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Hype Survivor Survivor 22: Lollypops & Handcuffs Day 6 - Community Service


Dec 31, 2001
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Chaseter and Monster, you both did well on your maiden Survivor voyage. Hopefully, you haven't been too soured on the experience, and will come back and play another day.

Moving on...

Harem of Carnage has continued in its winning ways and has reduced each of its opponents to half-strength. Admirable, to be sure, but that can make for a boring game. So, to liven things up a little, Erz and I have decided to make a little change:

We are merging you into two tribes. Harem will stay the same, but Hell's Embrace and Bloody Hell: the European Legion of blah blah blah will join forces in their attempt end Haren's undefeated season (sort of like the Giants did to the Pats. :oldrazz: ).

The Tribes
Harem of Carnage:
StorminNorman, Kalel114, Kipobe, Jimmy,
Dr. Watson, Superman79, TV's Frank, Ahura Mazda

Bloody Embrace: Hell's European Legion of Malintent
DT!, Fran, Badger, JewishHobbit
Mee, Avangarde X, JStorm, The Original Bamfer

Movies205/Tron5000 - Day 2
Scarlet Spidey/Matt - Day 3
Cowleen/knowsbleed - Day 4
Monster/Chaseter - Day 5

THE RULES: (for you lucky non-Survivor fans): The group of 16 to 21 is randomly divided into two tribes of 8 or three tribes of 7. The tribes will receive team challenges (instructions for challenges will be explained for each challenge). Right answers during challenges will obviously earn points and wrong answers will be worth none. The tribe with the most points at the end of the round wins immunity. The tribe with the least points must vote off one of their members via PM. Also, in this game... immunity may be decided by something other than trivia. You will be completely briefed on this before it happens, so don't fret. In the event of any ties, first team with their answers in will win... unless stated differently.

Hype! Survivor is a game of both strategy and deception. Alliances are both permitted, and encouraged. So find a friend, and knock them up pretty good. As a side note: alliances can be with any of the 21 players... doesn't matter who they are... doesn't matter what tribes they're on... just make sure it's someone you trust... or not. As the old saying goes: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

The final Jury will be composed of 7 people (everyone voted off after there are 9 members remaining). The Jury will vote on the final two remaining players to find the winner of the Hype! Survivor.

A note on cheating: It's very easy to cheat in this game. Very, very easy. Some of the rounds will be much more difficult to cheat at than others (some will be downright impossible to cheat on). USE OF THE INTERNET IS FORBIDDEN IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS!! If you feel you have to cheat, by all means, go ahead... but if you're caught, yer out.

This is my game and I maybe switching team members, amending rules and making rules up as I go along. I will promise, why I probably may like some of you more than others, I will be as fair and unbiased as humanly possible. Each one of these games seems to have some sort of controversy. Anyways, this is suppose to be fun, but if there is some crying, b’tching that results so much the better.

So now take a bit to get used to the new organization (I predict PMs a-flyin') and expect your challenge PM will be within the hour (Your host needs to go get some coffee first :o).
I miss Survivor?

Will there be a losers party?
This is going to be interesting to say the least.
I hope Fran and Bamfer can keep their hands to themselves.
And not all over me. :(

A question has arisen regarding the challenge:

"I know you said you're not expecting a video... but can a video be done anyway?"

Yes. You can actually create the video if you so choose; however, you still must turn in the storyboard and script. If you chose to do it, the video is in addition to those, not in lieu of.
We have to draw a storyboard if we want a video?
The storyboard is for the video, so... yes.
Just because I'm a total son of a *****, I feel like reporting your misuse of the word rape on these ever so sensitive forums... I don't even have a good reason to, other than (as I said), I'm a total son of a *****.
And I'm the monster on the airplaine. :o
So does the new tribe need to identify a captiain or what?

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