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Nov 29, 2009
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Disney Heads to Terra Incognita

Source: Variety
December 3, 2012

Walt Disney Pictures has lined up another original sci-fi project with something called Terra Incognita. Variety has the news, saying that Guardians of the Galaxy's Nicole Perlman will provide the screenplay.

There are currently no details as to what Terra Incognita might be about, but it references a Latin term for "unknown land" that is most commonly associated with ancient cartography.

Perlman made the break into Hollywood with her (still unproduced) 2005 Black List screenplay Challenger, a science fact narrative about the 1986 NASA tragedy.

Terra Incognita joins quite a few original sci-fi stories in the works at Disney, including Brad Bird's 1952 and an untitled space adventure from screenwriter Max Landis.

Justin Springer is attached to produce Terra Incognita.
The only thing that sucks with all these original sci-fi properties is that we wont know what the hell they're about until the day they're out.
With this, 1952, and the Max Landis sci-fi project, I'm happy that Disney is willing to go original with some of their films. With the last two, I just hope we get some movement going on.
I love that science fiction has come roaring back to life since people are scared about communism again! Science fiction is amazing and we can always do with more of it!
Sci-Fi has always been around but Hollywood has been stuck on trends and broadly-stroked sci-fi movies like Battle LA. That's why I applaud movies like Looper, Inception, District 9, and Moon for being inventive.

And I wanna see more space operas. I wanna see some crazy stuff in the future. Star Trek and Star Wars can't do it alone. Hell, I'll include you too Riddick 3.

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