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Superherohype! 2003 Nine Year Reunion (Exclamation Points)


Oct 9, 2003
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Grab your Gen1 iPods and gather gents and ladies. Let's celebrate 2003! The year that was before the year that Spider-Man 2 came out.

Darthphere, Hush, this one is for you and all of our near-decade brethren.

Damn, I just realized I've been here for nearly eight years this coming October. And only just now have I got the urge to kick up my post count.
Get out of here, you 2004 piece of trash! 2003'ers only!
2003! Just 15 more days until my anniversary. :up:
Why are you guys having a 9-year reunion? If you waited a year, you could have one for the decade.
A month to go until I've been posting here for a decade!

I'll be 9 years in November. I finally joined after some lurking to discuss the latest Batman movie rumors. To think three movies have been released since I joined here is unfathomable
9 year veteran and still not a single birthday thread for me. Hate you guys soooo much. I'm going to piss in the punch bowl.
Wow I remember coming here when it was called Spider-manHype and to ComingSoon.Net.

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