party is attracting a well-known lesbian political candidate. But, there's something wrong with this picture, as suddenly, the party's rich patrons find themselves trapped within the entanglements of their own clothing and their jewels and money being stolen! It is the work of the newest bad girl on the Spider-radar: the Gypsy Moth! And Spider-Woman has got to find a way to tangle with this bewitching beauty and save the party before it's too late! But, how can you stop a fatal beauty who not only possesses the same identical pheromonic powers as yourself, but is undeniably and psychotically attracted to you? Best viewed after 10:00 at night on Adult Swim!

Episode Nine: The Spider-Woman and the Dragonfly

Spider-Man's main squeeze, Mary Jane Watson, guest stars in this Spider-Woman episode where Jessica is about to interview the young redhead for a Justice Magazine aricle about her modeling shoot and, of course, Spider-Man! But, Jessica and MJ are about to meet a jealous hot young model by the name of Veronica Dultry, who, unbeknownst to them, has a deadly new power, and a dangerous new alter ego: Dragonfly! And, she's looking to eliminate her competition - Mary Jane Watson - unless Spider-Woman can stop this fearless flying female fury in this episodic sojourn into the world of high fashion!

Episode Ten: The Magic of Mysteria

Man, Spider-Man's archenemy, Mysterio, has got some new female competition on the West Coast, as Jessica finds herself meeting up with a fellow investigative reporter named Jeff Hunt, whom Jessica has just fallen for! And, the two of them are spending their first date together at a magic-themed restaurant where they catch a show featuring a beautiful illusionist and actress named Miranda Wilson. But Miranda's got a sinister new alter ego, and when a series of hardlight holographic images come to life to commit a series of baffling jewel robberies, Jessica and Jeff find themselves having to deal with a brand-new mistress of magic: the mystifying Mysteria! And, Mysteria has challenged Spider-Woman to enter her illusion-filled Maze of
Madness, where everything is not always what it seems! And, did we mention that Mysteria has captured Jeff and put him in a cage inside the maze? Will Jess be able to survive Miranda's magical maniacal maze, solve the robberies and rescue her new boyfriend without going insane herself! Now, Jessica's about to experience what Peter Parker went through when he fought Mysteria's male counterpart, Mysterio!

Episode Eleven: A Crime in Time

Spider-Woman and Madame Web are involved in an interesting conundrum: They're dealing with a manipulative child killer with a Doctor Who fixation who is using objects from different time periods to commit his murderous crimes against the children of Los Angeles! But, who is Turner D. Century? And, what does this time-traveling pedophile want with L.A.'s innocent children? That's a mystery that Jessica and Cassandra must pool their combined talents to solve in order to bring this creep to justice!

Episode Twelve: The Deadly Danse of the Macabre

Here's a strange episode for you: Jessica finds in an adventure where she poses as an exotic dancer at a mysterious new L.A. strip club called Club Kali as part of story for Justice Magazine. But, what she finds out there is enough to give her the creeps, as the club's male patrons find themselves in a comatose and catatonic state, all thanks to the club's beautiful owner, Dansen Macabre! She's a beguiling dancer whose hypnotic abilities give her the power to steal the souls the men! Can Spider-Woman deal with this dancer - succubus before she becomes her next victim?

Episode Thirteen: Journey Into the Realm of Darkness

Jessica Drew and Madame Web find themselves on a three-episode adventure in New York City where in the first episode, they team up with the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, and his manservant Wong, to deal with a mystical disturbance that's turning the people of New York City into demonic creatures! But as the Spiderfemme and Sorcerer Supreme are about to find out, it is the work of the dread Dormammu, who wants to plunge the city into eternal darkness! But first, Stephen and Jessica must deal with Dormammu's lackey (and Strange's most hated foe), Baron Mordo! Can they stop both villains before it's too late?

Episode Fourteen: Diamonds Are The Cat's Meow

Here's an interesting situation for you True Believers out there: Jessica finds herself in the wackiest situation ever, as she teams up with freelance photographer Peter Parker for a joint Justice Magazine/Daily Bugle assignment to cover the premiere of the Ruby Diamonds of Myanmar exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! There's only one problem: the sexy and beautiful Black Cat has struck again (at least for Peter, anyway)! And, Felicia Hardy has a challenge for both Peter and Jessica: Try to stop her from taking these red rubies from the museum itself! But there's another problem for at least all three of them: First, Jessie's about to meet the Amazing Spider-Man, just as Peter's about to meet the Spectacular Spider-Woman, all for the first time! And second, Jessica's pheromones are not only attracting Spider-Man, but they're also attracting the Black Cat as well! Can even Spider-Man help Spider-Woman deal with Marvel's own Feline Fatale without the two 20-year-old girls trying to kill each other in the process!

Episode Fifteen (Season Finale): The Pawns of the Kingpin

Daredevil guest stars in this season one finale episode where Jessica is paired with Peter again, thanks to J. Jonah Jameson (who we find out not only owns the Daily Bugle, but its West Coast counterpart, Justice Magazine, as well)! Their assignment: to report on an medical extortion ring being fronted by the Kingpin! But, all is not what it seems, as this medicine ring is a cover for the real operation at hand: An alliance between Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime, and the terrorist organization HYDRA, to obtain nuclear and biological weapons for use against the United States government and for sale to the highest international bidder! Lucky for our two arachnid superheroes, the Man Without Fear, Daredevil, is on the case! And for former HYDRA recruit Jessica Drew, high school senior Peter Parker, and blind lawyer Matt Murdock, this adventure connects them to each other in a big way, for HYDRA was responsible for not only the deaths of Jessica's scientist parents, but Peter's government agent parents as well! It's an adventure that will reveal more dark secrets about the families of these two spider-heroes that not even a lawyer like Matt Murdock can keep from getting out!

Season Two coming soon! :spidey:
Season Two

Episode Sixteen (Season Premiere): A Journey Into the Head of the Snake

This episode starts from where last season's cliffhanger left off, as both Jessica and Peter deal with the fact that HYDRA was responsible for the deaths of their family members. Now as both Spider-Man and Spider-Woman, they must take down the international terrorist organization at its source! But, as they bring the web down on HYDRA's thousands of stormtroopers, their leader, Madame Hydra, drops a bombshell on Jessica: She reveals herself to be none other her own mother, Miriam Drew! But, is Madame Hydra's revelation for real, or is this a grand plot to lure Jess back to her former HYDRA masters? It's something that Peter Parker must investigate in order to save Jessica from herself in this episode

Episode Seventeen: The Ghost Pirates

Hey, Jessica's back in Los Angeles, having said goodbye to her new friend, Peter Parker, in New York. But, no sooner that she is back on the Left Coast, a mysterious pirate ship appears out of nowhere, captained by a 16th century pirate queen who looks exactly like Jessica! Who is this Patience Drew, and what is her connection to Jessica? Could she be an ancestress looking to recruit her descendant to look for a lost treasure that was taken from her centuries ago? Or, could Patience reveal some dark secrets about the Drew family that Jessica may not want to hear about? It's a mystery that will send shivers down your spine in the episode!

Episode Eighteen: A Tale of Two Jessicas

Jessie's back at Justice Magazine looking for her next assignment when she finds herself meeting a new rival: a sexy new crime reporter named Jessica Jones! And, she's looking to get a leg up on Jessica Drew in the magazine business! But as Spider-Woman is about to find out, Jessica Jones has a superhuman alter ego that is doling out her own brand of vigilante justice, and her name is Jewel! Strange thing is, are Jewel's tactics really on behalf of the cause of justice, or, is there something really pulling the superheroine's strings? That's something Jessica Drew has got to find out in order to ferret out her benefactor and free the other Jessica from his control!

Episode Nineteen: The Purple Menace

Spider-Woman finally breaks Jewel from her benefactor's control, and the two Jessicas begin to confide in each other, with Jones telling Drew about her master, Zebediah Killgrave, the man known as the Purple Man. Now, Spider-Woman and Jewel must find a way to take down the Purple Man before his psychoactive powers put even the entire city under his control

Episode Twenty: The Great Magini

Here's the situation, Spiderfemme fans: A mysteriously handsome magician and his sexy twin assistants, a host of creepy illusions, a rash of high-tech robberies and some maniacal high-tech booby traps? Seen it before? Yep, in Season One's Mysteria episode! But meet Mysteria's male counterpart (and former lover), Mysterio, the Master of Illusion! And he's posing as a world famous magician named the Great Magini! But, why is Spider-Man's trickiest foe doing here in Spider-Woman's neighborhood, and on his former girlfriend's turf? Are Quentin Beck and Miranda Wilson trying to get back together, and if they are, could Mysterio and Mysteria become the first couple of supervillain illusion? That's something Jessica has to find out if she wants to stop Mysterio's magically marvelous mischief from getting out of hand! That is, if Spider-Woman can get past the traps (again) and Beck's beautiful (and deadly) twin assistants, Frick and Frack, first!

Episode Twenty-One: The Latverian Connection (aka, Games of Doom)

Silver Sable guest stars in this episode where a Symkarian ambassador to the United Nations is in California to attend a state dinner with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (voicing himself)! But, things turn completely south when the ambassador finds himself the target of Doombots posing as Symkarian security guards, and Jessica is poisoned in her pursuit of the robot assassins! Who is behind all of this? None other than Doctor Doom, who wants to merge both Symkaria and his country of Latveria into one country! Add to that Silver Sable's appearance in Jessica's home turf, and the two women must find a way to put an end to Doom's diabolical plans before the two countries plunge the United States into a full civil war!

Episode Twenty-Two: Spider-Woman Goes Hollywood

Mary Jane Watson makes her return in this episode where she joins Jessica Drew in an adventure set in Hollywood! You see, B-movie schlockmeister Sam Blockbuster is about to make a movie about the Spectacular Spider-Woman, and he has just cast MJ in the role of Jessica Drew, without the knowledge from both women! Now, the two women have joined forces to try to put a stop to his new $10 million film! But, the film is just a cover for the son of a ruthless movie mogul named Charles Delazney, who is about to use his father's movie studio to establish a brand new criminal empire on the West Coast! Can Jessica bring down this new Enforcer, and later help Mary Jane deal with the slimy producer and his "Casting Couch?"

Episode Twenty-Three: Giselle

Here's a new twist on the 1986 Jem episode, "Homeland, Heartland." Sybil Dvorak, the hedonistic villainess known as Gypsy Moth, may not get along with most people, and she just came into supervillainy, but there's one person the Gypsy Moth does care about: her younger cousin Giselle. And, when she turns up missing on her way to visit her older cousin. Sybil has no one to turn to for help but her rival, Jessica Drew, in finding her! But, as Spider-Woman and the Gypsy Moth join forces to search for the young 17-year-old ballerina, they find themselves caught up in the biggest mystery that affects both cousins: the connection between both Sybil and Giselle Dvorak, and Giselle's parents, Peter and Nadia Dvorak, whom they haven't seen in ten years! Can Jessie help Sybil reunite Giselle with her parents in this special episode?

Episode Twenty-Four: The Savage Land Adventure

Jessica and her boyfriend, Jeff Hunt, are on a nice, relaxing charter plane ride to cover a story in the Amazon for Justice Magazine when their plane is sabotaged, forcing it to crash land in the Savage Land! Now faced with attacks from the Savage Land's prehistoric denizens and Jeff suffering from a disease thanks to a bite from a poisonous snake native to the Savage Land, Jessica finds herself teaming up with the beauteous jungle girl Shanna the She-Devil to find an antidote and help Shanna deal with a plot by the Advanced Idea Mechanics to establish a base of operations in the jungle continent!

Episode Twenty-Five: Web of the Kongo Spider

The attack on the beekeeper-suited Advanced Idea Mechanics soldiers did not go smoothly as planned, as Shanna the She-Devil and a bikini-clad Jessica Drew find themselves dealing with one of A.I.M.'s crossbreeding experiments: a 25-foot-tall jungle spider named Kongo, whose stingers and poison webs can kill, and is running amok among the wildlife of the Savage Land! Throw in the fact that Shanna's husband, Ka-Zar, and Jessica's boyfriend, the now-cured Jeff Hunt, have now joined in on the fun, and all four of them must hunt down this giant new menace before it causes the deaths of the members of a nearby tribe in this adventure on the wild side!

Episode Twenty-Six: The Hydropolis Adventure

Jessica finds herself on an undersea adventure where she is about to meet an old protege of her father's by the name of Dr. Walter Newell, a deep-sea oceanographer who has just built his new experimental undersea city-laboratory called Hydropolis! But, as Jessie is about to find out, Walter has another, more superheroically adventurous alter ego: the underwater winged wonder known as Stingray! And when he needs Jessica's help in thwarting a plot by a murderous mad scientist named Dr. Lemuel Dorcas involving human-marinelife crossbreeding experiments, it becomes an adventure 20,000 leagues under the sea, as Stingray and Spider-Woman (in a more sexier red-and-yellow arachnid-style swimsuit) deal with not only Dorcas and his Shark-Men, but his most dangerous creation: the savage and maniacal Tiger Shark! Can the two heroes survive this undersea nightmare before its too late?

Episode Twenty-Seven: The Fury of the Femme Fatales

Okay folks, here's a conundrum for all you Spider-fans out there: In New York, Spider-Man dealt with a group of his most dangerous foes that have come to be known as the Sinister Six! Now, meet their bewitchingly beautiful female counterparts from Los Angeles: the Femme Fatales! And, Knockout, Bloodlust, Blackbird, Mindblast, Ion, and Scorpia are six lethal ladies who are looking to make a name for themselves in the City of Angels when they put Spider-Woman through her most dangerous challenge ever! But, who is the real backer of these gorgeous superpowered Glamazons! The answer will surprise you next episode!

Episode Twenty-Eight: The Madness of MODOK, The Mayhem of MODAM

Jessica, Jessica, oh sweet Jessica, what have you gotten yourself into? You've just been taken down by six superpowered sirens, and now, you're being delivered to a top-secret AIM island fortress where you meet the mysterious leader of the Femme Fatales: the butt-ugly giant flying female construct called MODAM: Mental Organism Designed for Annihilation and Mayhem! But, could there be another, more dangerous robot behind this nightmare scenario? Yeah! Say hello to her more demoniacal male counterpart, MODOK: Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, the leader of the Advanced Idea Mechanics itself! But, a jealous Scorpia and the Fatales themselves may prove to be Spider-Woman's strangest allies when both MODOK and MODAM turn on the girls and force them to fight the entire AIM army in this beguiling little adventure!

Episode Twenty-Nine: And In This Corner, Jessica Drew!

Here's something that you never thought you would see in a Spider-Woman cartoon: Jessica Drew as a professional wrestler! Yep, As part of a story for Justice Magazine, Jessie finds herself trying out for the Grapplers, the female unit of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation led by Ann Fraley, a longtime friend of Madame Web who also goes by the name of "Auntie Freeze!" In one part of the story, Jessie finds herself wearing a black costume with white spider design, calling herself "Black Arachnia(!)" and taking on a girl named Sharon Ventura, aka "Miss America," in the ring! And in the other part, helping Auntie Freeze protect a young teenage grapplerette named Melissa "Screaming Mimi" Gold when she becomes the target of the Power Broker after she exposes a plot to use Mutant Growth Hormones to create a superpowered army of assassins for HYDRA! Can Jessica and Melissa find a way to put an end to the Power Broker's mad plans before it's too late? That is, if the other Grapplers don't get to them first!

Episode Thirty: The Invasion From The Black Hole (Season Finale)

There's a terrifying new race of spider-like creatures from deep within the black hole of space, and they have just invaded our planet Earth! They're called the Homo Arachnis, and they're looking to infect the Earth with spores that mutate living human beings into human-arachnid hybrids - with horrifying results! But, who are they, and what do they want with Earth? Now, Spider-Woman and a visiting Spider-Man must find a way to help the citizens of L.A. beat back this new horde of arachnid creatures into space before millions become infected coast to coast in this nightmarish second-season finale!

Season Three coming soon! :spidey:
so when do we get the actual fan fic? sounds interesting :)
Spider-Girl, this is a synopsis-style fanfic. It's a fanfic that is designed to resemble a full season's worth of animated series episodes. Like what you see on TV. Only this time in a mock style similar to a proposal for a series.

It would take me longer to write one full episode though.
Cool stuff, Kenny. :up:

I :heart: Spider-Woman. *sigh*
Season Three:

Episode Thirty-One: A Spider's Sting, A Widow's Bite, Part One

Yo! Get ready for the sultriest battle of the lady arachnids, as two nations are about to collide when Jessica Drew is asked by Nick Fury to help him rescue one of his top agents from a mission against HYDRA gone awry. Problem is, the young super-agent is a girl named Natalia Romanova, the Black Widow! And, she is Russia's answer to our Spider-Woman, a girl in a grey bodysuit who has the same powers and abilities as Jessica! And when these two 21-year-old girls meet for the first time, it leads to a surprisingly sexy and vicious duel between the beautiful American brunette and the ravishing Russian redhead! But, what is the secret that connects both Jessica and Natalia, and what does it have to do with Madame Hydra, Jessica's father Jonathan Drew, and Natalia's former masters in the KGB? Find out in the conclusion of this two-part third-season premiere next episode!

Episode Thirty-Two: A Spider's Sting, A Widow's Bite, Part Two

Oh, what a tangled web that two gorgeous girls are about to weave, as Jessica Drew and Natalia Romanova, fresh from the start of their international arachnid rivalry, find themselves the prisoners of the terrorist organization HYDRA! But the real shock comes when the malevolent Madame Hydra reveals to both Spider-Woman and the Black Widow that their spider-powers were the result of the experiments performed by Dr. Jonathan Drew, and that he was working on behalf of both HYDRA and the KGB! What's worse, the two women were both trained by the Taskmaster at two different times in their respective countries for their respective former organizations! Now, trapped within the supreme HYDRA headquarters, surrounded by thousands of crazed HYDRA soldiers, Jessica and Natalia are thrown into a savage arena where they must rely on each other in order to fight off a group of some of HYDRA's best superhuman warriors to the death! Can they survive this twisted version of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and get out alive before it's too late? Yeah, and you can bet the SHIELD Helicarrier on that!

Episode Thirty-Three: Irresistible Force, Unstoppable Juggernaut!

Jessica had just gotten through with the incident involving herself and the Black Widow when she returns to her apartment to find her mentor, Madame Web, in her home being hunted down by the unstoppable Juggernaut! Sound familiar? Yeah, it was done before in an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man comic book! But this time, Peter isn't the one trying to protect Cassandra Webb, Jessica is! And, Jessica's got to find out what's going on, and who sent Cain Marko after our favorite arachnid-themed psychic, all while trying to take down the 900-pound rampaging killer!

Episode Thirty-Four: Fist of Khonshu, Kiss of Kali, Part One

Jessie is caught between immortal gods and a hard place when she gets involved in a battle between the Egyptian God of Light, Khonshu, and the high priestess, Kali, as she helps the anti-hero Moon Knight deal with Dansen Macabre, who is trying to start up a religious cult dedicated to Kali herself! But there's one problem: she's got an enforcer of her own! And, his name is the Shroud! But, is there something heroic about this "villain" that Jessica Drew and Marc Spector don't know about? Find out next episode!

Episode Thirty-Five: Fist of Khonshu, Kiss of Kali, Part Two

It's a martial-arts showdown worthy of even DC Comics' Batman, as Moon Knight and the Shroud battle it out on behalf of their respective deities, and Spider-Woman tracks down Dansen Macabre to put an end to her madness and free the Shroud from her hypnotic control! But, even if the web-woman succeeds in freeing the dark crimefighting hero, the high priestess Kali has a nasty surprise waiting for all three of our heroes, as she takes control of Dansen Macabre herself and unleashes an army of undead warriors in one of the most terrifying supernatural battles in Marvel history in this episode!

Episode Thirty-Six: Jessica and Jennifer's Excellent Superhero Adventure!

Get ready for the most outrageous episode ever, as Jessie finds herself dealing with two female supervillains in the personalities of the superstrong Titania and the fiery Volcana! Lucky for Jessica that Jennifer Walters, the Sensational She-Hulk, just happened to make her appearance to give Spider Woman a hand against the two childhood friends from Denver, Mary MacPherran and Marsha Rosenberg! Now it's an out-of-control ladies' night out, as not only do Jessie and Jennie duke it out with Mary and Marsha at a hip L.A. nightclub, but all four ladies end up in an all-woman brawl with another of Shulkie's foes, the Ogress, and the returning Femme Fatales, who are also at the same nightclub! Get yourself a ringside seat for this one, boys!

Episode Thirty-Seven: Angelina

Jessica is at home when she helps a new neighbor, a 19-year-old statuesque college student named Angelina Brancale, move into her new apartment next door. But, there's something special about this seven-foot-tall glamazon, for not only does she have the beauty and the brains, but the brawn as well! Say hello to Angie's alter ego of Stunner, as she helps Spider-Woman deal with the super-dangerous Wrecking Crew, who's been extorting innocent shopkeepers all throughout their L.A. neighborhood! Also, there's a secret that Angie is about to tell Jessie that is connected to the sudden appearance of Doctor Octopus in the City of Angels! And this time, he has acquired the services of twin assassins the Brothers Grimm to make sure Angelina doesn't survive her first day in Los Angeles alive!

Episode Thirty-Eight: Cardiac Arrest

Felicia Hardy, the platinum blonde beauty known as the Black Cat, makes her return to Los Angeles to bedevil her new playmate, Jessica Drew, when our heroine catches her breaking into a chemical weapons lab to steal a highly volatile isotope. But, things go from bad to worse when Jessica's pheromones collide with Felicia's bad-luck powers, and the two girls find themselves trapped inside the laboratory with a dangerous new villain named Cardiac! Worse, he's backed up by a group of bio-boosted superhumans looking to make Spider-Woman and the Black Cat their next lab experiment! Now, they have got to find a way to fight off Cardiac and company, and escape the complex before it implodes!

Episode Thirty-Nine: The Lost Continent

Martial-arts hero Iron Fist guest stars in an episode where Jessica is interviewing the hero's alter ego, Daniel Rand, for an article in Justice Magazine. But, when she accompanies Daniel on a trip to the mystical Anglo-Asian continent of K'un L'un, Jessica is about to embark on an adventure where she must help Iron Fist deal with an old enemy of his named the Steel Serpent, and a dangerously wild new foe named Ferocia, who planning to steal a magical ruby belonging to the mystical dragon Shao-Lau, the Undying, in this globe-trotting episode

Episode Forty: Shuttle to Disaster

Jessica finds herself in an unusual situation when she meets a new friend in a former Air Force intelligence officer by the name of Carol Susan Danvers, and she's here to observe the launch of the space shuttle Constellation, in which NASA astronaut Colonel John Jameson is the lead pilot. But when a Skrull agent makes his appearance and sabotages the mission, stranding the young astronaut and the shuttle in deep space and about to collide with a dangerous oncoming meteor! Now, both Jessica and Carol must find a way to go into outer space and rescue both the Constellation and its crew, and expose the Skrull spy before it's too late! But, not before Carol and Jessica reveal their superheroine alter-egos of Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman to one another is this out-of-this-world episode!

Episode Forty-One: Luke Cage: Hero for Hire

Sweet Christmas!!! One of the baddest mother****er superhero mercenaries in the Marvel Universe has just arrived in the Spider-Woman universe, as Luke Cage, the hero known as Power Man, makes his appearance in this Spider-Woman episode where Jessica is interviewing a brand-new hip-hop-centered high-school dance team called the Compton Clovers, who are coached by a kindly childhood friend of Cage's, for Justice Magazine. But as Luke Cage arrives in South Central Los Angeles to meet his old lady friend from Harlem, Jessica finds herself meeting up with an African-American mutant named Joanna Cargill, who needs Spider-Woman's help in searching for her 16-year-old sister, Jennifer, a member of that same dance team! Things get really interesting when Jessica and Joanna join up with Luke Cage in the search for Jennie, only for Spider-Woman, Frenzy and Power Man to find themselves battling two brand-new villainesses: a murderous 300-pound crimelord named Black Mariah, and her cousin, a manipulative music producer and geneticist named Doctor Nightshade! And, Tilda Johnson's here to help her obese cousin introduce a lethal new drug called Deadly Nightshade to South Central L.A.'s high-school population through her upcoming Nightshade Music Festival! And, Jennie is one of Black Mariah's test subjects! Now, can our three superpowered heroes be able to take down Compton's ruthless black queenpin and her mad scientist cousin, and rescue high-school dancer Jennie Cargill before it's too late in this urban adventure?

Episode Forty-Two: Werewolf By Night

There is fear and terror in the air, as a full moon is out tonight, and Jessica's about to experience its full effect when she meets a handsome Hollywood actor and stuntman named Jacob Rousseau, who is filming his new television series called "Jack Russell: Werewolf By Night." But, everything turns south when Jessie finds herself caught up in a blood feud between Rousseau and a couple of violent South American werewolves named Carlos and Edouardo Lobo that could end up affecting the citizens of a nearby Southern California border town where the series is shot, unless Spider-Woman can help her new friend (who really is a werewolf!) deal with the Lobo Brothers in this bone-chilling episode!

Episode Forty-Three: Scream and Shriek

Jessica is back home at her apartment when she reunited with her friend from the Grapplers episode, Melissa Gold, who has just moved into the apartment complex! And this time, Mimi's got a brand-new roommate: a sexy Goth girl by the name of Frances Louise Barrison, who's got a thing for Melissa in more ways than one! But, there is something even more freaky about Fran and Mimi's relationship that's got even Jessica more concerned for Melissa, especially when Frances possesses the same exact powers as her new girlfriend, but with deadlier consequences for the citizens of L.A. as Spider-Woman must find a way to protect Melissa from the influence of the dark-haired scream queen known as Shriek in this ear-splitting episode!

Episode Forty-Four: The Tomb of Dracula, Part One

Jessica and Cassandra find themselves in the one place they never thought they would be: none other than Transylvania, in this two-part season finale episode where Spider-Woman and Madame Web travel there to help the badass vampire hunter Blade and his team, the Nightstalkers, hunt down the vampire villain Deacon Frost, who is there to find a way to resurrect the most dangerous vampire of them all: Count Dracula! Now, Jessica, Blade, and the Nightstalkers must find a way to deal with Frost and put the stakes in Dracula himself before it's too late in the first part of this blood-curdling season finale!

Episode Forty-Five: The Tomb of Dracula, Part Two

It's a race against time, as even though Spider-Woman and the Nightstalkers have defeated Deacon Frost, Count Dracula is loose in Transylvania, and the real battle begins for our lovely heroine. And, with an army of murderous undead creatures under Dracula's command, can the Spiderfemme and the Vampire Hunter be able to find a way to put an end to the Count's reign of terror in the bone-chilling conclusion of this Season three finale? Bet on your life!

Season Four coming soon! :spidey:
Cool stuff, Kenny. :up:

I :heart: Spider-Woman. *sigh*

Glad you like it, Shredder. This is the first of a series of new animated-style fanfics that are separate from the initial Marvel Spotlight series in the Marvel Films forum, and it is only available in Fan Fiction and Films so that it does not confuse posters of the Hype!

Speaking of which, who will be the next superhero or superteam that should get their own synopsis fanfic other than Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Iron Man, Fantastic Four or Avengers? Post your ideas or PM me.

Anyway, enjoy the third season of Jessica Drew's adventures and tell me what you think of this season's crop of episodes.

Kenny :spidey:

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