It is ALOT better than i thought it was going to be.
I liked it. It kept me guessing the whole show. I'm watching the next epp.
I finally found my show to watch on tuesdays. It was pretty cool. I thought ot was going to be really crappy.
I Like It and Jensen Ackles is perfect for this show. Much better than he was on Smallville. God ,I hate him on smallville.
He was cool on Dark Angel if you ever decide to check that out.
Carter said:
He was cool on Dark Angel if you ever decide to check that out.
He was brilliant on Dark Angel.

So, Supernatural. I'm not sure yet. I think I'll reserve judgement until I've seen a few more episodes. I liked it, but it didn't take my breath away. Hopefully I'll grow to love it.
I do wish they'd pair it up with Smallville, and move Everwood to follow Gilmore Girls.
This may be the first show I'm actually owning up to watching on the WB. Everything else, though not implied, really is geared towards the womens, but Gilmore Girls is a secret guilty pleasure.
Yea put Supernatural with Smallvile for chrissakes!!!!
The show was pretty good, like the mystery/urban legend vibe it's got, also took care of the girlfriend problem right off the bat which I liked, she would've become an annoying WB cliche real quick. I hope it's just the brothers solving mysteries/urban legends while looking for their father and whatever keeps haunting their family, keep relationships with girls out of the show, it'll kill it.
I liked this first ep., as everyone around here knows the legend of The White Lady...and nice nod of them mentioning sightings here in Indiana. My dad used to freak me out about that.
I enjoyed Supernatural. Mostly because the borther realtionship between Sam and Dean is infinitly more beleivable than most TV families you see. The first scene they have is a fist fight. And when Sam recognizes that it's his brother he fights him some more. Reminds me of the relationship I have with my younger brother.
To me it almost seems like Dukes of Hazard meets X-Files. I wonder what's up with the dad, is he a guardian angel, or just using the boys for some evil purpose.
He could be passing the torch onto them, as all he said was that something killed their mother, but the father is the only one that knows what really happened, if anything.
Yeah, that's what I think also. Seems like a mix of Dukes of Hazzard. Also, similarly I think the 67' Impala might become as much a character as the Charger was to the Dukes.
We have stories similar to the Lady in White here in Georgia. Here's a summary about one of the incidents here.

Fairburn - Peter's Woods - There's an old cemetery in the woods & they are haunted by an Amish girl who was in love with a non-Amish boy & her father found out & told her she could never see the boy again, so the girl went into the woods & hung herself. Sometimes you see her ghost on the side of the road & stop to pick her up & she tells you to go to her house. Once you stop you see her father run out of the house & start screaming at her & she runs into the woods. If you chase her, you get deep into the woods & feel something brush the top of your head & you look up to see her body hanging from a tree. Then you look again & see nothing but the remnants of an old house & a small family cemetery.

Here's a cool site with listings of hauntings or supernatural occurrences.
Metamorpho1977 said:
I do wish they'd pair it up with Smallville, and move Everwood to follow Gilmore Girls.

I'm tempted to agree, but if Supernatural aired after Smallville, it would be directly opposite ABC's supernatural mystery show Night Stalker, and the viewers would be even more divided.

Supernatural had some interesting ghost scenes, but I'm not sold on the brotherly buddy-buddy elements of the show. I'm going to have to be convinced a bit further that this isn't just a poor-man's X-Files aimed at The OC-watching crowd.
Well, I know it would definitely beat the crap out of Night Stalker without a doubt. Supernatural deals with actual paranormal and well, supernatural and bizarre occurances. While Nightstalker, from the look of the PILOT is a weird 'When animal's attack' show. Seriously the whole Nightstalker Pilot centered around a pack of angry wolves. Not scary in the slightest. Overall, it's not that great a show, not even scary- good/average is the best adjective for it.

David Nutter is behind the X-Files, and his spin off into the supernatural realm works alot better. Scary and tense throughout the whole episode, not just for a measly Nightstalker five minute dialouge scene. Great characters and already evolving mythology. Great direction, great lighting, music, casting, sets, etc.

And, yes I saw the Night Stalker Pilot- through torrentspy- but I don't know if they can even fix that episode. It was about angry wolves, I don't think that will go over well when they are promising a weird scary show from the creator of the X-Files. Having it on Animal Planet, well that seems like a much better idea for the show since from the PILOT it doesn't even cause that much of an interest. Heck the smaller bits were the only slightly tense parts in it. Such as the flashbacks to grisly and awkward murder scenes. Bottom point, I don't see much of where they can go. The original was short lived because it went into the bizarre and not horror, unfortunately I think this remake will be the same.

Powers/Abilities: The Wendigo has extremely superhuman strength and endurance. He has extremely sharp claws on each hand. He has very limited intelligence and acts mostly from instinct. Although physical damage has stopped Wendigos for short periods of time, magic has been the only process that can permanently stop a Wendigo, by either transferring or removing the curse.

Origin: The woods of Northern Canada are cursed such that if any human eats the flesh of another human being while in the woods, turns into the Wendigo creature. The creature roams the woods and eats the flesh of other humans until the curse can be lifted.

The fierce wendigo (or windigo) of Algonquian Indian legend is a towering, forest-dwelling wild man with anthropophagous tendencies (i.e.- it eats people) that can appear in animal or human form, even imitating the people it devours. It has been compared to the werewolf legend as well as that of Bigfoot. The terrible wendigo might also be thought of as the North American variation of the troll, being a hulking bogeyman that prefers to dine on naughty children most of all. The wendigo originates as a person, man or woman, who offends the spirits by eating human flesh, or is bitten by another wendigo.

The legend varies in the details, but the outline of it is basically always stays the same: lost hunters or people that have stayed too long in the state of famine (especially during the wintertime), turning to cannibalism as a last resource, will become windigoes or be inhabited by its spirit and then be drawn towards eating people. When this happens, asides the cannibalism, they become violent and antisocial. Even after returning to civilization and eating normally, the want for human flesh will return to the "windigoes". This craving will endanger the rest of the community. It is believed that the only way to kill the windigo and the malevolent spirit is to burn the body of its host into ashes.

Though all of the descriptions of the creature vary slightly, the Wendigo is generally said to have glowing eyes, long yellowed fangs and overly long tongues. Most have a sallow, yellowish skin but others are said to be matted with hair. They are tall and lanky and are driven by a horrible hunger.

But the Windigo, however, is not immortal. Some say that like a were-wolf, you can kill the creature with a silver bullet.

Though most tales recount the Windigo as being cannibalistic, dangerous and violent, the "host" can still try to live far from civilization, deep into the woods, to prevent anybody from being its next victim. Some Windigo-inhabited people would even commit suicide to prevent hurting anyone else.

Even into the last century, Native Americans actively believed in, and searched for, the Wendigo. One of the most famous Wendigo hunters was a Cree Indian named Jack Fiddler. He claimed to kill at least 14 of the creatures in his lifetime, although the last murder resulted in his imprisonment at the age of 87. In October 1907, Fiddler and his son, Joseph, were tried for the murder of a Cree Indian woman. They both pleaded guilty to the crime but defended themselves by stating that the woman had been possessed by the spirit of a Wendigo and was on the verge of transforming into one entirely. According to their defense, she had to be killed before she murdered other members of the tribe.

It is said that the Wendigo’s full powers have never been recorded. The creature excels at stealth and is nearly the perfect hunter. The creature knows every inch of its territory; every cave, hill, tree and bush. It can control the weather through the use of dark magic. Because of this, the Native American tribes of the Canadian north have actively hunted the creature in the past. The most successful of these hunters was Jack Fiddler, a Cree Indian who claimed to have killed at least fourteen Wendigoes during his lifetime. He was consequently imprisoned at the age of eighty-seven after the murder of a woman in his tribe whom he claimed was on the verge of a full transformation into a Wendigo.

Despite Mr. Fiddler’s alleged success as a Wendigo hunter, the creatures are notoriously hard to kill. The have a few weaknesses as far as weapons are concerned: iron, steel and (like other monsters) silver. The most gruesome method of disposal is by shattering the creature’s ice heart with a silver stake and then dismembering the body with a silver axe. Should anyone be brave enough to take up Mr. Fiddler’s occupation, one could begin by searching the north central regions of Canada. Kenora, Ontario, Canada has been given the title of “Wendigo Capital of the World” by many. Sightings of the creature in this area have continued well into the new millennium.

Windegos hunt much like a wild animal, tracking its victim without being seen. It likes to toy with humans, making noises to scare its victim into a hysteria. Once a person begins running wildly through the forest he becomes easy prey for the Wendigo.

Killing a Wendigo is difficult. Silver is its only weakness. Bullets made of silver can damage the Wendigo, but to kill one a silver stake must be driven into its heart. Then a silver ax must dismember the body. The heart must be buried in a silver box, the head must be burned, and body parts must be put in inaccessible places.

The third type is a kind of tall hominid creature, somewhat like Sasquatch. Unlike it, though, this beast seems to relish itself in violence and preying upon anything it can get its hands on, humans included. It seems to be nocturnal, for it is said that it seeks out its victims during dawn and eating them when darkness falls. Flesh might be its chiefly diet, but it is said that it eats rotten wood, swamp mosses and mushrooms.

There is also an account by American president Theodore Roosevelt of such savageries. In his book Wilderness Hunter, he tells of a tale that was told to him by an old mountain hunter, named Bauman, about how his friend was killed by a creature half-man half-beast during one of his hunting trips. Four distinct fang marks were found on his companion's neck.

To conclude, whether it be a supernatural demon of the woods, the spirit of cannibalism, a subarctic zombi, the phantom of hunger, a personality disorder, a vile, savage creature or simply the loneliness in the woods felt by lost hunters, no one is the same after encountering the Windigo.
I saw one of those one time, but he wasn't eating people, he was just some homeless guy at Burger King emptying their trashcans so they'd give him a Whopper.
The Wendigo episode was OK, although from what I remember of the Wendigo legend, they are able to fly - but whatever.

Looks like next week's episode is a Dark Water rip-off.
Well, DW took place in an apartment not a forest type of area. There are such things as haunted ghosts,especially children that have drowned in lakes near the woods and their ghosts remain their haunting the place and if a child gets close to the water the spirit screams in fear that the past would repeat itself. While some may call this a scary ghost, I call it helpful- heck, if it scares but saves lives I'm all for it.

Point is, there are alot of stories of children drowning and becoming ghosts because of what happened. It seems like there will be an interesting town conspiracy. As for the hand coming out of the water, probably to heighten it one way or the other. I think I remember reading though that the actual monster wasn't the ghost, but a fractional part of the community. Should be interesting.

Wendigo, not as interesting as the PILOT. Still good and focused on the facts of the case. Which was great. Not scary, interesting though and that's good.
I found it funny that they couldnt say Wendigo right.
I didn't like the second episode.

I have a feeling that it's just a matter of time before that show gets axed in favour of one of those generic "who wants to marry my model rockstar millionaire midget father" type reality TV shows that are really cheap to throw together.

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