Justice League Support for Mr. Terrific


May 8, 2000
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I say, for all of the hubbub over whether or not to include Batman when Christian Bale is (essentially) guaranteed to not be involved, I say that the producers should/could leave Batman alone for a while, and instead go for Michael Holt, aka Mr. Terrific. He's got a similar m.o., in that he's a very gifted intellect/athlete who becomes a superhero based on his various technology items that he invents.

This could be a good development, as Batman himself could be a shadow-cameo/epilogue character for the initial movie, until DC/Warner figures out what actor actually wants to follow behind Bale's portrayal..

actors for Mr. Terrific: Jamie foxx, Will Smith, Denzel Washington...
I wouldn't mind if Mr. Terrific showed up, eventually.
Yeah! Let's not include WB's most lucrative superhero property in a crossover of their superhero properties in favour of a third tier character!
Instead of him replacing one of the more lucrative league members, let's just have him show up somewhere down the line.
I like him but there are plenty of other characters who should show up before he does.

Green Arrow, Black Canary, Atom, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Elongated Man, Red Tornado, Zatanna, Firestorm, Captain Marvel, Doctor Fate, Captain Atom, Vixen, Power Girl, Booster Gold, Huntress, Black Lightning, Cyborg
I like Mr Terrific, or at least the idea of him ( execution hasn't always been good ). But really, no. As tricky as rebooting Batman is going to be, a JLA movie *without* Batman is a just plain bad idea. You'd be throwing away half the marketability right there.
No matter how awesome they make the character, no one would forgive WB for leaving out Batman in favor for the guy with a "T" painted on his face.
I'd want Steel before Mr. Terrific got a shot at it.
A guy with a name as stupid as Mr. Terrific who has a big "T" painted on his face will never show up in a movie.

At least I hope not.
Mr Terrific? And let me guess....he feels...terrific?
Does Mr. Terrific have an archenemy named Mr. Horrific? 'Cuz that would be... awesome.
Terrific is terrific. Absolutely a core member for sure.
This thread is hilarious.

Black children need a superhero they can look up to like John Stewart, Cyborg or Black Lightning (despite the ridiculousness of his name) rather than someone with a lame name and a t on their face

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