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    Normal morning. KORY runs in.

    KORY: Good news, everyone! I have crabs!

    ALL: (assorted WTF noises)

    She holds up some nasty-looking alien "crabs."

    KORY: I'll bake them immediately.

    In the foreground, Donna and Dick have a sotto voce discussion.

    DONNA: Do we have to let her cook?

    GRAYSON: Seven Titans, seven days. We each have a turn to cook. It's not Kory's fault she... relishes it.

    DONNA: Gar's a better cook.

    BEAST BOY: Hey!

    Back to Kory. Wally fixes eggs next to her.

    WALLY: So, you're getting better at using contractions.

    KORY: Yes. Watching TV helps me a lot. I can learn a lot of really useful things.

    WALLY: Really? What do you watch?

    KORY: Oh, I love Sex And The City.

    Wally laughs.

    KORY: What? That show has taught me a lot of really good things, not just about the language, but the culture as well... Sex And The City is my guide.

    WALLY: Oh, no, don't do that! That's only a small slice of what America's like!

    Kory realizes...

    KORY: Oh, I'm not talking about the dirty stuff. You know Carrie is a writer, right? Well, she uses a lot of colloquialisms, things like that. So I hear things I'm not familiar with, then I look them up and I learn something new.

    WALLY: Oh. Alright then.

    KORY: And the dirty stuff is good too. You never know when you might need it.


    James Jesse steps into a Photomat Booth.


    Flash is waiting for him.

    FLASH: About time you got here. I think a hobo peed in this thing, it smells like asparagus.

    JAMES: I've been authorized by my superiors to brief you on the situation. In a secret meeting of Congress, the President has asked for and received a declaration of war against Zandia. The first strike will occur in two weeks, when the results of the bombing investigation implicating Zandia are released.

    FLASH: You wouldn't be telling me this if there wasn't something I could do to help.

    JAMES: We know from experience the Justice League won't be any help. But the Teen Titans... if they were to participate in strikes against hardened targets, knocking out communications centers, bunkers, command centers... Without the support, the Pentagon estimates that twenty thousand American soldiers won't make it out of there alive.

    FLASH: You want an army, you'll get one.

    JAMES: And "Nightwing" won't be a problem?

    FLASH: I can handle him. But I'm going to need a few things. Booze, loose women... everything a growing boy needs.

    JAMES: For your friends?

    FLASH: I'm sure you've done far worse than assisting the delinquency of minors in the service of this country.

    JAMES: And you're sure you can pull this off in two weeks?

    FLASH: I am the Fastest Man Alive.

    JAMES: ...Flash, you have a greenlight on any and all means necessary to recruit your team. Price is no object, get it done.

    FLASH: I was hoping you were going to say that.


    Wally sits in front of a roaring fire. Writing on a piece of notebook paper.

    WALLY: (singing) Way way back in the 1980s
    secret government employees
    dug up famous guys and ladies
    and made amusing genetic copies
    now the clones are sexy teens now
    they're gonna make it if they try
    loving, learning, sharing, judging
    A time to laugh and shiver and

    Wally is writing a list. It includes "Beast Boy – need for affirmation" and "Cyborg – wants to feel normal." He comes to Nightwing. Pauses.

    WALLY: This could be a problem.

    He folds the list up and puts it in his pocket.


    Wally and Grayson jog around the island, Wally not even breaking a sweat in his suit, Grayson in more traditional jogging clothes.

    WALLY: Plus, his name is BLOOD. How many good guys do you know who are named Blood?

    GRAYSON: Jason Blood.

    WALLY: Never heard of him.

    GRAYSON: Before your time.

    WALLY: Before my time? I'm two years older than you! C'mon, you can't tell me this Brother Blood is completely kosher.

    GRAYSON: Rumor does have it that his sister was raped little under twenty years ago.

    WALLY: And what incredibly disturbing thing did he do to the rapist?

    GRAYSON: Nothing. But his sister he burned alive for being an adultress.

    Wally grabs Grayson's arm, pulling him to a stop.

    WALLY: Dick, Brother Blood ordered the the SADM theft.

    GRAYSON: You're sure?

    WALLY: Positive.

    GRAYSON: Where'd you get this information? The Brain?

    WALLY: Must've slipped his mind.

    GRAYSON: (realizing) You tortured him for that information!

    WALLY: Is this the part where I'm supposed to act all apologetic and heavy-hearted? Because I can do that. I was da bomb in my school play, brought my mom to tears.

    GRAYSON: How are we any better than them?

    WALLY: Someone has a gun to Barbara's head. Bullet in the brainpan, squish. You kill him before he can pull the trigger. Who's in the right? You are. Even though you killed someone and he didn't.

    GRAYSON: It's not the same thing.

    WALLY: It's exactly the same thing! He was going to nuke the city. Millions would die, millions more would suffer from radiation poisoning much worse than what I did to him. Intimidation wouldn't work, he's a brain in a jar, what can I threaten him with? Torture was the only way.

    GRAYSON: How can you even be sure it's accurate?

    WALLY: If you were being interrogated and Barbara’s life were on the line, would you lie?

    GRAYSON: Yes.

    WALLY: I wouldn’t.

    GRAYSON: (disgruntled) Battle of Keystone City, West. You're still fighting it. You never stopped.

    WALLY: Neither did they.


    Linda walks out of the studio. Wally drops in next to her.

    WALLY: Linda.

    LINDA: AAH! You startled me!

    WALLY: Sorry. You used to be an investigative reporter, right?

    LINDA: Yeah.

    WALLY: Wanna recapture your glory days?

    LINDA: I'm listening.

    WALLY: I need your help on an undercover assignment.

    LINDA: Not tonight dear, I have a headache.

    Wally does a brief take.

    WALLY: That wasn't an euphemism.

    LINDA: Oh! Geez. I thought you wanted an Anchorman. C'mon, you can tell me about it in the car.

    WALLY: Wait a minute, what's an Anchorman? Linda?


    Wally and Linda, dressed as bland suburbanites (polo shirt, slacks, penny loafers), sit in the reception area. It's a cheerless world of polished gray concrete and brushed stainless steel accents. Ultramodern. Bland as hell. But great feng shui. Nearby is a large display with Blood's grinning face. Beneath it, text reads:

    LINDA: It's just a harmless college thing. I was a kid. Doesn't mean anything.

    WALLY: I'd still like to know. Just for my peace of mind.

    LINDA: It's really not important. Seriously, you'll laugh.

    WALLY: Well, go for it. I could use a good laugh.

    LINDA: You really want to know?

    WALLY: I really want to know.

    She whispers something in his ear. Wally crosses his legs.

    WALLY: Right. Let's just... not get into that... ever.

    BROTHER MATTHEWS, a slick yuppie type, approaches them. He might be a high-priced attorney or an ad exec aside from the coloring of his suit, which deliberately mirrors the cut of the kurtas the hardcore Zandian believers wear.

    MATTHEWS: Hello, Mr. and Mrs. West.

    WALLY: Hello.

    LINDA: Hi there.

    Wally affects a slight Midwestern accent. Deliberately playing himself as a "mark." Linda follows suit, her voice bubbly, a little over-the-top.

    WALLY: We got one of those fliers on our cars, you know, thought we'd come here, give things a look.

    MATTHEWS: You should be complimented on your open-mindedness.

    LINDA: Well, this church of ours is amazing! So clean...

    MATTHEW: Oh, Brotherism isn't a religion. We're more of a self-help group... or better yet, a room service team. We check around your body and your soul for things you don't want, silly little things you don't need anymore, and we help you rid yourself of them. You feel... so much better. The air is cleaner, you can breathe freely for the first time in so long...

    WALLY: Well, you don't have to sell us on this, we were told this was for unruly kids?

    MATTHEWS: Yes. The modern world today is filled with countless challenges. In every direction we look, toxic stressors are impacting upon our happiness. We think we're healthy, but the truth is, our immune systems are engaged in a life or death struggle to maintain our well being. And children especially are being affected, that's why we have centers like this for our younger patients. Although you seem a little young to have children.

    WALLY: They're not ours, they're my older brother's. He and his wife were coming home from a party... they'd had a few drinks... the roads were slick...

    MATTHEWS: Oh, I'm so sorry... a car accident...

    WALLY: No, cancer.


    He turns on his heel and walks, leading them deeper into the complex. Video monitors are everywhere, all playing the same Brotherhood PROMOTIONAL VIDEO. It's a slick, polished presentation with lots of fancy video effects, trendy cinematography, punchy MTV editing. The ACTORS are a Politically Correct ethnic balance, and all look happy. Wealthy. Perfect. We catch Racine doing a cameo. Our NARRATOR VOICE is warm and fatherly: Hal Holbrook, John Mahoney...

    NARRATOR: (on monitors) Clearly, no greater man has ever lived than Brother Blood. Even beyond single-handedly reviving Brotherism, Brother Sebastian Blood M.D. has by his own account led a most extraordinary life. It is common for people to assume that Blood is a pathological liar or some manner of megalomaniac when they learn his life story, because it certainly does sound incredible. But we have carefully researched our founder's biography and secured all the documentation to prove their claims. Keep in mind, Brother Blood has made powerful enemies who would stop at nothing to discredit him.

    Wally looks to the left. Through one partially open door we see what might be a line of BODYBAGS being trundled into the back of a truck via a hook and chain pulley-system.

    NARRATOR: (on monitors) Brother Blood was born approximately one hundred years ago in the tiny island republic of Zandia. Shortly thereafter the family moved to Keystone City. Blood, or as he was then known, Sebastian Wallace, was riding broncos by the age of 3, soon breaking them, and at 6, he had learned the ways of the medicine man from local tribe of Julone Indians. In kindergarten, little Sebastian defended his classmates from bullies twice his age by using a form of judo that came to him in his dreams.

    A swarm of jogging TEENAGERS run by. They move in perfect unison, like robots. None of them even glance at the trio. Wally is perturbed.

    NARRATOR: (on monitors) Sebastian volunteered for the Naval Reserves in 1941, where he distinguished himself with a brilliant military career. In August 1942, Lt. Sebastian was assigned to the YP-422, a patrol boat at the Boston Navy Yard. After a single training exercise, the Navy decided that Sebastian's talents were being wasted on such an insignificant task. He took charge of a submarine chaser, the PC-815. As luck would have it, on the very first day of its maiden voyage, Sebastian's subchaser encountered sonar contacts off the Oregon coast. He spent the next several hours hunting two submarines, dropping depth charges and shooting at surface debris with deck guns. The next day, four other ships and two Navy blimps were brought in to aid in the hunt. Evidently Sebastian's quick thinking ruled the day, because no trace of the submarines could be found. No doubt, they were both lying wrecked on the ocean floor. It was Sebastian's bad luck that the battle took place directly over a known magnetic deposit, which made it impossible for instruments to distinguish between the wreckage and the minerals in the seabed. Which is of course precisely what made it the ideal spot for enemy subs to hide.

    Wally catches a glimpse of a man washing down what looks like an abattoir with a hose. The run-off drains away.

    WALLY: What's with all the... meat?

    MATTHEWS: Blood is life, Mr. West. It has to be prepared fresh for best results.

    WALLY: Oh, of course.

    Matthews continues on. Wally whispers to Linda:

    WALLY: Distract him.

    LINDA: How?

    WALLY: Maybe you could give him an Anchorman.

    Linda frowns at this and hurries to catch up with Matthews.

    LINDA: Brother Matthews, I was wondering if I could get one of those readings...

    MATTHEWS: A psi-meter? It would be my pleasure...

    Wally slips into an abattoir.


    Spotless. Wally looks into the gutter. Dim LIGHTS down the pipeline from other roobs. Wally takes some change out of his pocket, throws it down the way. A resounding PLINK.

    Wally pulls at the grate covering the gutter.


    Wally crawls through the gutter.

    WALLY: Now I know what a TV dinner feels like.

    He sees something GLEAMING in the darkness. He picks it up from the offal. A GOLD RING.

    WALLY: What the hell?

    He wipes it off and puts it in his pocket, then continues on. Not seeing the SEVERED FINGER that the ring slipped off of.


    Linda fills out a Scantron questionaire.

    LINDA: "Are you a slow eater?"

    MATTHEWS: It's a very telling question, isn't it? Say, where'd hubby get off to?

    LINDA: He said he had to use the bathroom.


    Wally washes the last of the blood from the gutters off in the sink. He puts his wet shirt back on, then spins around at superspeed, drying himself. Dizzy, he steps out of the bathroom.


    Suddenly, a HAND grabs Wally, pulling him into the shadows. He struggles, the hand clamping over his mouth, as two CULTISTS IN BLACK KURTAS walk by. Wally calms down, watching them pass. The hand releases him. NIGHTWING.

    NIGHTWING: What are you doing here?

    WALLY: I was about to ask you the same question.

    NIGHTWING: I thought I'd check out this Brother Blood for myself. What are you doing here?

    WALLY: Gathering evidence.

    NIGHTWING: First rule of finding incriminating evidence... look for the locked door.

    He draws a lockpick from his glove and goes to work on one. It swings open. Nothing but a utility closet. They move on.

    NIGHTWING: So you tell me, hot stuff, what are we looking for?

    WALLY: Anything that implicates Brother Blood.

    NIGHTWING: What EXACTLY are we looking for?

    WALLY: I have no idea.

    Nightwing opens another door. No joy.

    NIGHTWING: Then we're wasting our time. If these people want to believe in some weird feel-good scam, that's their business.

    WALLY: Doesn't it offend you that these people, people just looking for some answers to the big questions, are getting swindled and brainwashed? Or maybe you're just offended that there are no answers.

    NIGHTWING: You enjoy playing devil's advocate far too much.

    WALLY: At least I'm only playing. (beat) You know what really hurts? Something twisted like this thrives while the real religions are in trouble.

    NIGHTWING: You religious, West?

    WALLY: Reckon so. I don't go all the time, but I believe. You?

    Nightwing opens another door. It just leads to a brick wall.

    NIGHTWING: My parents' brains were blown out of their heads right in front of me. I was eleven years old. Next time I go into a church, I'll be carried by six of my closest friends.

    WALLY: I won't be one of them, if that's what you're worried about. (beat) Everyone has to believe in something.

    NIGHTWING: I believe in myself.

    WALLY: Thank you, Dr. Phil.

    Nightwing opens yet another door. We don't see inside, but he does.

    NIGHTWING: Think I got something here...


    Matthews is taking a phone call.

    MATTHEWS: Yes? Uh-huh. I understand...

    Linda clutches the pencil tightly, ready to use it as a weapon. Matthews hangs up.

    MATTHEWS: Good news. Brother Blood himself is on his way here. You may get to meet him.

    LINDA: That's be... great.


    Wally and Nightwing enter. An arsenal of weapons and... bunting? Yes, bunting. And "Vote For Hitchcock" signs and T-shirts and flags, everything from a diddle-eyed joe to a damned if I know.

    WALLY: I think we've hit paydirt.

    NIGHTWING: This? This right here? This is the exact moment we are in over our heads.

    Wally is sorting through the bunting.

    WALLY: "Re-elect Hitchcock To Congress." "Support Barrymore." "Vote Andrews." Campaign posters for the upcoming elections. Everything we need to prove that several incumbent congressmen and senators work for Blood.

    NIGHTWING: So what do we do with this? Expose them?

    WALLY: This country still allows freedom of religion. No, we need to take this to the media. Let someone else work it through the proper channels, this political ****'s way out of our league.

    A loud SCREAM gains both their attention.

    NIGHTWING: That, on the other hand...

    WALLY: Is right in our ballpark.


    Backs to the wall, our twosome approaches a corner. Nightwing holds out a small mirror, looking around it. We don't see what they see, but whatever it is has them aghast. The screams continue.

    WALLY: Son of a *****...

    He tries to step forward when Nightwing shoves him back.

    NIGHTWING: We can't blow our cover. If they know we're on to them, we'll never get this chance again!

    WALLY: How can you just stand there and let that happen?

    NIGHTWING: Discipline.

    Wally looks at him like he's grown a second head. Before they can discuss it further, we hear approaching footsteps. Nightwing blends into the shadows as Wally steps forward to confront them.

    WALLY: This isn't the bathroom! Man, now I feel really bad about taking a piss...

    CULTIST: Who were you talking to?

    Wally holds his arm as if it's wrapped around the shoulders of a man who isn't there.

    WALLY: You mean you don't see my friend Harvey here?

    They drag him away.


    Wally and Linda are dragged out in front of BROTHER BLOOD, who arrives via limo. For the first time, he and Wally stare down.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Mr. West. And the illustrious Mrs. Park. Expanding your horizons?

    WALLY: If you're going to kill us, do it. I don't have time for the doublespeak back-and-forth.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Yes, I brought you out here in broad daylight with hundreds of witnesses so I could kill you. Wise up. You're not Fox Mulder, I'm not Jim Jones, and this is not the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny.

    LINDA: Could've fooled me.

    Blood smiles.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Mrs. Park, may I suggest you keep a tighter leash on your husband? No telling what he's getting in...

    Blood suddenly shudders, holding his hand to his head.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Oh my! A vision! A divine revelation.

    WALLY: Oh please.

    BROTHER BLOOD: Mrs. Park, I'm afraid if you do not change your wicked ways, destruction will rain down on you like sinners in the hands of an angry god.

    WALLY: Is that a threat?

    BROTHER BLOOD: When I threaten you, you'll know it.

    WALLY: Was THAT a threat?

    Brother Blood looks directly at the FLASH RING on Wally's hand.

    BROTHER BLOOD: You think you know who you are? You have no idea.

    Next: Accusation
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    The Titans are a little shell-shocked at the accusations they're about to make. Nightwing attends to Wonder Girl.

    NIGHTWING: Alright, run it by me one more time.

    WONDER GIRL: It's the special elections being held in three states next month. These people work for Blood and he's trying to get them re-elected. Blood runs Zandia and Zandia needs arms. These three are on the arms committee and they're setting up a treaty with Zandia to sell Blood the weapons he needs. If Blood gets those weapons, there will be a war. Thousands will die.

    NIGHTWING: Perfect.

    Flash lights a match on Beast Boy's cheek, uses it to ignite his cigarette.

    FLASH: You're sure your gal pal can handle this?

    BEAST BOY: If you're so worried, why don't you make the case?

    FLASH: Public's starting to distrust me. Has to come from a neutral source.

    BEAST BOY: Wait, distrust you? Since when?

    FLASH: Since Racine. ****er's a real cockroach.

    Linda pokes her head in.

    LINDA: Five minutes to curtain. You'd better get out there.

    WONDER GIRL: Wish me luck.

    Beast Boy kisses her.

    BEAST BOY: Good luck.


    Our old friend Bethany Snow is there, along with JOHN ANDREWS (fifties, charismatic, silver hair) and STU CUMMINGS (late forties, solid build, shaved head). Wonder Girl sits on the couch.

    SNOW: Today's guests are Congressional candidate John Andrews and Senatorial candidate Stu "Silverfeet" Cummings. Also in our studios today are the world-famous superheroes known as the Teen Titans. We will also have a remote interview with the controversial religious figure Brother Blood of the Church of Zandia. Our subject is the possible arms shipment to Zandia. Wonder Girl has been elected by the Teen Titans to present their views. Wonder Girl?

    WONDER GIRL; Thank you, Bethany. Zandia is a military dictatorship peopled by mercenaries, criminals, and terrorists. To give that country American weapons would be a travesty of international justice.

    SNOW: Heavy accusations, Wonder Girl. Mr. Cummings?

    CUMMINGS: Bethany, I don't believe there's ever been any proof of what that girl's been saying.

    SNOW: Thank you, Mr. Cummings. Now let go on a satellite remote to Zandia, where we will interview their religious leader, Brother Blood. Brother Blood, what do you feel when you hear these accusations?

    Brother Blood appears on the monitor.

    BROTHER BLOOD: My life, my honors, and my aspirations are all centered on the concept of Good Life. I believe in the greater good and the greater glory that is in all of you.


    The other Titans watch the show on a monitor.

    FLASH: (sotto, to Nightwing) Why do I get the feeling this is a set-up?


    SNOW: Brother Blood, why are you interested in negotiating an arms deal with America?

    BROTHER BLOOD: Arms deal? I am a religious man with no need for weapons. No, it was General Zahl who sought these weapons for his own use!

    Gasp! Shock! Horror! Watermelon watermleon!

    BROTHER BLOOD: Bethany, it saddens me how Zandia has come under the control of a dictatorial megalomaniac.


    CYBORG: Bull****! Blood controls the president!


    BROTHER BLOOD: I call all of who believe in peace. Join the Brotherhood! Fight the tyrant who rules Zandia with an iron fist! I am speaking to you and you and you! All of you who can make a difference in my land. If your lives are worthless at home, join my crusade. Speak your humble voice in my behalf. No man or woman is useless when joined in cause.

    His words manipulate the audience, control them. He weaves a spell they can't ignore.

    ANDREWS: I agree with Blood.

    CUMMINGS: I'd say we all do. It's unanimous, Bethany.

    SNOW: Or is it? Titans?

    WONDER GIRL: We've been to Brother Blood's temples. We've seen how he uses children, turns them against their parents.

    CUMMINGS: My son joined Blood's temple as a wild, reckless kid. He returned a good man and a better citizen.

    BROTHER BLOOD: I can defend the ways of my church. The youth who enter it return to society better people. I preach a return to standards, not their obfuscation. Come to me confused, I show them the way. Come to me a loser and I show you how to win. Come to me wretched and I will make you proud.

    WONDER GIRL: You can't explain away the attempted nuclear terrorism by the Socety of Sin, an attack sponsored and paid for by the Church of Brother Blood! An attack made possible because of Brotherhood double agents within the Pentagon!

    SNOW: Wonder Girl, those accusations veer sharply into the realm of slander!

    CUMMINGS: Bethany's right. Brother Blood may not represent my religion or yours... but he's not the threat here.

    SNOW: And so the questions continue. Is Brother Blood a religious or a political figure. Does he stand as Zandia's last hope for democracy or as a new hope for mankind. Interesting questions to ponder. This is Bethany Snow, saying until next week... think for yourself!


    The Titans regroup outside.

    FLASH: Great going, Hollaback Girl. I was going to j'accuse him at the right time, now you've spoiled the whole thing!

    WONDER GIRL: I'm sorry, alright!? And I think the issue here isn't when it was said, it's who said it.

    FLASH: What's that supposed to mean?

    WONDER GIRL: You wanted to be the one who brought Brother Blood down. You want all the glory for yourself.

    FLASH: People like you are the reason women don't call themselves feminists anymore.

    BEAST BOY: Hey man, lay off her!

    FLASH: Goddamnit, we had him! Am I the only one who gets that? And now he's foisted it off on General Zahl.


    SUPER: Zandia

    An opulent palace in the middle of a vast garden. Most of the light is underwater, coming from pools and fountains. It gives the scene an eerie vibe.


    GENERAL ZAHL, just your average political puppet, smokes a cigar in bed, his free hand holding a rotary phone made out of pearl.

    GENERAL ZAHL: I don't care! Brother Blood has no right to make me a scapegoat. He's just a figurehead, a symbol to rally around, a con man with delusions of grandeur!


    A GUARD approaches one of his friends.

    GUARD: Got a light?

    He grabs the man's shoulder. The man slumps over, a SHURIKEN neatly bisecting his eye. The Guard is about to scream when another lodges itself in his throat, turning his words into a bloody gurgle. Before his disbelieving eyes, five more ninja stars appear in his chest. He falls over, dead.


    A guard's flashlight finds a SPLATTER OF BLOOD on the wall. He looks down to see one of his comrades lying facedown on the floor. He quickly runs to the other guard and turns him over, revealing a clean bullethole right between his eyes and THE GRENADE HE WAS LYING ON, the spoon of which his body was holding down.


    General Zahl turns at the sound of the distant explosion.

    GENERAL ZAHL: What was that?

    DEATHSTROKE: (O.S.) A little party favor.

    General Zahl rolls out of bed as DEATHSTROKE melts out of the shadows. Dark blue armor. Mask with one eyehole and one side painted orange. Bandanna tassels flaring behind his head. Orange gloves, boots, and climbing harness. Bandoliers of ammo criss-cross his chest, a sword is strapped to his back, and guns are slung at his hips. One look at the way he carries himself is enough to ascertain he is a naplam-laying badass.

    Zahl grabs a gun from his bureau and opens fire. In a flash, Deathstroke draws a CHINESE JIAN from a scabbard on his back. The hilt has a guard with short wings pointing forward. A tassel with metal wires worked into it hangs from the pommel. The jian smoothly jerks back and forth, deflecting the bullets away. They ricochet wildly against the marble walls.

    DEATHSTROKE: Only one of us is leaving this room alive.

    He draws a KATANA from a scabbard on his belt, throws it to Zahl. Zahl drops the gun and picks it up. Holding it high, he runs at Deathstroke, SCREAMING. Deathstroke deftly sidesteps him, spearing his sword out into Zahl's side as the president passes. Zahl coughs up blood and drops to his knees.

    DEATHSTROKE: Looks like it's going to be me.

    Deathstroke raises his sword for the coup de grace.

    DEATHSTROKE: Sorry General, but you're only president... for life.

    He brings the jian down on Zahl's neck.


    Wally watches TV.

    WALLY: Sorry Dickwing, can't make it. I've got menstrual cramps real bad. I'd better just stay home and organize my sock drawer.

    GRAYSON: If I have to go, you have to go.

    TV: (filtered) No bad guy stands a chance, they'll step on 'em like ants, they'll pummel every meany, look out! It's the Teeny Titans!

    GRAYSON: What... the hell... is that?

    WALLY: Chibi.

    GRAYSON: Chibi?

    WALLY: Yeah. Like, ya know, Muppet Babies? Flintstone Kids? A Pup Named Scooby Doo? Tiny Toons? The kids love it.

    GRAYSON: Are you telling me we sold out?

    WALLY: Even better. We presold out. So, who's idea is this little social outing?

    GRAYSON: Kory's. She thought it'd be nice if we spent some time as a team not focused on a mission or training, did something with some fresh air in the equation.

    WALLY: Well, if Kory's okayed it...

    He exits. Beast Boy walks over to Grayson.

    BEAST BOY: If we're going out in civvies, won't people recognize me and Vic? And then deduce who you guys are by association?

    GRAYSON: Well, they would, but I took two hologram generators out of the trophy room. They need to recharge every four hours, so they're no good for extended use, but for our purposes they'll work fine.

    BEAST BOY: That makes perfect sense!

    He glances briefly at the audience and gives us a conspiratorial wink.

    GRAYSON: Have you got something in your eye?

    Grayson is distracted by Kory, staring out the window. He walks over to her, hands her a contacts case.

    GRAYSON: These should help you blend in.

    KORY: Thank you.

    A long beat.

    GRAYSON: I'm sorry I yelled at you. I just...

    He laughs exasperatedly.

    GRAYSON: I have no idea how to react to this. I mean, where do we go from here?

    KORY: That depends on if you feel the same way that I do.

    Peter Frampton's "Baby I Love Your Way" plays in the background.

    GRAYSON: Kory, I...

    KORY: Yes Dick?

    GRAYSON: I'd like us to be...

    VOICE: (O.S.) Ooooh, baby I love your way...


    WHIP PAN over to Wally, who was playing "Baby I Love Your Way" on his guitar.

    WALLY: Right. Sorry.

    He walks off, now playing KISS.

    WALLY: I! Wanna rock and roll all night!

    Back to Grayson and Kory.

    GRAYSON: As I was saying, I think...


    GRAYSON: Goddamnit West! (to Kory) We'll talk at the club.

    Next: Direct Confrontation
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    The Titans are gathered in civilan clothes. Kory wears a hodgepodge of clothing that no doubt looks very fashionable to her.

    WALLY: So, what are we going to do when we get there? Is Kory going to wear her sunglasses in the club and at night?

    GRAYSON: Kory, show him.

    Kory takes off her sunglasses. She's wearing contact lenses to make her look human.

    GRAYSON: Well, what do you think?

    WALLY: Her eyes look like Barbara's.

    Brief staredown. Kory puts her sunglasses back on and walks inbetween them, pushing them both aside.


    Two lifetimes ago, this was a SPANISH MISSION. One lifetime ago, it was a counterculture outpost, waiting for the antiestablishment Revolution that never came. Now it's been resurrected once more as a jumping DANCE CLUB. The incognito Titans enter as Grand Funk's "We're An American Band" plays. At least a thousand people are cramped in here. The floor is huge, cavernous. Lights flash.

    WALLY: THIS is my scene.

    Cyborg, holographically appearing as he did before his accident, returns a pleasant smile.

    CYBORG: Been a while since I looked... human. Nice not to have everyone running away in fear.

    WALLY: My father may not have given me much good advice, but one thing he said that always stuck with me was "Normal is what everyone else is and what you are not." Even if you did look quote unquote normal, you'd still be black. Racial profiling, not good. And a white man, hey, you could still be a serial killer or a rapist. You want to not scare people, you'd end up going from a good-looking black man to a freakish white woman. Is that what you want? To pull a Michael Jackson?

    CYBORG: You think I'm good-looking?

    BEAST BOY: (sans green skin) Are you kidding? Look at that boyish face. Look at that sweet smile. Look at those baby-blue... eye. Do you wanna talk about physical strength? Do you want to talk about sheer muscle? Do you want to talk about the Olympian ideal? You are a god! No, better! You're a Titan!

    They're seated in the dining area. The WAITER approaches them.

    WAITER: What'll it be?

    WALLY: Seven cheeseburgers, seven large orders of fries, and seven Diet Cokes. (beat, to others) You guys want anything?

    Most of them decline.

    GRAYSON: I'll have the chicken-fried steak.

    WAITER: I'm sorry, we don't serve that after...

    Grayson gives the Waiter the Batman Death Squint(tm).

    WAITER: Right away, sir.

    He hustles off. Donna gets up.

    DONNA: I'm going to the restroom.

    Kory and Raven stand and go with her.

    BEAST BOY: Guess some things are universal.


    Raven washes her hands. They're trembling.

    KORY: Raven, you look so sad. Can I help you?

    RAVEN: I do not think so, Starfire. But thank you.

    KORY: Really, I want to help. I know we're different, My background justifies violence, yours shuns it at all cost... and I know we haven't been all that close, but I really do like you. And I know you've been hurt.

    RAVEN: Koriand'r, what I am is what hurts me. There can be no simple solution.

    Kory looks at the door, obviously thinking about Grayson.

    KORY: I think we're more alike than we think.


    Wally and Grayson stare at each other, the table between them with the picked-clean remnants of Wally's meals. Beast Boy and Cyborg have left.

    GRAYSON: Gar and Vic are taking a while.

    Wally gestures to the dance floor. Think "A Night At The Roxbury." All that's missing is Haddaway's "What Is Love?"

    WALLY: Dancing fools.

    GRAYSON: Well, this is a nice place.

    WALLY: Yeah.

    GRAYSON: Good architecture.

    WALLY: You think so?

    GRAYSON: Yeah.

    WALLY: Maybe they could come up with a better color scheme.

    GRAYSON: Possibly.

    Long beat.

    WALLY: We're going to settle this. Once and for all.

    He pulls out a bottle of whiskey.

    GRAYSON: You have got to be kidding.

    WALLY: You ever play I Never?

    GRAYSON: With Barbara.

    WALLY: Good. Before we start, you've got to promise me something. No matter how drunk you get, you cannot make a pass at me.

    GRAYSON: For God's sake, Wally, I'm not gay.

    WALLY: Dick, you're so far in the closet, you can see Narnia.


    Everyone is having a good time.

    BEAST BOY: Hey Vic, watch this!

    He does the Robot. Someone BUMPS into him.

    DANCER: Electros rule the dance floor!

    BEAST BOY: That so?


    GRAYSON: I've never... paid for sex.

    WALLY: ...damn you.

    He takes a shot.

    WALLY: I never killed anyone... who didn't have it coming.

    That comes out of left field. Grayson reaches for the drink... then withdraws his hand. Stares dead at Wally.

    WALLY: Well, don't that beat all?

    GRAYSON: You really kill someone?

    WALLY: They're as good as dead. Let's leave it at that. Now you have to answer one of my questions.

    GRAYSON: Go for it.

    WALLY: Why does Batman hate you so much?

    GRAYSON: ...I grew up.

    WALLY: Figures.

    Beast Boy runs up to the table.

    BEAST BOY: Wally, you're needed.

    WALLY: What happened?

    BEAST BOY: We got served.

    Wally looks at the dance floor. The ELECTROS are krumping.

    WALLY: This calls for some divine intervention.

    Wally starts for the dance floor.

    GRAYSON: I... I had no choice.

    Grayson obviously isn't talking about growing up.

    WALLY: We never do. You wanna come? We could use back-up.

    GRAYSON: I don't dance.

    WALLY: Come on. When was the last time you put a little motion in the ocean? A little dip in the hip? Some glide in your stride? Gotten jiggy with it? Wiggled it, just a little bit? Got down with your bad self? Gotten your freak on? Boogied down?

    GRAYSON: I haven't danced since my girlfriend could.

    That shuts Wally up. Beast Boy tugs him away. Halfway there, Wally gets a call on his beeper. He looks at it.

    WALLY: Hold on a minute, I've got to take this.

    BEAST BOY: Uhhh, Wally? We got served? Is that registering with you?

    WALLY: Trust me, this guy you don't leave hanging.


    The City of Tomorrow.

    FLASH: (V.O.) Yeah, I saw your cartoon.


    Lex sits behind his glass desk.

    LUTHOR: Yes. We had some trouble obtaining copyrights for you and Wonder Girl... the latter's tied up with Wonder Woman's license and apparently Barry Allen licensed himself out for some Filmamation thing...

    Flash stands in front of him, arms crossed.

    FLASH: Let's be honest, Mr. Luthor. You didn't call me all the way up here to talk about cartoons. Although if you do make one, you should do something about the theme song. Lacks zip.

    LUTHOR: Please. Call me Lex. I find it helps communications to be on a first name basis... with equals. Don't you agree... Wallace?

    FLASH: How did you...

    LUTHOR: A man of my resources learns many things, some more valuable than others. I know most of the "secret identities" of those in your Justice League. Except for the Big S, of course. I don't hold any illusion of him being "super" all the time. I've kept abreast of his activities, monitoring him. Sometimes he disappears off the scopes for hours on end. I think he uses the time to walk the earth, like King Henry before the Battle of St. Crispin's Day. I wonder how he looks at us. With some secret pity? With dark schadenfreude?

    FLASH: You're obsessed.

    LUTHOR: Obsession is merely the mark of a focused mind, Wallace. We're more alike than you'd care to admit.

    FLASH: I very much doubt that.

    LUTHOR: You weren't born with your powers. You earned them. Just as I earned the power and wealth to build this structure we sit in. But someone like Superman... and his League... they have their power handed to them on a platter. They've never learned the responsibility that goes with it. They do not consider themselves gifted... they are privileged. Above us "mortal men." Join me for a smoke?

    FLASH: Why not?

    Lex hands Flash a Havana cigar, lights one for himself.

    FLASH: Thought you couldn't get these anymore.

    That actually makes Lex laugh out loud.

    LUTHOR: Mercy, make our guest feel at home.

    MERCY, Lex's bodyguard/lover, steps out of the shadows. Flash gives her the once-over as she lights his cigar.

    LUTHOR: That will be all, Mercy. Unless you'd prefer she stayed...?

    FLASH: No, I'd rather talk man-to-man.

    Mercy steps outside.

    LUTHOR: You know, you remind me of myself as a boy... only with more hair (I assume).

    FLASH: Speaking of which, can I rub your head for good luck?

    LUTHOR: No!

    FLASH: Can I lick it? How much would it cost for me to lick your head?

    LUTHOR: My pate is not for sale!

    FLASH: Okay... can you put your hands to your head and say "To me, my X-Men!"? Please?

    LUTHOR: I see I'm not getting anywhere with flattery. Very well, on to the main event.

    He opens a drawer, pulls out a remote control.

    LUTHOR: Hold on a minute, let me figure this out. SET, TV/VIDEO, SATELLITE... they call me evil, I didn't invent this... ahh, here we are.

    He clicks an impressive combination of buttons, causing a HOLOGRAPHIC WALL to form in the middle of the room. KRYPTONIAN HIEROGLYPHICS scroll over it vertically and horizontally. We recognize the Superman crest.

    LUTHOR: Look familiar? It's Kryptonian. As in "Kal-El," as in "Superman," as in "bane of my existance."

    FLASH: And I care because...?

    LUTHOR: You're not afraid of me. That's refreshing. Deep-range radio astronomy (I own four of the largest satellite dishes in the world) picked it up two years ago. As near as we can figure it, this is their version of SETI. Sending out subspace signals to any civilization who wanted to chat. Of course, starships might've been more useful around the time their planet started exploding, but hindsight is 20/20.

    He walks towards the hologram, as excited as a kid showing off a science project. His hand nears the wall, which slows down automatically. One particular symbol bears a marked resemblance to Nightwing's chest embelm.

    LUTHOR: Recognize this?

    FLASH: Coincidence.

    LUTHOR: O ye of little faith...

    He touches it. The symbol expands to fill the "wall," now filling with images and Kryptonian text.

    LUTHOR: Nightwing was cast out of his family. He dreamt of justice. He dreamt of helping the weak. He dreamt of showing his family that he was better than they gave him credit for. He used his talents and his skills to fight for those who couldn't fight for themselves. Such heroic nonsense, such populist idealism crap...

    FLASH: Did his family ever realize their mistake?

    LUTHOR: Does it matter?

    FLASH: I suppose not.

    LUTHOR: He flew unfettered anyway. And his name's rough translation is Nightwing.

    He taps the wall again. It now shows an image of the KRYPTONIAN NIGHTWING. Nightwing's costume obviously was inspired by his.

    LUTHOR: Do you care now?

    FLASH: Nightwing's been setting me up, this whole time... I knew he wasn't leadership material, but I never imagined... then he's been putting the League ahead of the Titans, all along.

    Flash zooms out. James Jesse steps out of the shadows.

    JAMES: Well, can I pick 'em or what?

    LUTHOR: He's perfect for our needs. Superman and his pet reporter won't be able to stop us this time. No one will.


    Wally returns, lost in thought. After a brief consideration, he takes out a cell-phone, makes a call.

    Wally appears to be arguing vehemently into the cell. He hangs up.

    New angle reveals that Grayson is brooding in the rafters. Kory floats up to him.

    KORY: Do you not wish to dance?

    GRAYSON: I don't dance.

    KORY: Friends are good. You should enjoy them while you have them.

    GRAYSON: You asking me to dance?

    KORY: Yes, I am.

    GRAYSON: ...sorry to disappoint you.


    Wally pushes his way through the dancers as Kory catches up with him. Cyborg and Beast Boy are beside him.

    KORY: I need you to dance with me.

    WALLY: So Dick'll get jealous? No thanks.

    KORY: You will dance with me!

    CYBORG: I don't know what you see in the guy anyway. It's not like he's what you'd call a long-term prospect.

    WALLY: Hell, sometimes I worry about that guy. I mean, he's like a machine. Sometimes I think he views life like a ticking clock, just waiting for it to run down so his suffering can end.

    KORY: Nightwing IS NOT a ticking clock!

    WALLY: He might as well be. How can he fight to protect life when he doesn't even enjoy it? It's like performing surgery on someone you hate. (beat, to Cyborg and Beast Boy) Then again, I might be wrong. We're not close. Not like him and Kory. Kory, you know him so well. You're practically his right arm. Tell me, what does he care for? What does he take pleasure in?

    Kory makes a noise like a sob and flies off. Wally shakes his head.

    WALLY: He doesn't treat her right, that's for damn sure.

    The ELECTROS have gathered to confront Wally.

    DANCER: Well well, if it ain't M. West. You've been off the streets too long, West. You've lost your edge!

    WALLY: You're the loser here, McGarrett!

    "Combat" by Ice-T plays as the Titan boys and the Electros get into a vicious dance-off. The Electros serve the Titans. The Titans serve them back. And then it's ON.


    Kory forlornly eats a napkin as Grayson walks up to her.

    GRAYSON: Can we talk?

    KORY: We are talking right now.

    GRAYSON: I just wanted you to know why I've been such an ass lately.

    KORY: You've been wonderful.

    GRAYSON: No, I haven't. I think I may have given you... false hopes. Crossed signals. I don't know... you have to understand, I was brought up by the Batman. He always taught me to be guided by my head, not my heart. Sometimes I wonder if I even have a heart. I look at Barbara and I feel nothing when I should feel SOMETHING.

    KORY: Do you feel something when you look at me?

    GRAYSON: (evading the question) Can I really be honest with you? Part of you frightens me. Really scares me deep down. Not that fact that you're not human, but something else. It's hard to explain, but despite my reputation for knowing everything, I realize I don't know anything about myself.

    KORY: I know something about you. I know you love me.

    Grayson shakes his head, unable to speak.

    KORY: If you don't, just say so.

    GRAYSON: I... I really need time to sort out my emotions.

    KORY: I'll give you all the time in the world.


    Donna and Raven are getting some air by the exit.

    DONNA: Look, I think you have to tell him the truth. It's the only honorable thing to do.

    A man pushes by them.

    MAN: Excuse me, ma'am.

    That voice...

    DONNA: No problem.



    The DJ has switched to U2's “Hold Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me, Kill Me.” Wally sits on a stool, Gar massaging his shoulders, Cyborg waving a towel at him like a cornerman.

    CYBORG: You can't take this guy, his moves are too fresh!

    WALLY: I've never backed down from a fight.

    CYBORG: Yes you have!

    WALLY: Well, never when it MATTERED.

    BEAST BOY: You're gonna get yourself killed out there!

    WALLY: Maybe... but not today.

    He steps out onto the dance floor. Under the strobe lights, REVEAL Kory and Grayson talking in close proximity. Wally's eyes narrow. He's so absorbed in processing this new development that he doesn't notice DEATHSTROKE approaching him from behind. Deathstroke shoves a SYRINGE into his leg. Immediately, something is injected into the speedster.

    WALLY: (spaced out) Spider-sense... tingling...

    He turns, sees Deathstroke.

    WALLY: You...
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    He begins spasming violently. His face twitches. He looks around fearfully, suddenly unable to control his own body. Deathstroke melts back into the crowd as Wally falls to his knees. Beast Boy and Cyborg run up to him. He's convulsing so hard they have to hold him down.

    CYBORG: Wally, what's wrong? Who did this?

    WALLY: B-behind you...

    Deathstroke strikes, impaling Cyborg on his jian. Electricity pulses through the blade, SHORT-CIRCUITING Cyborg. The hologram shutters on and off, flipping between the reality and the illusion before shutting down. Cyborg collapses.

    BEAST BOY: No!

    He turns into a HAWK, flying over the heads of the crowd after Deathstroke.

    BEAST BOY: Hey ugly, you forgot to save the last dance!

    He turns into a LEOPARD, landing on Deathstroke and mauling him. His claws rend the armor, but don't penetrate.

    DEATHSTROKE: There's a reason for my rep.

    He short-punches a KNIFE into Beast Boy's chest. Beast Boy lets go of him, turning back into a human.

    BEAST BOY: Not cool, dude.

    Deathstroke spin-kicks him into unconsciousness. That's when he notices the remaining Titans, now in costume, have surrounded him. The music reaches its climax as the patrons run away, clearing out the room until only the Titans and Deathstroke are left.

    DEATHSTROKE: Well, looks like we've got a Mexican stand-off. Only without any Mexicans.

    NIGHTWING: Raven, help the wounded. The rest of you... with me.

    Nightwing, Wonder Girl, and Starfire grab makeshift weaponry as Deathstroke draws a sword in either hand. Nightwing draws his twin escrima sticks, Wonder Girl extends BLADES from her bracelet, and Kory's hands glow dangerously.

    DEATHSTROKE: C'mon, kid. Show me your moves.

    NIGHTWING: Titans together!

    Nightwing and Wonder Girl attack as one, working in concert with well-honed moves. Deathstroke dodges their blows, arms pedalling with inhuman speed. Starfire hovers above, looking for an opening. Nightwing comes in for another pass and Deathstroke meets him head on, metal flashing against metal. Wonder Girl comes in from behind, Deathstroke stops her in her tracks with a swift kick to the breadbasket. While he's distracted, Nightwing gets in a hard shot at Deathstroke's ribs. Deathstroke groans and sidesteps when Nightwing presses the attack, using a whirling elbow to hurry Nightwing on his way.

    That's when Starfire picks Deathstroke up from behind, flying him through the air in a chokehold. Deathstroke swings his legs backwards, kicking his heels deep into Starfire's gut. She drops him and he hits the ground rolling, coming up to confront Wonder Girl. She manages to hold him off long enough for Nightwing to join in. The heroes leap and whirl, attacking almost at random, while Deathstroke continues to outmaneuver them in his gracefully methodical way. They keep tripping and stumbling and getting in each other's way. Deathstroke saws Nightwing's escrima sticks in two with one precise strike, then whips the tassel on his jian across Wonder Girl's face. A STILETTO WIRE built into it runs over her eyes, BLINDING her.

    NIGHTWING: Donna!

    Starfire flies down to attend to her. An orange boot slams against Dick's throat, pinning him against the wall. Deathstroke returns his swords to their scabbards.

    DEATHSTROKE: Just you and me now, Robin. Oh, that's right. You prefer Nightwing now.

    A jab to a nerve cluster in Deathstroke's thigh does absolutely nothing. Deathstroke actually chuckles before leaping onto his other foot to deliver a roundhouse kick to Nightwing, sending him corkscrewing to the ground. Nightwing gets up, wiping blood from his mouth with the back of his fist.

    NIGHTWING: Who are you?

    DEATHSTROKE: Someone who likes watching you.

    He moves in again, aiming a hard jab at one of Grayson's nerve clusters. Nightwing shimmies out of the way and retailiates with a dropping elbow to Deathstroke's ribs.

    NIGHTWING: Care to be more specific?

    DEATHSTROKE: I used to call myself the Terminator, but then that stupid movie came out... now I go by Deathstroke.

    NIGHTWING: Is it the nineties in here or is it just me?

    DEATHSTROKE: Mockery of my name means little coming from you... "Dick."

    NIGHTWING: How do you know my name?

    DEATHSTROKE: My employer told me.

    A swift kick knocks Nightwing back, almost taking him out of commission. Nightwing lands on his back, jumps back to his feet and rolls forward, going into a legsweep which Deathstroke jumps over. He lands into a punch to the midsection from Nightwing, sending him stumbling backwards. Deathstroke roars with rage and tackles Nightwing into the MEN'S ROOM, the door flapping behind them.

    Meanwhile, STARFIRE flies the blinded Wonder Girl to Raven, who's crouched over Wally, chanting fervently.

    STARFIRE: Is he going to be alright?

    RAVEN: I can release some of his pain, but not all. My abilities are not... exact. Or without limit. When one has been sedated as heavily as Wallace, we must depend on his will to make the difference. He must want to awaken. He must fight to awaken. I may only show him the way, it is up to him to take that final step. Azarath metrion zinthos...

    Wally stops spasming, becoming as still as the grave.

    STARFIRE: Is he...?

    Wally's eyes snap open. Focus on Raven.

    WALLY: You saved me?

    RAVEN: I helped.

    WALLY: Much obliged, sister.

    STARFIRE: Now do Donna!

    Wally gets a hopeful look on his face.

    RAVEN: I'll heal her as soon as I've recovered.

    Wally's face falls.


    Deathstroke quick-draws a SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN from his belt. Nightwing kicks it aside and the shot goes wild, BLOWING THE **** out of a urinal. Nightwing grabs Deathstroke by the collar and slams his head against a paper towel dispenser, then throws him over the sink into a mirror, shattering it.

    DEATHSTROKE: Nice form.

    NIGHTWING: Who hired you!?

    DEATHSTROKE: A very highly-placed individual.

    NIGHTWING: The President?

    DEATHSTROKE: No. Someone powerful. They took out a contract on you. A Judas contract.

    Deathstroke kicks Nightwing in the chest, taking him by surprise and knocking him back into the wall so hard that tiles go flying. And just like that he's up again, gloved hands wrapping around Nightwing's throat and lifting him off his feet, pressing him HARD against the wall. Nightwing reaches out and TAPS the hand dryer. Deathstroke is distracted by it, giving Nightwing an opening to KNEE HIM IN THE BALLS!

    NIGHTWING: How do you like that stroke?

    Nightwing throws Deathstroke against a locked door, which pops open, banging inward. Nightwing pins Deathstroke against the tiled wall.

    NIGHTWING: Someone in my team’s a traitor?

    DEATHSTROKE: Sure looks that way.

    NIGHTWING: I don’t believe you.

    DEATHSTROKE: Believe what you want. You're still going to die. Deathstroke always gets his man.

    A spinning back fist knocks Nightwing through the wall and into the next stall. Deathstroke jumps for a small window, climbing through it.

    DEATHSTROKE: But not today.


    RAVEN: Zinthos.

    She takes her hands off Wonder Girl. Raven's eyes are now white with cataracts.

    RAVEN: And now I can't see.

    Wally, now in FLASH uniform, helps Wonder Girl to her feet.

    FLASH: Payback time!

    He runs into the women's restroom. SCREAMS! Flash runs back out.

    FLASH: Can't blame a guy for trying.


    Starfire flies inside. Nightwing, winded, points at the window.

    NIGHTWING: He went through there. If you cut around back you can still...

    Starfire flies right through the wall.

    NIGHTWING: ...that works too.


    Starfire catches up with Deathstroke just before he reaches his JEEP. He sidesteps the attack like a quarterback dashing into the endzone... not noticing Nightwing landing off a swing. A punch neatly scrapes off the side of Deathstroke's full-head mask. A retaliatory jab has Nightwing choking on his own blood.

    NIGHTWING: So, tell me, are you working for the Flash or someone else?

    DEATHSTROKE: Yes, I am working for the Flash or someone else.

    STARFIRE: (in Tamaranian, subtitled) Clear!

    Nightwing jumps away as Starfire unleashes a torrent of starbolts. Explosions lick at Deathstroke's feet as he somersaults away. Starfire flies in to engage at close quarters, unarmed.

    NIGHTWING: Starfire, no! Pull back!

    Deathstroke draws his secondary sword and swings it at her. Starfire GRABS it in one hand. The blade can't penetrate her nigh-invulnerable skin.

    STARFIRE: I was taught by the greatest warriors in the Vegan star system!

    She CRUSHES the metal in her hand, then kicks Deathstroke backwards. He slides down the length of the street. Deathstroke stabs his jian into the ground, bringing himself to a stop.

    STARFIRE: I just wish I was allowed to show what I can do more often...

    She walks towards him, starbolts at the ready. Deathstroke throws a GRENADE at her.

    DEATHSTROKE: Eat this!

    Starfire catches it. Looks at it quizzically, rattling it, trying to figure out what it is.

    STARFIRE: Is it some kind of vegetable? Do I have to unwrap it first?

    BOOM! Starfire flies backwards, a FIRE HYDRANT breaking her fall. Water geysers up from it, falling down on her like rain. Deathstroke raises her chin with the flat of his blade.

    DEATHSTROKE: End of the line for you, darlin'.

    And suddenly a BLUR hits him, so fast we'd be forgiven for assuming it was Wally. It's not. It's Nightwing, who kicks Deathstroke's jian away with impossible speed and begins just ****ing laying into him, an outright SLUGFEST.

    NIGHTWING: Word of advice, *******. In the future, you see a woman with pure green eyes, you turn the other...

    He knocks Deathstroke's mask off. Sees SLADE WILSON'S FACE.

    NIGHTWING: No... it can't be you!

    DEATHSTROKE: It can.

    He jerks his wrist and a DERRINGER flies into his palm. Immediately he pumps five shots into the stunned Nightwing. Nightwing falls, numb. Deathstroke crouches over him, presses a XIANGQI piece into his hand and closes his fist around it.

    DEATHSTROKE: A get-well present.

    Nightwing fights his way to his feet as Deathstroke runs for his jeep. He steps towards Deathstroke, working on sheer willpower. Starfire holds him back.

    STARFIRE: You need a healer!

    NIGHTWING: I'll be fine as soon as I get my hands on him.

    Starfire carries Nightwing upwards.

    STARFIRE: No! We're doing this my way! I know you. You'd march into hell with two broken legs and two broken arms.

    And below them, Deathstroke has grabbed a ROCKET LAUNCHER from his trunk. He aims it at Starfire and Nightwing, getting a bead...

    DEATHSTROKE: Aww, where's the fun in that?

    He shifts his aim and FIRES.


    Flash is checking Beast Boy for injuries. Cyborg, fully rebooted, runs up to them.

    CYBORG: Shouldn't we be going after that guy?

    FLASH: Nightwing can handle it. Titans come first. (yells) Raven, get your spooky ass over here!

    Raven stumbles into a wall.

    RAVEN: I hate being blind. Remind me never to do it again.

    CYBORG: Gar, say something!

    BEAST BOY: On the goo-oo-ood ship Lollypop, It's a swee-ee-eet trip to a candy shop!

    FLASH: Hold on, I know first aid.

    He conks Beast Boy on the head.

    BEAST BOY: Jem is truly outrageous, truly truly truly outrageous, Jem, the music's contagious, outrageous, Jem is my name, no one else is the same, remember my...

    Flash hits him again.

    BEAST BOY: The Love Boat soon will be making another run! The Love Boat promises something for everyone!

    Flash raises his hand again.

    CYBORG: Hold on, I like this song.

    Suddenly, they hear something ROAR overhead.

    FLASH: That can't be good.


    Starfire drops Nightwing down on a helipad.

    NIGHTWING: You can't do this!

    STARFIRE: Listen to me, Dick, you need help. You never let yourself admit how much you've been hurt. I love you too much to let you kill yourself just to protect your pride.

    NIGHTWING: There's a menace down there, as leader I'm needed.

    STARFIRE: As leader we need you alive. And as the man I love... well, for once you're going to have to take orders from me.

    NIGHTWING: You don't know what love is.

    STARFIRE: No, I suppose not. But neither do you.

    We hear the ROAR of the MISSILE as it approaches. Nightwing and Starfire look up to see the missile arc towards a small COMMUTER PLANE. Starfire flies upwards to intercept it.



    BOOM! A five-foot hole is BLASTED through the hull. The cabin wobbles loosely, the plane buckles. The engine spool to a stall. Metal twists under extreme pressure. People panic. Oxygen masks fall. Every unrestrianed object on board flies to the hole; paper, books, luggage, pillows.

    The engines DIE. The cabin begins to tilt downwards... then straight down. Debris tumbles toward the flight deck as if falling from a cliff.

    A FLIGHT ATTENDANT screams as he's pulled into the sky.


    Cyborg and Flash step out of the club in time to see the missile detonate against the Plane's wing. Starfire is blasted backwards by the explosion, knocked out by the concussive blast.

    CYBORG: She's not gonna make it!

    FLASH: Oh, she'll make it.

    He zooms off. Cyborg looks up, focusing on the plane in freefall...

    Flash reappears, holding Starfire in his arms. She takes a moment to realize she's no longer in danger.

    STARFIRE: Nice catch.

    FLASH: Yeah, I am.

    STARFIRE: The plane!

    FLASH: Under control. Go up there, try to get it level with the ground. We need a crash landing.

    CYBORG: At that speed the crash will still be fatal.

    FLASH: That's where we come in.

    CYBORG: What do you mean we?


    The sick familiar SOUND of an aircraft going down. The Flight Attendant screaming as he PLUMMETS. Until Starfire CATCHES him.

    FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Are you from heaven?

    STARFIRE: You could say that.

    She flies upwards and HURLS him carelessly back into the plane, then works to correct its descent. She braces herself against the underbelly of the plane and PUSHES, slowly tilting the plane level. But it's obviously too heavy even for her alien strength.


    CYBORG: Now what?

    FLASH: You still got those rollerskates built into your feet?

    CYBORG: ...you're kidding, right?

    FLASH: I need to hear a yes here.


    Flash is actually PUSHING Cyborg through the streets at superspeed. Cyborg slides along on ROLLERSKATES extending from his metal feet, Flash keeping him parallel with the rapidly falling plane. Cyborg SCREAMS as Flash narrowly dodges between two buses.

    CYBORG: Are you TRYING to hit these people?

    FLASH: No! (beat) Alright, maybe that mime...


    Beast Boy sits, nursing the knife in his gut. Raven stands nearby, still blind.

    BEAST BOY: (bored out of his mind) You know what I like best about this job?


    The plane literally lands right on Cyborg's head! But he CATCHES IT, his hands digging into the hull as he strains to keep it from smearing all over the pavement.


    BEAST BOY: The excitement.


    Flash, still pushing Cyborg, looks past him.

    FLASH: Cyborg! The bridge is out!

    CYBORG: (looking over his shoulder) What?

    The bridge is still under construction. Rushing towards them is the PRECIPICE... and a long fall.



    Deathstroke, at the wheel of his jeep, is making good his escape. Then he looks in the rear-view mirror.

    WONDER GIRL is running after him, actually gaining on the jeep.

    DEATHSTROKE: Woman oughta know her limitations.

    He picks up a M-16 from the passenger seat and FIRES it backwards through the rear windshield. Wonder Girl DEFLECTS the bullets with her gauntlets. The bullets ricochet back and hit the back wheels of the jeep, causing it to spin out of control. Deathstroke throws himself clear as the jeep slams into a gas station. It impacts a GAS PUMP with explosive results. A TANKER TRUCK offloading gas is BLOWN UPWARD.

    Deathstroke stares at the carnage before drawing his jian and turning his attention back to Wonder Girl.

    DEATHSTROKE: Well, let's finish it then.


    Our guys are rapidly running out of road.


    Flash spots a PILE OF LUMBER at a nearby construction site.

    FLASH: Hold on, I've got an idea!

    He zooms off. Cyborg, no longer being guided by Flash, tracks lazily back and forth across the lanes from one guardrail to the other, throwing sheets of sparks where he hits.

    CYBORG: (moans) Oh God, we're all going to die!

    STARFIRE tugs on the tail of the plane, slowing it down further. But it's still not enough. Any second now they're going to... and that any second now becomes any HOUR now as we shift into FLASH-TIME. And we see, reaching upwards in herky-jerky stop-motion animation (at least, that's what it looks like to us), the SUPPORTS for a BEAM BRIDGE being built at superspeed out of LUMBER. Then the bridge itself is built, one beam at a time just as Cyborg rolls out into space. One nanosecond he's treading open air like Wile E. Coyote, the next he's on solid ground. More beams follow, effectively extending the bridge in front of Cyborg like a red carpet until...

    Flash runs out of lumber.

    And he's running out of time again and thinking, thinking HARD, thinking so hard the sweat boils down his brow and then he's got it.

    In the space of a breath he moves from problem to solution, going back to work and CANNIBALIZING the first parts of the makeshift bridge to finish it. Which he does just in time, ferrying Cyborg to the other side. Cyborg slows to a stop with Starfire's help.

    In real-time, Flash looks at his handiwork.

    FLASH: I am a goddamn rock god.

    He throws his arms high.


    CYBORG: Ahem.

    FLASH: Oh, and you guys helped out some too. (beat) But it was mostly me.

    CYBORG: The plane, Flash.

    FLASH: Alright, set it down over there... no, a little to the left... on second thought, go back, the old way looked better.

    CYBORG: (exasperated) Flash!

    FLASH: Geez, it's a joke. You get so *****y when you're carrying a couple hundred tons on your back.

    Cyborg puts the plane down. The passengers start to disembark. Flash rushes over to greet them.

    FLASH: (as stewardess) Okay, alright, have a nice day, bye bye now, thank you for flying We Just Saved Each And Every One Of You Guys Because We Kick Ass.


    Flash, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire are reunited. Flash leans over Beast Boy, looking at the knife.

    FLASH: Alright, I'm going to pull it out so fast that your brain won't have time to process the pain.

    BEAST BOY: You can do that?

    BLINK! The knife is gone and the wound is bandaged in a split-second. Beast Boy HOWLS in agony.

    FLASH: Guess not.

    CYBORG: Hey, anyone seen Wonder Girl?

    The door creaks open. The four look up to see Wonder Girl stumbling in, a short sword protruding from her abdomen. Her left arm hangs limply by her side and and a goose egg is raised under one eye. Covered in blood. No idea why someone who looks like that is still alive.

    WONDER GIRL: (off their stares) You should see the other guy.

    That said, she promptly collapses.

    Next: Regrouping
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    Flash, on the phone, tries to light a cigarette. In the background, a NURSE gives Raven an eye exam. All around we see the minor injuries of the plane crash survivors being tended to. The place is overflowing.

    FLASH: No, I'm fine. Just gave me a little knock-out juice, I'm already back on my feet. Yeah. Love you too. Bye.

    NURSE: (arriving) You can't smoke that in here.

    That's when STARFIRE picks her up by the throat.

    NURSE: Alright, he can smoke, he can smoke!

    STARFIRE: Where is Nightwing!?

    NURSE: We don't know! He left out the window!

    Cyborg walks in, carrying a bundle of wheelchairs.

    CYBORG: Yo, Star! Bird-boy flew the coop and took your ride with him.

    STARFIRE: Where would he go?


    DINAH LANCE (late twenties, blonde, lithe, somewhat on the short side) and HELENA BERTINELLI (mid-twenties, Italian, voluptuous) are talking.

    HELENA: It's not that you're being dishonest, but it's a lie of omission...

    NIGHTWING stumbles in, bloody bandages coming his chest.

    NIGHTWING: Ladies... you wouldn't happen to know where Barbara is by any chance...

    He trips. Helena catches him.

    HELENA: These bandages are fresh... get Barbara!

    Dinah runs off.

    NIGHTWING: ...never did get that chicken-fried steak... Guy shot me... with a gun!

    HELENA: Yeah, that's how people usually shoot other people. Guess we have something in common now... aside from the sex, I mean.


    HELENA: Gunshot scars.

    NIGHTWING: Need the nanites...

    HELENA: No way Barbara would sign off on that.

    NIGHTWING: I don't have time for anything else. Please...

    HELENA: That's Brainiac technology. It could kill you.

    NIGHTWING: Can't kill me. Whoever heard of... dying twice?

    Helena looks conflicted.

    NIGHTWING: Please... for old time's sake?


    It's been a long night. Flash opens his lunchbox. There's a handkerchief (a Homer Hankie to be exact) in it, covering the food.

    STARFIRE: What's that?

    Flash looks up sharply. He didn't hear her coming.

    FLASH: A hanky. People use it to blow their noses.

    STARFIRE: Why is it on your food?

    FLASH: Blame Linda. She's kinda a history buff and in the Middle... a long time ago, women gave these things to their knights as a symbol of their favor, or so she tells me. Just her way of telling me... God, I love that lady. Here, smell.

    He holds the handkerchief out to her. She breathes in its scent.

    FLASH: Perfume. I don't know why she does that. Sometimes she leaves me these little notes with "I love you" written on them. Not all the time, just... some of the time. I never know what I'm supposed to do with them. I mean, seems kind of heartless to just throw them out.

    He catches himself, roots through the lunchbox some more.

    FLASH: Also, pudding!

    There's a ringing noise. He puts his finger to his earpiece. Instantly hardening a shell around his previous sentimentality.

    BARBARA: (filtered) Heard you guys ran into a spot of trouble.

    FLASH: Trouble? I don't know if you've been paying attention to current events, but WE JUST GOT OUR ASSES HANDED TO US!

    BARBARA: (filtered) Listen, Dick's fine.

    FLASH: Oh, Dick's fine. Great, that solves all our problems.

    BARBARA: (filtered) Whatever went wrong, it won't be solved by yelling at me.

    FLASH: (sighs) I'm sorry. It's just... this guy knew us. He blindsided us.

    BARBARA: (filtered) You get a name?

    FLASH: No... I think he called himself Death something... wore a mask with only one eyehole, if that helps.

    BARBARA: (filtered) I'll see what I can dig up.

    FLASH: Hold on, I need you to talk to someone for me.

    He removes the wing from his head and hands it to Starfire.

    FLASH: It's for you.

    Starfire holds the earpiece to her ear.

    STARFIRE: Hello?

    BARBARA: (filtered) Kory? I just wanted to let you know that Dick's fine. He's with me, resting.

    STARFIRE: Glorious! When can I see him?

    BARBARA: (filtered) Put Wally back on.

    STARFIRE: When can I...

    Flash takes the earpiece from her.

    FLASH: Barbara, what's wrong?

    BARBARA: (filtered) Nothing's wrong...

    FLASH: Barb...

    BARBARA: (filtered) I'm feel alone all the time and I don't know why.

    FLASH: Want me to come over?

    BARBARA: (filtered) No... no, there's something I have to do first.

    The line goes dead. Starfire grabs Flash.

    STARFIRE: Tell me where Nightwing is!

    FLASH: Why? You've got nothing I want.

    STARFIRE: No... but he does.

    Flash looks at the earpiece in his hand. Starfire gently turns his gaze back on to her.

    STARFIRE: And maybe I could sweeten the pot...

    She moves in to kiss him. He holds up a hand.

    FLASH: I love my wife.

    STARFIRE: I never said you didn't.

    Flash shuts his eyes.


    PAN UP the length of a tall, gothic building to find Nightwing, heroically perched on a ledge. He LEAPS OFF... quickly catching up with BATGIRL in freefall. For the first time, we see him happy. You know all those folk tales where a wizard or someone takes out their heart and stows it somewhere else for safekeeping? This is what it looks like when they get it back.

    NIGHTWING: This is great, Babs! Feel the air! Listen to the traffic!

    BATGIRL: What day is it?

    NIGHTWING: Say what?

    BATGIRL: What day is it?

    NIGHTWING: Uh, I dunno. What difference does it make?

    BATGIRL: What month is it?

    NIGHTWING: Get a calender, okay?

    Batgirl draws a grapple-gun from her utility belt.

    BATGIRL: You don't know, do you? You're a mess, former boy wonder.

    She fires out a line.

    NIGHTWING: What's with the third degree?

    The wind catches him. He begins plummeting out of control, no longer athletically skydiving. Batgirl swings away.

    BATGIRL: Good night, Dick Grayson.

    CUT TO

    Nightwing, flat as a pancake. The pavement cracked under him. Landed.

    BATGIRL: (O.S.) You still here, Grayson? Do you even know where here is?

    The pavement DISSOLVES into a bed. Nightwing's in...


    A bed, to be specific. He looks pretty beat up and is in total denial of that fact. Barbara sits next to him.

    BARBARA: Or am I talking to myself again? You took a big fall this time, soldier. I'm surprised you made it to my door. Lucky for you I offer valet parking.

    GRAYSON: Hands're cold.

    BARBARA: Whine, whine, whine. You let yourself get beat up by one supervillain and you moan like a little girl.

    GRAYSON: Not just any... this one's special.

    BARBARA: Should I be jealous?

    GRAYSON: Nah, he's a man. Unless you've been listening to Wally...

    BARBARA: I mean of Kory.

    Beat. Grayson lets that one lie.

    BARBARA: She seems like a nice girl.


    Starfire cleaves through clouds at supersonic speed.


    PILOT: Mission control, I have visual contact.

    MISSION CONTROL: (filtered) Have you identified the bogey?

    PILOT: It's a girl.

    Long, LONG beat.

    PILOT: In a purple bikini.

    MISSION CONTROL: (filtered) Uhh, Hal, you might want to pack it in for the night.


    Alfred is on the red rotary phone. We see the back of a throne-like bat-shaped chair in front of the BAT-COMPUTER. It's clearly occupied, but we don't see Batman... not yet, anyway.

    ALFRED: How much blood has he lost? I see. Yes, you were quite right to call... I do understand the Herculean nature of this task, but may I ask you to try to keep him still? Yes, that might work, or perhaps heavy chains? Mm. I recommend plenty of bed rest and will find it in my heart to forgive you just this once should you find it necessary to render him unconscious. Thank you, Miss Gordon. Goodbye.

    BATMAN: (O.S.) It's Dick, isn't it?

    ALFRED: Yes, Master Wayne. Five gunshots to the chest. Astonishingly, Master Dick seems to believe his own injuries quite beneath consideration in the ongoing war against crime. Now where do you suppose he would get such an idea?


    Barbara hangs up the phone just as Grayson walks in, wearing some pilfered exercise slacks and one of Dinah's larger jackets. For the first time, we see him breaking out of his inertia, his ennui shattered by the events of the past evening.

    GRAYSON: If he asks you whether you like scary movies, hang up.

    BARBARA: Grayson, what are you doing out of bed!?

    GRAYSON: Now I'm 'Grayson'? Must've touched a nerve. Where's my costume?

    BARBARA: I'm selling it on eBay. I was hoping to use the proceeds to buy you a clue. You should've stayed at the hospital. Do you know how dangerous it was to come all the way out here in your condition? What if I hadn't been here...

    GRAYSON: C'mon, Babs. I can always count on you to be home on date night.

    He is, of course, oblivious to her discomfort at the remark. She, of course, doesn't make anything of it as she rolls over to him... but it's a near thing.

    BARBARA: Come on, let's go, back to bed...

    She leads him towards the elevator.

    GRAYSON: You going to join me?

    BARBARA: I'll admit, it is tempting...

    She pulls his jacket open sultrily... to see that his wounds have shrunk impossibly.

    BARBARA: You used the nanites, didn't you? After I told you how dangerous they were, after I told you what they almost did to me...

    GRAYSON: It was the only way.

    BARBARA: Why are you like this? Always living life on the edge, always pushing yourself too far, always trying to prove you're worthy of our love...

    GRAYSON: It's not like that...

    BARBARA: You have no regard for your own life and no regard for the feelings of those you'd leave behind if you'd satisfy this death wish of yours.

    GRAYSON: Babs, c'mon...


    A stunned beat.

    GRAYSON: Don't joke like that. I can't imagine a life without you in it.

    BARBARA: I'm sorry, Dick. But I can. All I've ever had is me. This is all I've ever been, all I've ever known.

    She looks up at him plaintively.

    BARBARA: I want more.

    GRAYSON: Don't ask me for what I can't give.

    BARBARA: I never did. Only what you refused to give.

    GRAYSON: Babs...

    BARBARA: Don't call me that! If you want to be Batman, fine. But don't pretend you can be the man I loved as well.

    Grayson addresses her in a low, scary growl. He's more broken than angry.

    GRAYSON: Where's. My. Costume?

    Barbara points silently. She just wants this to be over.


    Starfire drives. Grayson stares outside, his battered costume in his lap. Just a dude and his exiled alien princess babe cruising home in a flying car.

    Hey, it could happen.


    Donna is on life support. Her entire hospital bed and all the medical equipment has been moved into the space. Beast Boy sits next to her bed, straddling an office chair.

    BEAST BOY: Come back. We need you here. Kory's falling back on her Okaara training more and more, I can tell. Nightwing's disappeared. Flash blames everything on him... I don't know if he's far wrong. (beat) I know what you would say if I told you this. You'd say it's just because you're the first person to give a damn about me in my whole ****ed-up life. But you're wrong. It's a lot more than that. I have friends – Wally, Vic – but you're more than that. I love you. (beat) Don't leave me.


    The Titans (aside from Kory and Dick, obviously) are gathered, back in civvies, waiting. Wally holds his Flash costume in his hands. Play the silence for a bit. Beast Boy walks out of Donna's room.

    WALLY: How is she?

    BEAST BOY: I have a feeling she'll be okay.

    WALLY: Thank God. We'll need as much firepower as we can get if we're going to pay this ****er back.

    CYBORG: Jesus Christ, you're already thinking about revenge?

    WALLY: I'm thinking about neutralizing the threat before it worsens! Because next time it could be you lying in that bed... or in a coffin. Or maybe it could be Raven. This guy knows who we are. He's got to go.

    BEAST BOY: Wait a minute, GO? What does that mean?

    WALLY: What do you think it means, Gar?

    GRAYSON: (O.S.) I'm gone five minutes and already you're plotting first-degree murder.

    Wally turns. Kory supports Grayson as they step inside.

    GRAYSON: I'll give you this, West, you're efficient.

    WALLY: Hey Dick. Nice of you to join us. Love shack need airing out or did you just run out of quarters?

    GRAYSON: Where's Donna?

    BEAST BOY: She's fine. In there.

    CYBORG: Raven checked her out. Sword missed any vital organs. Lucky.

    GRAYSON: Sword?

    WALLY: Didn't you hear, mon capitaine? Donna got her belly button pierced... the hard way.

    GRAYSON: And you brought her here? What, was the hospital full up?

    WALLY: Well, gee, hoss, I was a little worried that the psycho ninja guy that blew through half our team in about thirty seconds might come back to finish the job. So you tell me where she's safer, in a hospital room or here?


    Grayson bends over Donna, checking on her. He brushes some hair out of her eyes. Kory sits at Donna's side quietly. Wally leans against the wall, arms crossed.

    GRAYSON: You alright?

    DONNA: Peachy.

    WALLY: Satisfied?

    GRAYSON: Far from it.

    Grayson stands.

    WALLY: You got a problem with me? Because last time I checked, you weren't exactly winning any award in the all-out-of-bubblegum sweepstakes either.

    GRAYSON: Deathstroke took you out pretty easily.

    WALLY: Big words from the guy who got five doses of lead added to his diet then comes back here hale and healthy. For that matter, Cyborg bought it in one hit. And we saw how well Donna did.

    DONNA: Yeah, I took a sword through the gut to cover up being a traitor. Have any of you considered that none of us is a traitor? That he's just going this to set us against each other?

    GRAYSON: He knew where we were and what our names are. And to be frank, sentiments like that aren't exactly helping your case.

    DONNA: My case? Why don't you ask Wally who he was talking to on the phone?

    GRAYSON: (suspicious) Who'd you call before we left?

    WALLY: My wife, Dick, is that alright with you? I was calling to tell Linda I wouldn't be able to spend the evening with her and her family. Just one of the many sacrifices I've made for this team.

    GRAYSON: You don't know the first thing about sacrifice.

    WALLY: No? I put more than my life on the line for the Titans. I put my name on the line. I know someone like you could never understand this, but my name has value. People respect it. If this team fails, it doesn't just reflect badly on me, it reflects badly on my predecessor and my predecessor's predecessor. So don't try to tell me I don't care. I need this little endeavor to succeed. I'm risking everything here. And if things go south... well, as you so often remind us... you are the leader.

    GRAYSON: Oh, now you remember that little tidbit. Let me refresh your memory on something else. Funniest thing. DEO is under review. Might have budget cuts. But a couple of high-profile metahuman attacks… bet that would put 'em in the black. How deep you in bed with them?

    WALLY: What a vivid imagination you have...

    GRAYSON: And Lexcorp supplies the DEO. DEO having its budget slashed would put a hamper on Lex Luthor’s revenue.

    FLASH: Lex Luthor? What the hell does Lex Luthor have to do with anything?

    By now Cyborg and Beast Boy have gathered in the doorway to hear what all the commotion's about.

    GRAYSON: You tell me. All I know is who holds the merchandising rights to the Titans. That would be Lexcorp. And you sold it to them. (beat) You hired Deathstroke. To frame Zandia so you could have your little war.

    Flash is taken aback, although from outrage or fear of being discovered we can't tell.

    WALLY: Cute idea. Wish I'd thought of it. You really think I’d falsify evidence?

    Grayson begins circling Wally. The hunter has become the hunted.

    GRAYSON: You always talk about being willing to use all necessary force.

    WALLY: The whole point is that I don’t need to falsify evidence. Zandia speaks for itself.

    GRAYSON: Really? I’m starting to wonder. After all, you gathered the evidence that “proved” they had violated human rights.

    WALLY: Keep pushing, *******. Someone’s gonna push back.

    GRAYSON: (persisting) You're the only one with the resources to hire him.

    WALLY: Are we forgetting who's the ward of Bruce Wayne?

    GRAYSON: Why would I want the services of an assassin?

    WALLY: Why indeed?

    GRAYSON: I'm not the one on trial here.

    WALLY: Neither am I!

    He shoves Grayson. Grayson shoves him back. They charge for each other, Kory stepping in between them. She restrains Grayson as Beast Boy and Cyborg drag Wally back, kicking and screaming.

    WALLY: There's a hole in your mind! Something's supposed to be there... and it isn't! You don't know why people cry, why they laugh, why they do anything. You're a ****ing cypher, man!

    The doors close on his screams. Grayson stares at the door, cooling down.

    GRAYSON: He's out of control. Way out of control. Batman was right about him. He's an arrogant, xenophobic sociopath! He doesn't care about anyone but himself! He's been using us all from day one!

    DONNA: Dick, calm down!

    GRAYSON: If it weren't for him they'd still be alive!

    KORY: Who? Who'd still be alive?

    Grayson breaks down. Leaning against the wall on both hands, hyperventilating.

    GRAYSON: You ever feel like you're being punished for something?

    DONNA: Like what?

    GRAYSON: The lies you've told, the secrets you've kept?

    DONNA: All the time.

    GRAYSON: Sometimes I feel that way. Like we're all just sinners in the hands of an angry god.

    KORY: I used to feel that way... until I met you.

    He looks into her eyes. The simple yet absolute faith she has for Grayson breaks his heart into a million pieces.


    Wally calms down, but still paces furiously in front of Beast Boy and Cyborg.

    WALLY: Son of a ***** is trying to deflect suspicion off himself. You saw how he immediately started accusing me? No reason, not one! You think it was a coincidence that all of us met up on Justice League property? One of us is a mole. And who among us has the strongest connection to a member of the League? Does anyone really think the little red robin has cut all his ties to the big, black bat? Nightwing's Batman's boy. Always has been. Always will be.

    He storms off, yelling over his shoulder.

    WALLY: Hell with this, I'm out of here!

    As he walks down the corridor, he sees Raven staring at him as if she just saw the meaning of life written on his forehead.

    WALLY: What the **** are you looking at, sister?

    RAVEN: We are not what we appear to be. You will learn this, Wallace.

    WALLY: Call me Flash.

    Next: What Slade Did
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    Slade, a few less lines on his face, sits in the apartment. It's a low-rent place, from the stained mattress to the dartboard on the wall. Obviously Slade hasn't come up so far in the world yet. His hair is black as midnight, with a few touches of white creeping in along the temples. In the palm of his hand he holds two pills, one white, one black. He stares at them with both his eyes, then dry-swallows them both.

    GRAYSON: (O.S.) You killed them.

    Slade turns around. DICK GRAYSON, age eleven, stands in his doorway.

    SLADE: You're gonna have to be more specific.

    GRAYSON: You killed my parents!

    SLADE: I've killed a lot of men's parents.

    GRAYSON: You're not going to kill anymore!

    He hurls himself at Slade, his tiny body packed with fury. They fight, Grayson's small fists trying to pound Slade's head into the floor. Slade shoves him off, picks him up by the scruff of the neck.

    SLADE: You're a scrappy one, I'll say that much for you.

    GRAYSON: I hate you!

    SLADE: You don't know what hate is. But I could teach you...

    And with that, a sinister, horned SHADOW falls over him. Slade and Grayson turn to see BATMAN. Seen in his majestic totality for the very first time. A truly awesome figure from his black cowl to his gleaming black boots. His huge, dark cape billows out ominously behind him.

    BATMAN: Let him go.

    Angle on Grayson as he stares, the shadows of Slade and Batman's fight playing over him. His inital shock wears off and his face sets with resolve. With murder in his eyes, he pulls a dart off the dartboard.

    Batman and Slade struggle, larger than life, hands wrapped around each other's throats. And the dart comes flying into frame, straight at Slade's face.

    On GRAYSON, immensely pleased, as we see the shadow of the dart intersect with the shadow of Slade's head. He SCREAMS IN AGONY before lashing out, kicking Grayson out the window. Batman's reaction is immediate. He releases Slade and jumps out the window after him.

    We watch from behind (sparing us the gory details) as Slade plucks the dart out of his eye and makes good his escape.


    Batman skydives towards Grayson, firing out a de-cel line from his grapple gun. Batman grabs onto Grayson and they SWING, trying to burn off the velocity they've acculumated in their fall. They're coming in too low, too fast. Batman shields Grayson with his body as they CRASH into a group of garbage cans. A beat of silence. No one around for blocks. Not at this time of night.

    Batman lies there, unconscious from the fall. Dick is unharmed. With an act of curiosity that will change his life, he pulls back Batman's mask.

    GRAYSON: Mr. Wayne?

    BRUCE WAYNE can only chuckle at the absurdity of it all.

    BRUCE: I'll make a detective out of you yet.


    A beautiful rolling hill overlooking Gotham City. As CAMERA TRACKS through the trees, tombstones begin to appear. We are in the middle of an immaculate pastoral graveyard. We finally hold on TWO GRAVES BEING FILLED. John and Mary Grayson. Dick Grayson stands between them, slumped, his head still bowed. Only a slight twitching of the boy's hand betrays emotion as he solemnly watches the casket lowered.

    Suddenly, a dark shadow inches across his face, almost blacking it out. He looks up.

    Bruce stands over him, peering down, looking deeply into him with a mesmerizing stare.

    BRUCE: I know. You keep thinking, "If only I had done something differently. If only I could have... warned them." But there isn't anything you could have done. There isn't anything... either of us could have done.

    GRAYSON: Does the hurt ever go away?

    BRUCE: I wish I could say yes. But it will get better in time. For you. That I promise.

    Bruce gazes down darkly, almost hypnotically, his eyes revealing the truth. Dick looks up slowly, riveted.

    GRAYSON: I want you to teach me how to fight him. I want you to teach me how to beat him.

    Bruce looks at this boy for a moment. Can't quite read it... but it feels a lot like pity. And even more like joy at finally having someone who understands. But most of all, it feels like a father's pride in his son.

    BRUCE: Swear that you'll fight against crime and corruption and never to swerve from the path of justice.

    This is one of those moments in your childhood. One of those moments where your folks say something that just never goes away. Something that sticks with you. That BECOMES you.

    GRAYSON: I swear it.

    Bruce kneels down, puts a hand on his shoulder. Speaks to him as if he were an adult.

    BRUCE: The world you're about to enter will be no better than the world you already know... but it will make a whole hell of a lot more sense.

    The dark clouds above rumble threateningly. ALFRED holds out an umbrella for them.

    BRUCE: Come inside. You don't want to get caught outside in the rain, do you?

    Close on Grayson's eyes as the rain begins to drizzle...


    And those same eyes, ten years later, as the rain falls in earnest. Most definitely caught outside in the rain. Nightwing crouches on the rooftop like a gargoyle, staring out at the city.

    NIGHTWING: I know you're out there, somewhere. Where are you?

    From the sanctuary of the doorway, Beast Boy calls to him...

    BEAST BOY: Uh... you wanna come inside? You might not have noticed, but it's rainy out. (no answer) Well, okay... good luck developing your mad brooding skillz.

    He walks away, passing Kory. She steps out onto the rooftop, holding an umbrella. She unfurls it next to Grayson, holds it over him.

    NIGHTWING: Nothing is impossible once you’re in control. There’s no such thing as ambiguities, conundrums, labyrinths… just problems. And problems, once understood, lead only to solutions. All you need is the will and the intellect to pursue those solutions. I have both. Now all I need is time. Time will solve the problem. Time will make me feel better. That's all. Time. Because I'm strong. I'm not weak, I'm strong. I'm strong. That's why I'll solve this problem. I'm not weak, I just need time.

    Kory bends down and takes his mask off. We see he's crying.

    NIGHTWING: I'm not weak. I'm not.

    She embraces him comfortingly.

    NIGHTWING : I'm not. I'm not...

    From the doorway, Beast Boy shakes his head.

    BEAST BOY: Man, what is it with chicks and angst? Seriously.


    Wally moves through the Trophy Room, so pissed he's "on the fritz" again. He sees a row of portraits of the founding members. With a roar of rage, he picks up a chair and HURLS IT through Robin's portrait, shattering the glass cover. The picture falls away. Wally notices something under it. He clears away the class to see a portrait of KID FLASH.

    WALLY: Thawne. (beat) And I'M still fighting old battles, Dick?


    Wally enters.

    WALLY: Honey, I'm home!

    No answer. He walks around.

    WALLY: You won't believe the day I...

    BRAIN: (O.S.) You won't torture me. You're a hero. There are rules for heroes.

    Alarmed, Wally runs into the other room. Linda and Leslie are on the couch, stock-still in front of the TV.

    FLASH: (O.S., filtered) Yeah. That's what the League keeps telling me.


    FLASH: (O.S., filtered) You're going to tell me what I want to know. It's just a question of how much you want it to hurt.

    Wally mutes the television.

    LINDA: Is it true? Did you do it?

    WALLY: ...I do what I have to, to protect you. And Leslie. And Micah. And everyone else in this country.

    LESLIE: Get out.

    WALLY: Leslie...

    LESLIE: I won't have a torturer under the same roof as my child! GO!

    WALLY: C'mon, Linda, I can have you packed in thirty seconds...

    LINDA: Wally... did you really have to do that? Was there no other way?

    WALLY: If you're going to hesitate, I don't need you.


    On the island. Flash walk-of-shames through a crowd of PROTESTORS. They hold signs like "Free The Society Five" and "Down With Flash."

    FLASH: How did they even get here? WE LIVE ON AN ISLAND!

    Eggs and tomatos are thrown at him.

    FLASH: Who always brings the rotten vegetables?

    Someone spits on him. He punches that ******* out.

    FLASH: Look, I draw the line at spitting, okay? It's just gross.

    He claws his way through the protestors to reach Titan Tower, pausing to raise double peace signs and enthuse...

    FLASH: I am not a crook!


    Flash, dripping with rotten vegetables, walks in on the disapproving glares of the Titans. Whatever capital he has with them, he's lost most of it.

    NIGHTWING: Well, look who finally decided to show his face.

    FLASH: Don't start with me, Dick. Not today.

    BEAST BOY: Say it ain't so, Wally. Say it ain't so.


    Flash runs the shower. Then ruffles through his dresser, taking out the latex MASK he took from the Batcave. He sets it on fire with the LIGHTER from Flash 2. Watches it burn up before dropping the run-off in the shower. It goes down the drain.


    This was last used by Billy Batson during his stint as a radio news reporter. With a shriek of feedback, Flash (now spic and span) cues up the PA system. He pours over the dusty LP records left over from the original incarnation of the Titans... FINDS ONE.

    FLASH: This oughta put 'em in their place.

    He pulls out "The Best of Phil Collins."

    NIGHTWING: We're trying to get them on our side, not kill them.

    Flash turns around. Nightwing, as is his wont, has seemingly teleported there.

    FLASH: (as the other Titans enter) What do you suggest?


    Outside, the lights come on. The protestors stop for a moment. One floor's worth of windows slid open, revealing a "porch." Then Flash walks out on the top of the porch as Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" plays. He holds a microphone like other men would hold a gun.

    FLASH: Just a smalltown girl, living in a lonely world.
    She took the midnight train going anywhere...


    NIGHTWING: He needs back-up! Beast Boy, Cyborg!

    CYBORG: I didn't sign up for this.


    Beast Boy hurries out there, Cyborg reluctantly following.

    BEAST BOY: Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit.
    He took the midnight train going anywhere.

    Cyborg nods, feeling the rhythm.

    CYBORG: I see her in a smoky room, a smell of wine and cheap perfume.
    For a smile they can share the night, it goes on and on and on and on...

    STARFIRE comes out of nowhere to grab the microphone.


    Everyone stares at Starfire. You could hear a pin drop. Nightwing suddenly jumps in.


    Flash runs into the tower, returns in a half-second with Raven. He holds the microphone to her.

    RAVEN: (monotone) Hold on to that feeling.

    WONDER GIRL: Strangers! Waiting! Looking down the boulevard. Shadows! Searching in the night.
    Streetlights! People! Living just to find emotion. Hiding! Somewhere in the niiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

    As they all continue the song, LINDA works her way to the front of the crowd. Starts waving a lighter. The protestors get into the groove. Start waving lighters. Eventually Flash throws himself into the crowd, crowd-surfing. Beast Boy follows suit. So does Cyborg. The crowd steps out of the way when he does it. CRASH! He gets up.

    FLASH: He's okay!

    The song finishes up with a big finish. The protestors erupt with applause, won over. The windows of the Tower form a HOLOGRAM, showing a splitscreen. On one side is a real-time stream of the Flash, on the other is a freezeframe from the torture video. We see, due to the mask Flash was wearing, that the two look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

    Linda cups her hands to her mouth.



    Flash, Beast Boy, and Cyborg walk away from their third encore.

    CYBORG: I can't believe that worked.

    FLASH: You just gotta know how to talk to them. They all want to relive the sixties... so give 'em Woodstock.

    BEAST BOY: Well, it's a relief to know you wouldn't resort to torture.

    FLASH: Oh no, I tortured the **** out of that guy.

    CYBORG: What? How could you!?

    FLASH: Don't play the martyr with me. Nightwing knew. People like him will always need people like me... even if they'll never admit it. But I will confess to an ulterior motive. It was all to see if the DEO would release the footage I "overlooked."

    BEAST BOY: What?

    FLASH: If I just wanted to get information out of the Brain, I could've disabled the camera or moved too fast for it to capture. No. I used it as bait. I've suspected Brother Blood has moles within the DEO. I just had to let them know the juice was worth the squeeze. We can't trust anyone anymore. We're all alone now.


    Brother Blood turns off the television.

    BROTHER BLOOD: I ask so little of my followers. A little tithing, unquestioning blind faith, the occasional crime... and yet your useful idiots turned out not to be so useful after all.

    Julian Racine paces.

    RACINE: Flash's greatest power has always been his charisma. So it's gonna take a little more to smear him. Throw enough mud and sooner or later something will stick.

    BROTHER BLOOD: I don't have time for that. In one week it will be my 101th birthday. It's time to finish this, once and for all. Cardinal Syn, call up everyone we have in our employ.

    CARDINAL SYN stirs from his glowering position behind Brother Blood.

    CARDINAL SYN: What do you mean, "everyone"?


    Next: Checkmate
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    GODDAMN. Can't wait to see how things boil next! :D
  8. bored One Sexy Lemur

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    Can I buy some pot from you?
  9. MaskedManJRK Registered

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    My sentiments exactly. :)

    One question, though--why so much hate for the Justice League? Better yet, if the JLA are so bad like it sounds like, why is Batman--the dude who made plans to wipe them out if they go too far--still involved?
  10. Zev Registered

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    Keep in mind, a lot of the anti-League rhetoric is coming from Wally, who's never been an unbiased source and moreover is a trifle paranoid these days. To be sure, the League isn't as noble and altruistic as everyone thinks, but they seem to be devoted to saving the world... especially from itself. As for Batman, his loyalties aren't exactly clear either. Go back and read the part where Nightwing and Robin were talking.

    So the question becomes is the League/Titans split just normal teen rebellion... or something more?
  11. MaskedManJRK Registered

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    I hope we see more Batman/League stuff. Espically Batman, because...well...it's f**king BATMAN. :o
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    Wally is sitting alone, staring at a piece of paper. The intercom rings.

    WALLY: Yeah?

    LINDA: (filtered) It's me. We need to talk.

    WALLY: Later.

    LINDA: (filtered) No, now.

    WALLY: Linda, it's not... safe for you to be with me right now.

    LINDA: (filtered) Wally, whatever the risks, I swore to share them with you when we got married...

    WALLY: You didn't swear anything. You were drunk off your ass and so was I. It doesn't count.

    LINDA: (filtered) Do you really believe that?

    WALLY: Go home, Linda. For your own safety. Please.

    He hangs up. The intercom beeps against. Wally SMASHES IT with his elbow. Turns his attention back to the paper. It's the list of the Titans and their "weaknesses." He goes down to Nightwing. Still hasn't figured out what to put there. He writes down "Lost cause" next to his name. With superspeed writing more like vicious slashes, he writes down "Liability" and "Obstacle." Then chews on the end of the pencil.

    WALLY: I need a patsy.

    He looks up the list. To "Kory – Dick Grayson." He circles Dick Grayson. A SHADOW moves on the wall, looming above him. Wally sees it, his eyes widen. He tries to stand up, as...


    A champagne cork hits the ceiling.

    KORY stands over him with a foaming champagne bottle. She pours for them both, hands him a glass.

    KORY: Looks like we both get what we want. Cheers.

    WALLY: I can't believe I bought into your wide-eyed fish out of water schtick for as long as I did.

    KORY: Allowing the enemy to underestimate you is the first rule of warfare. Bottoms up.

    They drink.

    WALLY: It doesn't have to end here, you know. Join me. You look like a woman who could use a good hard fight.

    KORY: And you're the man to give it to me?

    WALLY: Well, I don't like to brag, but sometimes I've fought five or six times a night!

    KORY: And why would I want to stand with you?

    WALLY: Because I can give you something Dick never can. A war.

    Kory absorbs that.

    WALLY: Think about it. No more constraints, no more denying who you are. You could finally stop doubting yourself, stop holding it all in. You could be yourself.

    KORY: When I'm with Dick... I am myself.

    Wally darkly chuckles.

    WALLY: I misjudged you. All this time, I thought you were looking for a fight. But here you are, looking for a home. Pity. We could have been great together.

    KORY: Yes, we could have been. But I plan on being great with someone else. Thank you.

    She kisses him on the cheek. Her eyes widen suddenly. She pulls back.

    KORY: X'Hal...

    WALLY: (realizing) Touch telepathy.

    KORY: You're... you're really going to do it. You've been planning this all along!

    WALLY: I know. Ain't it a trip? (true-colors-showing harshness) Thanks for the help, balloon bod. Couldn't have done it without you.

    Kory tries to leave. Wally grabs her.

    WALLY: Don't you want to see what happens next?

    He kisses her roughly, almost a violation. She pushes him away. He laughs harshly.

    KORY: You're insane.

    WALLY: No Kory, I'm a sane man. The last sane man, in fact.

    KORY: I'll tell them what you're planning.

    WALLY: (sarcasticly wide-eyed panic) Oh no! Not that! Anything but that! Please, don't do that! (normal) Oh, is the wide-eyed fish out of water going to spoil my plans? I think not. Because then you'd have to tell Dick about us. Don't think Dickwing could take that. He'd never speak to you again. Go to the Gen X Wonder, comfort him. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    She runs out.

    WALLY: (mockingly imitating Kory's voice) Just you wait, 'enry 'iggins, just you wait!

    He picks up the champaign bottle and shoves the cork back in it.

    WALLY: Now let's see if we can get blood from a stone.


    Barbara broods in front of the computer. Looks up at a monitor showing the funerary mask of the Oracle.

    BARBARA: I certainly named myself appropriately. The isolated vestal virgin, suspended above the steaming fissures of the earth, spewing mad wisdom in her loneliness.

    A ROCK bounces off her window. She turns.

    BARBARA: You have got to be kidding me.

    She turns to another monitor. Wally is outside her door, holding up the bottle of champaign.

    WALLY: I come bearing gifts.

    She presses a button and the door opens.


    Beast Boy hangs up his cell phone.

    DONNA: Who was that?

    BEAST BOY: Wally. We've got new orders.

    DONNA: Orders?

    He whispers something in her ear. Donna considers a moment, then nods.


    Cyborg pops his head out from around a corner.

    CYBORG: Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga!

    BEAST BOY: (chanting) Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga!

    KORY: (not getting it) Toga. Toga. Toga.


    Wally walks in. Barbara is working at the computer... a chess program.

    BARBARA: What is it, West? I'm a little busy.

    WALLY: Thought you might be a little lonesome, came by to give you a little pick-me-up. But now that I see how satisfied you are with the Chessmaster there...

    BARBARA: You've made your point. Pull up a chair.

    He does.

    WALLY: Thank you. Rook to Queen 5, by the wave. Checkmate in three moves.

    BARBARA: How did you...?

    WALLY: Superfast brain, remember? Very good at sorting through the possibilities, when I have time to concentrate. You have a corkscrew?

    BARBARA: First cabinet on the left in the...

    POP! Wally sets the corkscrew down, along with two glasses.

    BARBARA: Kitchen. Stop that.

    WALLY: Don't worry, I never drink and speed.

    He pours for them both.

    WALLY: You know, I looked up the Oracle online. The one you named yourself after, I mean.

    BARBARA: Really? I feel so unnecessary.

    WALLY: One story kinda stuck out at me. Croesus of Lydia consulted Delphi before attacking Persia, and according to Herodotus was told, "If you do, you will destroy a great empire." Believing the response favorable, Croesus attacked, but it was his own empire that was ultimately destroyed by the Persians.

    BARBARA: I think you mispronounced every Greek word in there.

    WALLY: C'est la vie.

    BARBARA: So, what's your point?

    WALLY: Well, I'm starting to rethink my little tete-a-tete with Dick. I mean, guy can't be all that bad, can he?

    BARBARA: Believe me, he can be pretty bad when he wants to be.

    WALLY: (sly grin) Would you like to talk about it?


    Grayson works out on a speed bag. Kory walks in, wearing a makeshift toga.

    KORY: What's wrong, Dick?

    GRAYSON: Nothing. Sometimes I just like being alone.

    KORY: You'd rather I wasn't here?

    Grayson turns away from the speed bag.

    GRAYSON: No, no... what are you wearing?

    KORY: It is a "toe-guh."

    GRAYSON: Look, I'm sorry, I have a lot on my mind right now.

    KORY: Dick, I care for you, I reall do.

    GRAYSON: Kory, please. I'd rather not talk about us right now. I haven't had more than three hours' sleep in the last three days and Bethany Snow's talk show just blamed us for everything going pear-shaped in the world, with the possible of the new TV season. Not to mention Wally. I wish I could just...

    KORY: Lash out? Set things right? Haven't you ever wanted to just grab the nearest Gordanian and beat the crap out of him and then BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM SOME MORE AND THEN...

    GRAYSON: Not really.

    KORY: Oh. Well, I have.

    GRAYSON: It's not you, really. I'm just all nerves right now.

    KORY: Would you like a back rub? It'll make you feel better.

    GRAYSON: Kory, please! Don't you ever want to enjoy a bad moment? I just want to think.

    Long beat. Kory draws closer to him, points out the window at a star.

    KORY: There, you see that? That is Vega. That is the star of my birth. And Tamaran, the eighth planet, is my home.

    GRAYSON: What's it like?

    KORY: Warmer. Much warmer. Lush, green tropical paradise as far as the eye can see. The air almost seemed scented with perfume, the skies shimmered with a golden glow. Man and nature stood side-by-side together and the only order on Tamaran was love.

    GRAYSON: Sounds like a nice place to live.

    KORY: It can be. I can see by the look in your eye you're wondering why I left.

    GRAYSON: It does seem a bit... curious.

    KORY: The answer is simple. I had no choice in the matter.

    She presses her palm against the window, taking the world in.

    KORY: This world is further away from the sun than Tamaran was. The chill here is... quite refreshing.

    She takes a step back, then leans against the glass, putting all her weight on her forehead. She looks down at the island far below.

    KORY: I have heard the expression "carpe diem." But maybe it should go "carpe nox." Seize the night...

    She reaches out to take Grayson's hand, pulling him up to see the dizzying view as well. They share a moment.

    GRAYSON: Maybe you're right, maybe I should try to patch things up with Barbara...

    KORY: NO!

    Grayson looks at her, surprised at the outburst.

    KORY: We're having a pool party in the rec room. You should join us.


    Wally walks around the gear room as Barbara sips her champaign.

    WALLY: Nice place you got here. Decorated in Early Nerd? (re: clockface) Maybe if you play your cards right, I'll show you MY big clock... hey, is this a Sega Genesis?

    BARBARA: What can I say, I respect my heritage.

    WALLY: I remember this! Gunstar Heroes, man, that's where it was at...

    BARBARA: Gunstar Heroes? Please. Ecco The Dolphin, all the way.

    WALLY: Ecco The Dolphin? But it's so... girly.

    BARBARA: And I'm a girl, so your point?

    WALLY: I don't know, just expected something a bit more tomboyish.

    BARBARA: I like dolphins. Like them ever since I read Douglas Adams.

    WALLY: Oh, don't geek out on me now. My heart couldn't take it, Barbara.

    BARBARA: Babs. My friends call me Babs.

    WALLY: And people who are more than friends?

    BARBARA: They call me Babs too.


    A pool/toga party is in progress. The Titans are in togas, except for Grayson and Kory, who relax in the hot tub. Even Raven has gotten into the act, although somehow she managed to make a black toga. The holographic background has been changed to show a beautiful sunset on a tropical beach. BEAST BOY shakes up a beer can, tosses it underhanded to Cyborg. Cyborg swings a mattock handle like a mad ape, hacking through the soft middle and splitting the can wide open. The can is smacked open and rotates in the air forever, drenching everything in a twenty-foot radius with beautiful ribbons of foam. Grayson shields himself with his arm.

    GRAYSON: How can you just waste all that beer?

    BEAST BOY: It's nonalcoholic.

    GRAYSON: Carry on. (to Donna) Bet you're feeling right at home now, huh?

    DONNA: Who says we wear togas on Themyscira? There's a reason we call it Paradise Island.

    She strips off her toga to reveal a bikini, climbs onto the diving board.

    DONNA: I miss the place sometimes. It's so beautiful in the summer...

    BEAST BOY: Yeah, the sights aren't half bad here either. Beautiful, well-built, sexy... yeah, I love it.

    DONNA: Gar, don't you ever stop?

    She dives in. Beast Boy wages into the water.

    BEAST BOY: I mean the city, Donna. Someone famous once said Central City was like a sexy woman. I think it was Hemingway... or maybe Mister Ed. I always get those two confused.

    DONNA: I don't believe you for a second. But I think you're cute anyway.

    BEAST BOY: So do I. In fact, I think you're so cute... I could just eat you up.

    He turns into a shark and swims towards her, humming the Jaws theme.

    DONNA: Don't worry, everyone. I read that Worst Case Scenario book.

    She bops Beast Boy on the nose. He changes back and surfaces.

    BEAST BOY: Yaghhh! My nose! My beautiful nose! You broke it! I'll sue you for every cent you've got!

    DONNA: I wouldn't do that. Diana gave me an expense account before I left. I might just counter-sue you for every cent you've got.

    BEAST BOY: Go ahead. You still won't have change for a dime.

    He turns into a dolphin and does that little dolphin stand thing.

    BEAST BOY: Hello, my beautiful wonder. Come swim with me to the casbah and we shall make beautiful fish fry together.

    A thought occurs to Grayson as Beast Boy swims around, singing the theme song to Flipper.

    GRAYSON: Hey, where's Wally? Not like him to miss a party.

    CYBORG: Probably spending time with the ol' ball and chain. The schmuck.

    GRAYSON: I don't know. He could be in trouble. With this Deathstroke guy on the loose, it's not such a good idea for any of us to be on our own. Maybe I should have Oracle page him.

    Kory leans close to him.

    KORY: Or maybe you could give me a rubdown. (off his reaction) With suntan lotion. These lights are so hot...

    GRAYSON: ...you know, Wally can take care of himself.


    Wally and Barbara have a nice safety buzz. Wally examines a Big Red Button on her console.

    BARBARA: Don't touch that.

    WALLY: Touch what?

    BARBARA: The Big Red Button. Never, ever touch the Big Red Button.

    WALLY: Got it.

    BARBARA: Have you ever heard the story of Agamemnon and Achilles?

    WALLY: I'm waiting for the video.

    BARBARA: Achilles was the greatest warrior in the Achaean army. He had a concubine named Briseis.

    WALLY: My kind of guy.

    BARBARA: Agamemnon, commander of the Greek army, took her away from him. Achilles withdrew from battle in revenge and thus nearly cost his side the Trojan War.

    WALLY: There's supposed to be some kind of moral in this, isn't there?

    BARBARA: Not really. Just popped into mind for some reason.

    WALLY: Are you saying I'm in a love triangle?

    BARBARA: No. I am. Of course, it's easy for Tarantula and Starfire and... whoever else Dick's dating on the side! But me... oh, no one notices me. I guess it's easy to forget that I'm more than just a voice at the end of the line. I'm a woman with wants and feelings and passions and... and I'm drunk.

    WALLY: So am I. Please, continue.

    BARBARA: I suppose it's irony. My namesake was a vestigal virgin as well, you know.

    WALLY: You don't always have to live in your namesake's shadow. Look at me for an instance. I have NO hat and I couldn't be happier.

    She rubs his hair.

    BARBARA: No you don't.

    They laugh.

    WALLY: Look at you. Just... look at you. I bet Dick can't keep his hands off you. I sure couldn't...

    He leans in for a kiss.

    BARBARA: Wally, I'm not sure this is...

    WALLY: I sure won't.

    He kisses her.

    BARBARA: It's been... a while since I've been touched by a man...

    WALLY: What about Grayson?

    BARBARA: Mr. Teen Spirit? I disgust him. My... weakness, my frailty. It offends him. He could never touch a cripple. Not since he met (singsong) Tarantula. Strange sort of monogamy, isn't it?

    WALLY: I wouldn't know.

    BARBARA: That's what I'm counting on.

    WALLY: You're not the Oracle, you know. If he's Agamemnon and I'm Achilles, you're Persephone. You got sent to Hades, now you run the place. Sending the Furies out to do your dirty work. Hot damn, that's inspiring.

    She looks at him uncomfortably.

    WALLY: Tell me more about this... Tarantula.


    Gar is relaxing on an inflatable bed floating on the pool.

    BEAST BOY: It's not going to be like this forever, is it?

    Donna reaches out of the water, grabs his hand.

    DONNA: No, it's not. But that's alright. Change is good.

    BEAST BOY: Tell that to Dick.

    Dick looks up from rubbing lotion into Kory's shoulders. An ominous beat.

    GRAYSON: What do you mean by that?

    BEAST BOY: Well, psycho ninja dude...

    GRAYSON: His name is Deathstroke.

    BEAST BOY: Whatever, he pumped five bullets into you. It's not a game anymore, is it? A merry band of heroes romping through Sherwood Forest, getting rid of all the bad Prince Johns. I'm the youngest one here. Why do I have to give up so fast?

    GRAYSON: It never was a game. Maybe Deathstroke just pointed that out for us.

    CYBORG: Maybe we shouldn't be doing this.

    No one protests. They've all been thinking this.

    CYBORG: When I was a kid, before... this all happened to me, I used to pretend I was Superman. Even had my own cape. He was perfect. He didn't have problems and if I were like him, everything would be perfect for me too. Isn't that a laugh? And now people are buying masks with me on them and pretending they're me, and I bet they don't think I have problems either. (quiet) I don't spend a lot of time being happy these days. And I keep wondering if I gave this up maybe I'd find something I could be happy doing.

    KORY: But you should be happy. You should be happy doing THIS. I like people. I like being with them. And I don't see how being a hero or anything else changes you one bit. Vic, you're a wonderful man and I'm so glad you no longer think you're a monster because you never were. Gar, you make me laugh so much, but sometimes I feel sorry for you because you keep overlooking what makes you special. I guess we all do. You all came here feeling awful, but we saved the world and that makes me feel great. Being a Titan means I've helped people. You know, I read the letters we get from people. Maybe you should too, because they thank us for just being there and that makes me feel even better. Sure, we all have problems, everyone does. But why dwell on the bad when we've done so much good.

    CYBORG: Hey, I wasn't talking about giving up. But sometimes things happen too fast. Look, I'm not Superman. I've only been this Cyborg for little over a year. I'm nineteen, living on my own, still trying to figure what I'm going to do with the rest of my life, only I also got this robot suit built into me that makes me different from everyone else. There's no way to prepare for things like that.

    GRAYSON: He's right. None of us know what could happen tomorrow. That's why it's important to do things now, while there's still a today. To tell the people we love how we feel. Kory...

    KORY: Yes Dick?

    GRAYSON: Watch my stuff. I'll be back in a minute.


    Barbara has climbed into Wally's lap.

    BARBARA: And Spanglish! She speaks Spanglish! Do you have any idea how annoying that is? I want to say "Lady, pick a language and stick with it!" (beat, quiet) I don't know what he sees in her. Actually, that's not true. I do know what he sees in her. Every time I look down. (beat) Men are pigs.

    WALLY: Yes, we are.

    BARBARA: Oh, not you... you're fantastic. I wish I'd met a guy like you when I was younger, before I was...

    WALLY: You still are.

    They kiss, hungrier this time, more passionately.

    BARBARA: Isn't it funny how even one time is enough to remind you that you're alive? That you have a life. That you're a woman... that you can be desirable, even if it's only a little bit. It doesn't have to go on. Just once is enough for me to remember... that sometimes my juices start to flow and I feel like a nymphoid barbarian in dinosaur hell.

    WALLY: Wait, what was that last part?

    BARBARA: I'm drunk, do you expect Emily Dickenson? **** me already.

    They kiss again.

    WALLY: How much do you feel?

    BARBARA: What?

    WALLY: Where's the cut-off? Where do you stop feeling?

    BARBARA: Don't know. Never thought about it much.

    WALLY: I would.

    He reaches under her shirt, wrapping his arms around her. Unclasps her bra.

    WALLY: Tell me, can you feel that?

    BARBARA: Yes.

    He slips his hands lower.

    WALLY: And that?

    BARBARA: Absolutely.

    WALLY: And that?

    BARBARA: ...I don't know. Give me a minute.

    WALLY: Take all the time you want.

    He kicks her wheelchair away, lowers her onto the floor.

    Pan over to the window, where we see NIGHTWING, holding a bouquet of flowers. He crushes them in his hands, his eyes burning with rage.

    Next: About Last Night...
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    I'm about to keel over in anticipation here! Post more, quick!
  14. Nightdevil Registered

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    Nightwing is gonna kick Wallys ass.

    I hope
  15. MaskedManJRK Registered

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    Yeah, Wally needs a bit of a whuppin'.
  16. Zev Registered

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    Nightwing chases down a PURSE SNATCHER, swinging into him and brutally knocking him into the ground. The Snatcher holds up the purse.

    SNATCHER: Alright man, I give, I give! I'll give it back, just don't hurt me! I just needed a fix, man, I surrender!

    Nightwing hesitates for a moment... then begins beating him anyway.


    Wally and Barbara spoon on a couch. Wally kisses the back of her head, accidentally waking her.

    BARBARA: I never realized just how long it had been until now. (beat) That was the best Anchorman I ever had.

    Wally runs a hand over her stomach absently.

    BARBARA: You're either aiming too low or too high.

    WALLY: It's not that. I'm just... not used to it being so hard. Flat.

    BARBARA: Well, I do work out. (beat) Did you do that because you love me... or because you wanted to piss Nightwing off?

    WALLY: I don't even know anymore. But I'm starting to lean towards the former.

    He feels a SCAR next to her navel.

    BARBARA: That's where the bullet went in. I had plastic surgery for the exit wound.

    Her eyes shut tight, flinching from the inner concussion of the images hitting her.

    WALLY: Does it still hurt?

    BARBARA: Only when someone touches it.

    WALLY: Oh. Sorry.

    DING! The elevator doors open and Dinah and Helena step off, arguing.

    DINAH: Babs, settle something, who played the dad on Happy... oh my god.

    Dinah is horrified. Helena conveys "Awwwwwww yeah" to Barbara with just a smile.

    DINAH: So... I see you've met someone new.

    BARBARA: Well... yeah.

    DINAH: I'll just... go over here.

    She walks off. Helena lingers in the doorway. Dinah pulls her away.

    WALLY: I should probably go.

    BARBARA: Yeah.

    In a flash, he's dressed. He returns the wheelchair next to the couch, Barbara's clothes folded on top of it.

    WALLY: So, do you run a sorority here or something?

    BARBARA: Feels that way sometimes.

    WALLY: Just so you know, that was the least crude joke I could think of.

    BARBARA: I appreciate that.

    WALLY: So, I'll call you?

    BARBARA: That would be nice.

    WALLY: Well... thanks for a lovely evening. Take care.

    He backpedals into the elevator, presses the call button. Dinah returns into frame, gesturing at Wally's back and mouthing "what the hell?" to Barbara. Babs just shrugs.

    The elevator doors open. Dinah steps in along with Wally. They close. Barbara begins getting dressed as Helena steps out from behind the whatever she's been behind.

    HELENA: So, you and...

    BARBARA: Wally. And that's all you're getting, so don't even try.

    HELENA: Wally, huh? Sounds like a cartoon character.

    BARBARA: If you've got something to say, say it.

    HELENA: I think this is a bad idea. Whoever this guy is, he doesn't know you like Dick does.

    BARBARA: Dick doesn't know me at all.

    HELENA: He knows you still have nightmares about waking up with tubes in your body. He knows why you didn't just give up. He knows...

    BARBARA: He doesn't know who he is. Wally does.


    They size each other up.

    DINAH: That was fast.

    WALLY: Not much for long goodbyes.

    DINAH: So... you and Babs?

    WALLY: Lookin' that way.

    DINAH: Good for her.

    WALLY: Good for me too.

    DINAH: You break her heart, I'll find out the most painful way to kill a man, learn it, and come after you.

    WALLY: ...so noted.

    The elevator chimes and opens.

    DINAH: I'm glad we had this talk.

    WALLY: Me too.


    Wally lights a cigarette. Then takes the paper out of his pocket. Written on the back is "Dick + Babs 4ever" inside a big cartoon heart. He nastily crosses an X over it, then lights it on fire just like he did the mask.


    The car returns to the top floor. Dinah stands there, listening to the crummy Muzak. Helena steps on.

    HELENA: You did the "I'll find out the most painful way to kill you" routine, didn't you?

    DINAH: Yup.

    HELENA: You know Barbara would freak if she knew you did that everytime she brought a man home.

    DINAH: Hey, I said I'd learn it, I never said I'd use it on him.

    HELENA: How come arguments like that never work for me?


    The door opens. Nightwing is silhouetted in the harsh light. Kory sits up in bed.

    KORY: Dick? Is that you?

    NIGHTWING: Oh yes. It's me.

    He walks in, the door closing behind him.

    KORY: Where have you been? You left to see Barbara and never came back.

    NIGHTWING: I've been thinking.

    He sits down on the bed. He looks haggard. His eyes are sunken, his hair disheveled. He's obviously been in a few fights since we saw him last. He leans down, resting his head on Kory's lap. She strokes his hair comfortingly.

    KORY: Thinking about what?

    NIGHTWING: How to get away with murder.


    Wally, a bouquet of flowers in hand, checks his appearance in a window. Slicks back his hair. Perfect. He picks a key out from under the welcome mat and opens the door...

    KA-BOOM! The explosion has already disintegrated half of the house by the time Wally reflexively shifts into FLASH-TIME. He kicks open the door and rushes in.


    In SLOW-MOTION we see the explosion expanding like a cloud from the kitchen. Moving in real time (and thus much faster than the scene around him, which remains in slo-mo), Wally runs through the first floor. His search turns up MICAH, Leslie's child. He picks her up and runs her out the front door. When he returns, the explosion has engulfed the landing of the STAIRCASE. He jumps onto an endtable and then further up onto the railing of the staircase, pulling himself onto the steps and runs upstairs.


    Wally runs into his old room. Linda sits on the bed, head in her hands, crying... FROZEN LIKE A STATUE.


    He runs up to her and places his hands on her shoulders. Energy seems to pass from him into her as she seems to UNTHAW, speeding up to his velocity.

    LINDA: (finishing a slow-motion sentence) ...ttttttt smells like gas?

    WALLY: Linda, is anyone else in the house?

    LINDA: What? Wally, what are you doing here?

    WALLY: Is anyone else in the house!?

    LINDA: No, Leslie's out with Feezik.

    WALLY: Good. Whatever you do, don't let go of my han...

    The FLOORBOARDS bulge upwards, flame licking up through the cracks. Linda SCREAMS.

    WALLY: Come on!


    Wally and Linda, holding hands, make a mad dash for the window. The explosion is ripping through the floor, geysering up like pillars of flame. Linda STEPS in a spot where the explosion is about to tear through. Her shoe catches on fire... and Wally goes completely "on the fritz" ripping off her shoe and throwing it aside as if he weren't already in Flash-Time. When Linda looks at him, his eyes are glowing LIGHTNING-YELLOW.

    LINDA: Wally, your eyes!

    WALLY: This is no time to wax rhapsodic!

    He opens the window as, behind them, time starts SPEEDING UP again.

    WALLY: Go! Go!

    He helps Linda out onto the roof, then crawls out himself as the explosion rips down the hallway.


    Wally and Linda slip-slide down the slanted roof

    WALLY: Aim for that tree!

    They reach the gutter and JUMP, landing in a tree on the lawn. They land in the branches. Wally shelters Linda behind the trunk as the world SNAPS BACK into real-time. Debris rains down on the tree, but they're unharmed. They uneasily climb down from the tree. Lit by the burning wreckage of his former haunts, Wally picks up the flowers next to Micah.

    WALLY: These are for you.


    Grayson lies next to Kory, her under the covers, him above.

    GRAYSON: You'll never give up on me, will you?

    KORY: It's a Tamaran thing.

    GRAYSON: Kory...

    KORY: Yeah?

    GRAYSON: I think it's time we talk about what Phobia made you see.


    SUPER: Bludhaven.

    Studio apartment. Nice place, although it obviously hasn't been cleaned in a while. TARANTULA enters through the window, a young latin woman, total femme fatale from her tight black pants to her orange belly shirt with a spider insignia. She sees the Flash sitting in her chair, petting her car.

    FLASH: Hola, senorita. About time you got here. We have a lot to talk about.


    GRAYSON: Why didn't you tell me?

    KORY: There are some things a Princess of Tamaran simply is not subjected to. And now I think it is time for you to be sharing.

    GRAYSON: I saw them.

    KORY: Who?

    GRAYSON: Wally and Barbara. All I could do was watch. I just SAT THERE and watched as he ****ed her again... and again... and again... and I couldn't do anything about it. It was that night, all over again...

    KORY: What night?


    TARANTULA: Madre dios! You're the Flash!

    Flash was expecting anything but a fangirl.

    TARANTULA: (suspicious) Wait, why did you come here?

    FLASH: (playing it by ear) I think you know why.

    TARANTULA: This is about Blockbuster, isn't it?

    FLASH: Don't panic. We just need to clear up a few things, get all the facts in. You're not in any trouble, it's really more of a formality than anything. Just tell me what happened in your own words.


    GRAYSON: Blockbuster was a monster. He was strong... but that wasn't what made him monstrous. It was his insidousness. I saw him make bad cops dirty, turn good men bad... make other people into monsters just like him. People like me.


    TARANTULA: He deserved to die. You tell the JLA that. Blockbuster did things to Dick, horrible things. You should've seen my poor Nightwing. We went to stop him...


    GRAYSON: It was like I was in a theater, watching a movie... it was all just happening above me and I couldn't do anything to stop it. Tarantula just...


    TARANTULA: I took out a gun. And I aimed it at Blockbuster.


    GRAYSON: I knew it was wrong. I knew we shouldn't be doing it. I tried to tell her to stop, but the words wouldn't come. She just... didn't listen.


    TARANTULA: It was exhilarating, us doing it together. Doing something so right, something that was meant to be... I can't describe it. It was the best time of my life. I only hope he enjoyed it as much as I did.


    GRAYSON: I just wanted it to end. That's all that went through my mind. All the pain, all the confusion, all the hurt... I just wanted it to end. I just wanted it to end.


    TARANTULA: Afterwards... we had a bit of a party.


    KORY: It's not your fault. It wasn't your falt.


    FLASH: All this time, I've been looking for a way to hurt him. And now I finally see it. I finally understand how I'm supposed to do it, how I was meant to hurt him. Perfectly understanding someone is knowing how to perfectly hurt them. I've seen his soul and it makes his ass look fat. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    The punch catches her square in the fact, lifting her off of the ground and dropping her flat on her back. Knocking her out cold.

    FLASH: (shaking his head) You're supposed to say "You're welcome."

    Next: Revenge
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    Ugh...Devin Greyson's Nightwing...*shudder*

    Besides that...unfortunate fact, pretty good stuff.
  18. Nightdevil Registered

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    We need more!

    I want to find ou why Wally has such a hard on for Grayson.
  19. Zev Registered

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    Raven walks through what was Azarath. The once bustling metropolis is completely silent, bodies strewn about like discarded toys. The buildings are in ruins, fires buring out of control.

    RAVEN: This was your work, wasn't it? Why won't you answer me, Trigon? Can it be you fear me? Or fear the group I've assembled to fight you?

    Raven falls to her knees as a MASSIVE shadow falls over her.

    RAVEN: You have an entire dimension to devastate... why must you destroy ours as well?

    And for the first time we see TRIGON. A black "Grim Reaper" cloak, much like Raven's, covers a gargantuan red body. Enormous-yet-elegant RAM'S HORNS curl tightly either side of his elongated biomechanoid head.


    RAVEN: All my life I was taught the virtue of peace and the folly of battle. All my life I have believed that to fight was to cause your soul to wither and die. But my mother and the others in Temple Azarath were wrong! Life is too precious to let you waste it so ignobly. I can no longer stand idly by and simply permit the destruction of untold billions of lives.

    Trigon looks down at her as if she were an ant threatening God.

    RAVEN: Father, hear my words! Now, as always, we are enemies! And I swear I shall find a way to defeat you!


    From three directions Linda, Nightwing, and Flash walk towards each other, all dramatic-like.

    FLASH: Nightwing! We've got to talk!

    NIGHTWING: You took the words right out of my mouth.

    LINDA: Wally, can it wait?

    FLASH: Oh, sure.

    Flash looks at Nightwing, "you mind?" Nightwing grumbles and walks away.

    FLASH: So, how's Leslie taking it?

    LINDA: She and the baby are finally moving in with Feezik

    FLASH: And where will you stay now that your house... exploded?

    LINDA: Yeah, I have. I decided to stop making you choose between me and your work.

    FLASH: I don't follow.

    LINDA: I'm moving in.


    LINDA: There a problem with that?

    FLASH: No, of course not. Just let me grab your stuff.

    He zooms off.

    LINDA: But all my stuff blew up in the fire!

    Nightwing steps out of the shadows.

    NIGHTWING: You must be Mrs. West. It's a pleasure to finally meet you.


    Wally beings redecorating. Down go the posters, up go cards from Linda, pictures of them together, etc.


    NIGHTWING: Wally told me all about you. We're all so happy for him, finding a woman who's so understanding.

    LINDA: Well, I try.

    NIGHTWING: Believe me, I wish my girlfriend would let me get away with half the things you let Wally do.

    LINDA: And what kind of "things" would that be?

    NIGHTWING: Oh, you know... wine, women and song.

    Flash returns.

    FLASH: Just remembered, all your stuff blew up in the fire.

    LINDA: Wally, what is it you do here, exactly?

    FLASH: You know, smoke cigars, play poker... guy stuff.

    LINDA: Guy stuff. On a team with three women on it.

    FLASH: What, you don't trust me?

    NIGHTWING: Linda, let me assure you... Flash is in his own room, alone, every night. Except when he spends time with you, of course, like last night.

    LINDA: He didn't spend any time with me last night...

    NIGHTWING: Oh, that would explain it.

    LINDA: Explain what?

    Nightwing whispers something in her ear.

    FLASH: Dick, you're a dead man for telling her about Babs!

    NIGHTWING: Who's Babs? All I said was: "I'm pretending to whisper a secret in your ear so that Flash here actually reveals a secret."

    FLASH: You slimy son of a...

    Linda is already storming off.

    FLASH: Linda, wait! She meant nothing to me!

    Nightwing speaks to Flash. For the first time, we get a sense of his true hatred for Wally.

    NIGHTWING: If she meant that little to you, why did you take her from me?

    FLASH: She was there for the taking.

    He grabs Nightwing by the collar.

    FLASH: You got any words for me before I do what I should've done a long time ago?

    NIGHTWING: (cuing suit taser) Just two...


    The Titans, minus Nightwing, are gathered around the fallen Flash. Beast Boy sees that his hand is twitching. He peels off the glove. Undernear, we see that the veins of Flash's forearm are flowing with LIQUID LIGHTNING, glowing just under the epidermis.

    BEAST BOY: Holy schnike!

    Flash's eyes snap open.

    FLASH: Where's Grayson?

    CYBORG: Don't know. He's gone off the grid.

    FLASH: I'll deal with him later. Right now I've got bigger fish to fry.


    Leslie, her hair feathered, sleeps next to FEEZIK, a pleasant-looking Quraci-American. We hear MUSIC coming over the BABY MONITOR on the bedstand. Leslie wakes up.

    FEEZIK: What's that?

    LESLIE: I'll check it out.


    Little Feat's "Time Loves A Hero" plays on the radio as Leslie enters to discover WALLY is holding Micah.

    WALLY: (re: hairdo) Oh, you got one of those Starfires. Take it from me, very accurate.

    LESLIE: What do you want?

    WALLY: Just here for a little daddy-daughter time. It's important for her to have a male role model in her life, you know.

    Wally gives Micah a friendly smile.

    WALLY: Do you know where Linda is?

    Little Micah mutely shakes her head no. Wally nods, jostles her playfully.

    LESLIE: Wally, put her down.

    WALLY: Where's Linda?

    LESLIE: I don't know...


    Micah begins crying. Her wailing intensifies as Wally stares at Leslie intently. Finally, he turns off the music. Leslie breaks down.

    LESLIE: She went to the local Brotherhood office, said she was going to join.

    Wally sets Leslie down in her playpen.

    WALLY: You see? That wasn't so bad, was it?

    Leslie slaps Wally. Wally smiles.

    WALLY: Thank you for your cooperation.


    Yellow boots step through the revolving doors. Everyone looks up as THE FLASH walks in.

    WALLY: Bring me Linda Park right now or I will bring this place down around your heads.


    Nightwing walks in to be confronted by the Titans.

    NIGHTWING: Nice to see you too.

    CYBORG: You were the one who shocked Wally.

    NIGHTWING: It was self-defense.

    BEAST BOY: From a fight you provoked!

    DONNA: I used to think you were better than him. Now I think... "at least he's honest about it."

    Over the P.A. system...

    BARBARA: (filtered) Guys, we've got a problem. Metahuman attack on the local Brotherhood franchise.

    NIGHTWING: Who is it?

    BARBARA: (filtered) Flash.


    Flash rips the cover off the main electrical panel. He pulls loose the hose-like 440 volt incoming line and feeds it directly into the lighting circuit. The overhead fluorescent units explode, showering sparks and glass. The building is plunged into darkness. Arcs SPUTTER and FLARE, lighting the corridors stroboscopically. Behind him, we see scattered Brotherhood members, both civilian and security, lying unconscious on the ground.

    He walks down a corridor inexorably. A door next to him begins to open. He kicks right through the door, dropping the would-be gunman.

    NIGHTWING: (O.S.) Stand down, Flash!

    Flash turns around. The Titans are behind him, doing the awesome-pose-before-big-fight thing superhero teams always do.

    FLASH: I don't take orders from you!

    STARFIRE: Comply or you will be forced to comply!

    RAVEN: Wallace, please, listen to reason...

    FLASH: Get away from me, Raven! Don't even think of using those empathic powers on me. I want to stay angry! I want to be mad! I deserve the right to be mad!

    NIGHTWING: To hell with this.

    He draws a Birdarang and HURLS IT at Flash.

    BEAST BOY: No!

    Flash CATCHES it.

    FLASH: Was that supposed to hurt?

    The Birdarang in his hand OVERLOADS, the flesh on his palm smoking as Flash is engulfed in an electrical charge. He goes out, his body perfectly still.

    NIGHTWING: Pick him up.

    Donna and Starfire rush to obey.

    NIGHTWING: No. (re: Cyborg and Beast Boy) I want THEM to do it.


    Cyborg and Beast Boy carry Flash into a cell. They leave him there, lock the door. The rest of the Titans are waiting outside.

    CYBORG: What's to stop him from vibrating out?

    NIGHTWING: I programmed the cell walls to vibrate at a matching frequency. He's not going anywhere.

    CYBORG: Really? That for all those other speedsters out there? All none of them? How many ways to have to imprison us?

    NIGHTWING: If you're going to call me paranoid, look inside that cell.

    Next: Clash Of The...
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    Can't wait for the next one! :D
  21. Zev Registered

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  22. bored One Sexy Lemur

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    I think he's saying he wants to know why Flash is so obsessed with bringing Nightwing down.
  23. Zev Registered

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    1. Wounded pride over not being the leader.

    2. He thinks Nightwing is incompetent, in league with the bad guys, the Justice League's puppet, or all of the above.
  24. MaskedManJRK Registered

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    Will we see any more tonight? And if not tonight, when? :D
  25. Zev Registered

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    I guess now would be a good time. Any speculation on the identity of the traitor, seeing as how we're drawing close to "lay all the cards on the table" time? The opportunity to eventually say "I told you so" is dwindling to an end...


    Nightwing leads the Titans in their exercises.


    Flash has both his hands pressed against the door. He pushes against it, vibrating his molecules, but doesn't pass through.

    FLASH: Barry... help me.

    He CONCENTRATES, his body vibrating at a different level than the door. He STEPS THROUGH IT.


    Nightwing takes down a pair of kendo sticks from the wall.

    NIGHTWING: Alright, let's get some sparring in.

    FLASH: (O.S.) I agree.

    Flash walks in. Grabs his own kendo stick from the wall. Nightwing throws one aside. They stare each other down.

    FLASH: Let's settle this.

    They square off, circling each other, closer and closer. Flash notes Nightwing's glance lingering on Kory.

    FLASH: (sotto, to Dick) I'm sorry, were you hoping to do the whole sexy sparring thing?

    Nightwing attacks him, Flash blocks it, a vapor trail occasionally showing him to be using his powers. They lock.

    FLASH: (sotto) I've got the idea. You're both sweaty, flesh slipping against each other... so much easier than all that TALKING, wouldn't it be?

    NIGHTWING: (sotto) You know nothing.

    FLASH: I thought admitting you knew nothing was the beginning of all knowledge. Speaking of knowledge, how's Babs doing?

    Grayson's eyes flare at the nickname. He shoves Flash backwards, breaking the hold, and loses the kendo stick.

    NIGHTWING: Kory, swords!

    She looks hesitant.


    She throws them two BROADSWORDS from the wall. Flash twists his experimentally.

    NIGHTWING: No powers.

    FLASH: I don't need my powers to take out a scrawny little poser like you. What are you, anyway? Batman Lite? Diet Batman? Just one calorie, not Batman enough!

    Their swords meet with a thundering clang and a shower of sparks. BLADES CLANG in the gloom.

    BEAST BOY: You think there's any... symbolism in this?

    All the others look at him. Nightwing and Flash lock sword-hilts, face to face.

    FLASH: You afraid of the future, Nightwing? Then get out of the way, stand aside. The people are ready to move again.

    NIGHTWING: And who's telling them where to go?

    Nightwing hurls him back across the gym. Flash lands on the hard wooden floor, jumps to his feet. Wielding his sword like a scythe, Flash attacks, driving Nightwing back in showers of sparks. Nightwing feints for his guy, then slashes him across the arm. Flash falls back, wincing. It's deep. Flash moves in to return the favor, overwhelming him, finally cutting him across the cheek. They back away from each other, winded.

    NIGHTWING: (sotto) You know, of course, that Linda's never going to trust you again.

    FLASH: (sotto) That's alright. I've still got Babs to fall back on.

    Nightwing roars and charges at him. Flash blocks his parries brilliantly. They swing from the shoulder, putting incredible power into it. They batter each other relentlessly, each blow sapping their strength. If one blow lands, the victim will be dead. Just as it's getting out of hand, their swords meet... and SHATTER They stare at each other, breathing heavily..

    NIGHTWING: That's enough. Go see Raven, get yourself patched up.

    FLASH: Oh no. We ain't through here.

    NIGHTWING: Yes, we are.

    FLASH: We always hate in others what we see in ourselves. So tell me, Dick... what do you see in me?

    NIGHTWING: They're right about you. You are crazy.

    He turns to go.

    FLASH: You think Roland Desmond would agree with you?

    Nightwing freezes. The rest of the team hangs on Flash's every word. Which is just the way he likes it.

    FLASH: What? He never told you the story of Blockbuster? Pity. It's a great yarn. All the trappings of a classic. Sex. Violence. And a murder most foul...

    NIGHTWING: I didn't kill him!

    FLASH: Just like you didn't kill Zucco? Funny how everyone who pisses you off seems to end up dead. Should I be warning Babs?

    Nightwing punches Flash. So fast even Wally doesn't see it coming. Flash slams against the wall, a trickle of blood dripping from his lip.

    NIGHTWING: Shut up, West. Just shut up.

    Wally looks up, his eagerness written all over his face. FINALLY.

    FLASH: Everybody gets one, boy wonder. (beat) Wanna go for two?

    Nightwing glares at Flash, his eyes becoming cold and impenetrable. A jealous fantasy image of WALLY AND BARBARA flashes before his eyes. He charges Flash. Nightwing fights through a haze of fury, his moves less restrained than we've seen before. He's going for the kill. Flash still refuses to use the Speed Force. He's a brawler, a boxer. Not so much with the martial arts. Nightwing is quickly gaining the upper hand. He punches Wally right on his wounded arm. Pure ****ing spite. Wally howls with pain. The others wince. Savage.

    Kory watches Nightwing give in to the moment. Breasts heaving, moist with perspiration. The color rising in her cheeks. Aroused.

    Nightwing gets Flash in a headlock.

    NIGHTWING: Would you take everything from me? Leave me with NOTHING!

    FLASH: Dick... I'd just like you to know... she was gagging for it.

    Nightwing screams, tries to SNAP FLASH'S NECK! Flash slips free, elbows Nightwing hard in the nose, breaking it. Delivers a series of punches to his gut. He may not know much technique, but he's a scrapper.

    FLASH: Babs! Whoa! How'd you let that little firecracker get away? I was going to write her off as damaged goods, but DAMN. Girl knew how to party, if you get my drift.

    Nightwing KICKS FLASH'S LEG IN! Flash's knee buckles out from under him. He collapses. Nightwing begins laying into him, stomping on his ribs. Flash screams with pain!

    BEAST BOY: For God's sake, stop it!

    Nightwing realizes what he's doing. He stops, looks at the other Titans. Sees the utter disdain in the other's eyes. And realizes that this was his test and he failed it utterly. HE'S LOST THEIR TRUST.

    Nightwing offers Flash his hand.

    NIGHTWING: Yield.

    FLASH: Like hell.

    Flash struggles, tries to get up on his own. Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven help him to his feet, carry him out of the room in delicious contrast to their earlier capture of him. Flash looks over his shoulder to shoot a victorious glance at Nightwing. He's won.


    Flash applies an icepack to his knee. He sits on an exam table; Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg clustered around him.

    FLASH: Let me give you all a little freshly-sliced piece of advice, my hand-glazed ceramic dipping bowls, my little rose-cut radishes of eager attentiveness, my lemon twists of learning. Let me filet it thinly and drape it over an oval mound of vinegared rice, that you may consume it in one delicious and instructive bite. Out of almost three hundred million Americans, only two million are victims of violent crimes each year. What this means is that the vast majority of Americans are not inclined to hurt one another. So we have a paradox. We may well be in the most violent times in history, but violence is still remarkably rare.


    Leslie stands, holding Micah.

    FLASH: (V.O.) This is because most citizens are kind, decent people who are not capable of hurting each other, except by accident or under extreme provocation. They are sheep. Nothing wrong with being a sheep. It's like a pretty, blue robin's egg. Inside it is soft and gooey but someday it will grow into something wonderful. But the egg cannot survive without its hard blue shell.


    Wintergreen lays out Deathstroke's armor. In the background, we hear the shower running.

    FLASH: (V.O.) Then there are the wolves, and the wolves feed on the sheep without mercy. Make no mistake, there are evil men in this world and they are capable of evil deeds. The moment you forget that, you become a sheep. There is no safety in denial.


    Kory bandages Nightwing. He winces as she rubs a handful of Tamaranian salve on a bruise.

    FLASH: (V.O.) Then there are sheepdogs... and I'm a sheepdog. I have a capacity for violence, so I can't be a sheep. And I have an empathy for my fellow citizens, so I can't be a wolf. That makes me someone who can walk into the heart of darkness, into the universal human phobia, and walk out unscathed.


    Bethany Snow shuffles papers and prepares for her close-up.

    FLASH: (V.O.) We know that the sheep live in denial; that is what makes them sheep. They do not want to believe that there is evil in the world. They can accept the fact that fires can happen, which is why they want fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, fire alarms and fire exits throughout their kids' schools. But many of them are outraged at the idea of putting an armed police officer in their kid's school. Our children are thousands of times more likely to be seriously injured by school violence than by school fires, but the sheep's only response to the possibility of violence is denial. The idea of someone coming to kill or harm their children is just too hard, so they choose the path of denial.


    Racine checks his appearance in a mirror, making sure every hair is in place.

    FLASH: (V.O.) The sheep generally do not like the sheepdog. He looks a lot like the wolf. He has fangs and the capacity for violence. He is a constant reminder that there are wolves in the land. They would prefer that he didn't tell them where to go, or give them traffic tickets, or stand at the ready in our airports in camouflage fatigues holding an M-16. The sheep would much rather have the sheepdog cash in his fangs, spray paint himself white, and go "Baa." Until the wolf shows up.


    FLASH: Here is how the sheep and the sheepdog think differently. The sheep pretend the wolf will never come, but the sheepdog lives for that day. Now, when people like Racine say that these wolves can be reasoned with, they are doing what sheep do: living in denial. Because to say we are responsible for the Brother Bloods and Deathstrokes of the world is a way to say we can control this wolf. If we believe we made him, then that means we control him. We can unmake him. All we have to do is act differently and he will go away. It’s complete moral cowardice, of course – but it’s understandable cowardice. It’s denial, because if all the sins are ours then all we must do is repent and the wolf will go away. But the wolf is not interested in what we do. He does not spare little lambs because they rub up against his leg and make cooing sounds. The wolf wants to swallow us whole. He wants the fight. He wants the war and the conflict. And he will keep on huffing and puffing until we make a choice. Brother Blood offers you two choices: Convert or die. I offer you a third. Fight back. So we're not going to go on feeding the wolf, hoping he eats us last. We're going to shove our fist down his throat, rip out his guts, and shove them in his face before he dies.

    Raven presses her hands to Flash's knee.

    RAVEN: Azarath metrion zinthos.

    Flash stands tall, the theme music growing harder, more militaristic.

    FLASH: It is our right to live free. It is our duty to stand against those who would take that freedom. No more stern warnings. No more major ultimatums. No more signed and sealed letters telling them how bad it makes us feel when they act naughty. As of right this moment, we are taking the fight to them. It's their turn to be afraid and I need to know that you're going to be right there with me, putting the fear of God into those primitive screwheads. So... are you my sheepdogs?

    Nods all around. Beast Boy speaks for everyone when he says:

    BEAST BOY: Woof woof.

    Flash smiles.

    BEAST BOY: So, what do we do now?

    FLASH: We're superheroes. What do we think we do? (beat) We save the world.

    Next: Point of No Return

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