Superman: Man of Steel Treatment.


Aug 6, 2007
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I've started with a new take of the franchise which Bryan Singer renewed in Superman Returns. Except I never had a thing for many of the characters. Richard and Lois Lane, not my favorite movie couple. Jason, the worst product of any balanced equation. Superman as Brandon Routh, okay, but weak as a character. Luthor as a tidewaded real estate agent. No more! My take removes this weakness and this work strong. So read and be impressed.

Any idea?
I have added a new poll in case anyone is interested in rating this story's quality.
A new chapter has been added to continue the story. I always apprechiate honest reviews, even if they are negative. Here is the new summart:

Lois and Richard are a couple interferring in destiny. True love is not for those who claim it. Cupid's arrow always makes its mark, even if they turn out to be mortal wounds. This is their story, after the events of Superman Returns.
I know I'm the newest writer to hit the scene, but would someone mind reading and giving me an honest review of what is right or wrong about this story?

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