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The Amazing Spider-Man TASM Concept Art (Chase Scene) (Leather Shop)


Dec 12, 2012
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Chase Scene


That explains why we never see the top of Oscorp tower hitting the ground after it is knocked over.

What's going on in the leather shop?
Do we really need a thread devoted to this? We already talked about it in the general discussion thread.
Leathershop could be where Peter bought the thing that he used to paint the symbol on his suit.
Could just be the leathershop where his dad got his briefcase.
But why would he go back there?
I feel like if they showed where Uncle Ben worked it would be a great contrast to Peter's "other" father, Richard, who worked in a state-of-the-art metropolis-esque building with high-tech gadgets. Ben was very old-school, and seeing that comparison would have very interesting to see on screen.

And it also would be great because after Ben dies, THAT is when Peter and May become poor. People assume Peter was always poor, but they actually started hurting for money technically after Ben's death. Seeing that play out on screen would have also benefited the sequal.
Well, Ben was a bridge builder, I assume that most of his work now-a-days was simply repairs and such..

Unless he went out of New York a lot.
Still, seeing the types of fathers Ben and Richard were would be interesting on screen. Just cut out the stupid Indian guy and give more screen time to more necessary scenes.
Just cut out the stupid Indian guy and give more screen time to more necessary scenes.

He had like...less than 2 minutes of screen time.

[blackout]God I want to make a "Venom in Spider-Man 3" joke here but I don't want to start a flame war or something.[/blackout]
I dunno, I feel like that Dr. Ratha was needed, but that the one deleted scene with Connors going to Peter's house to console him and also show him Freddy with his new arm should of been kept.
I liked the idea of the Lizard breaking from under the ice in the plaza. That would of been awesome seeing how I actually watched people skate there when I went to New York City.
If they got a better actor for Ratha, I wouldn't hate his character that much.

And about the "chase scene" w/ Lizard and Spidey. I don't normally like chase scenes/long action fights, so I probably wouldn't like it that much. I think the four or so action scenes were enough.
I think the chase scene was a huge missed opportunity. It could of been terrific. I admit, it probably would of been nearly impossible though. It would have to be completely CGI I think.
People take stuff too durn serious. The Amazing Spider-Man movie was great! Loved it at the theater in 3D, and picked it up in 3D for the home theater... and it's still a great movie. I understand why Sony had to 'reboot' the movie, so the rights wouldn't go back to Marvel, but they didn't want to pay the high salaries of the Sam Raimi trilogy actors. Marc Webb and the team all did a smash up job.
But everyone has their own opinions... and only mine counts to me. B-)

Keep On Thwipin'!!!
Don't get me wrong, I really like the movie. But imagine a sequence like that? If Connors was better, Ratha was better, and that scene was in the film, it could of been a 10/10.
I still wonder if Ratha is going to return.
i think he didn´t want the role, even he didn´t want to become "Proto-goblin"
why didn´t they recast him?
In I think it was the 90 minute doccumentary of the making of ASM, Marc Webb said he really wanted to work with him. Which sucks b/c if the guy wasn't in the film the cast would have been perfect, and just as strong,(IMO), as Avenger's.
I think Ratha was fine, he wasn't in the movie enough to really bring down the cast. I think the cast is perfect in TASM. One of the strongest things about TASM.

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