Texas High School Student Teacher Rant Goes Viral


The never-ending battle
Jul 23, 2003
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From NBC:

"Cellphone video of a Duncanville, Texas high school district student's rant at a teacher is making rounds on social media ... In the video, the student, identified by YouTube users and other sources as Jeff Bliss, expresses his frustration with the way the Duncanville High School teacher communicates with students."

If there's an "Education" thread that I missed then apologies but I figured the Community would be the place to share this since word's been getting around.

The video itself has some expletives so I won't link that here but a link's provided through the story.

Whatever the impact or lack thereof, it's nice to see someone (and a student especially) stand up and be vocal about something as important as this.
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Not the first way I would have thought my old school district would have made national headlines.
dang...haha that kid is awesome.
Called his teacher out about the just a paycheck thing too which was BA
Saw this story in my morning news, they had him on talking about what happened but apparently the mom didn't want to show her face who was also there.
The young man gets it. Good for him to stand up and want to be educated and want others to be educated.
Watch this become a movie. It's like a John Hughes flick come to life.
This happened several times when I was in school (not so theatrically though). He's absolutely right, but I'm not sure why this is such a popular video. Are people legitimately surprised by his words, having their eyes opened to how awful the American public education system is? Or is it so popular because it reflects the way a lot of people already feel (even if they're just realizing it now)? And if so many people DO share his sentiments, why does nothing ever change? This is why facebook/online activism provides a false sense of accomplishment. We all recognize that things are broken, but the proper steps to fix them are never really taken.
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What an intelligent kid. Tho his excessive use of the word "freaking" killed some of his thunder I agree with everything he said. Teacher sounds like a lazy money grabber. Hope the kid doesn't get into too much trouble tho if he does he will probably turn out fine. He seems to have his head on straight.
Hippie needs to get a hair cut and read his damn packets! :argh:
She needs to lift; I agree to some extent with the video though. My History teacher in Jr High/High read straight from the textbook. How much of that stuck? None! My Biology professor did give us packets of notes to copy. Freshman Biology in college was a nightmare.
Word to the wise, don't post the original footage you'll get an infraction :(
If only I had the balls to do this to my ex-Computer Teacher. She made us watch YouTube videos of this guy teaching us about computers. Yes, a teacher showing us a video of another teacher teaching about computers. It was complete ********. Thankfully she left three months after school started. My Freshman Spanish Teacher was the same way too. He just told us stories about his ****** life and then he gave us packets and we learned from that. It was a complete waste. He left about a month before school ended so unfortunately with that I had to stand with him for the whole year.

Teaching is a very difficult job. It can difficult to teach children certain things, and its especially frustrating when they don't understand it either. Not to mention children can be dip****s sometimes. However, you still need to make an effort. You can't just hand out packets and watch videos all day. You need to read and explain. Thankfully I've only had three terrible teachers in my entire life so far. The rest have been great or fantastic; and they don't get enough credit. A whole career is made to look bad because some people like a job where you're off two days a week, holidays, and the summer. While good teachers want to make an impression on some kid's life and help him/her grow.
What makes it even better to me is how humble he's being about it. How he just spoke his mind without expecting or embracing the response or support to it.

I'm from a suburb called Plano on the other side of Dallas from Duncanville and the general atmosphere with education and the attitudes towards it are pretty much the same, unfortunately. I suppose the difference is I HAVE met teachers who legitimately care for the education of their students and, certainly for me, made that kind of connection. It was a teacher during my sophmore year that actually opened my eyes to writing and inspired me to become a writer.

But I can obviously see the alternative of this with teachers who don't care and it's frustratingly unfortunate.
The only problem with this, is that we don't know what happened right before this. The camera started recording the incident just before the rant by the kid, so the kid said or did something film-worthy before this rant of his.

We also don't know the history between this kid and the teacher. He could be a kid who acts out frequently, and just letting him rant until the principle or security comes is/has been the best way for the teacher to deal with this particular student.

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the teacher in this situation.

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