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World TFcon 2013 - The world's largest fan-run Transformers convention - Toronto


Jan 2, 2012
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TFcon returns July 26 to 28, 2013!
The TFcon 2013 hotel block is now available. You can book your hotel room for TFcon 2013 by calling the Delta Meadowvale Hotel and Conference Centre reservation department direct and toll free at 1-800-422-8238 or book online. When booking by phone, please quote block code “gcctfc0713″ or ask for the TFcon rate. You can book your room via the 2013 hotel reservation website at http://www.deltameadowvale.com/gcctfc0713.
The group rate is good for July 24 to July 31, 2013 at the price of $109 per room. No deposit is required to reserve your room now. You have until July 23rd to cancel your room if you can't make the convention.
TFcon – The world's largest fan-run Transformers convention will take place July 26th to 28th, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario.
Before TFcon 2013 hits, this November 10th marks 10 years to the day of the very first TFcon back in 2002. Join the TFcon staff November 10th at the TFcon 10th Anniversary Party at the Sheraton Parkway Hotel at the Spirits Bar & Lounge at 9pm and enjoy a casual evening with other collectors.

Then stop by the TFcon table at the 9th annual Canadian Action Figure Expo on November 11th for a very special giveaway.

The 9th annual Canadian Action Figure Expo will be November 11th, 2012 at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel - 600 Highway 7 East, Richmond Hill, Ontario.
TFcon Announces 2013 Dealer Registration

Dealer registration is now online for TFcon 2013. For those of you that were looking to sell at the world’s largest fan-run Transformers convention now is the time to book, you can contact us now to reserve your space. Dealers from last year will automatically be sent the online registration information.
Attendee registration will be announced in the spring!
TFcon 2013 is pleased to announce that we will once again be hosting a charity auction for Make-A-Wish Canada on Saturday, July 27th, 2013. Last year TFcon raised $2705 in our first ever charity auction.
TFcon 2013 Exclusive Van Guardian Profile
ALLEGIANCE: Heroic Gobits
FUNCTION: Chief of Security
“You honestly think you can get past me?”

Profile: Graduating top of his class from the Heroic Gobit Academy, VAN GUARDIAN was immediately assigned to important security duty on his home world. When the war broke out and BIKEMURDER raided GOBITRON, VAN GUARDIAN and his team were captured only to be rescued by CAPTAIN-1 and his crew. Impressed with how long he was able to hold up against almost impossible odds, CAPTAIN-1 recruited VAN GUARDIAN for his Earth team as the Gobit war continued to rage on the other side of the galaxy. Opting for the new generation modifier design his new body is now ready for whatever battle may come his way. Many younger Gobits and academy students look up to him. Smart, tactical and courageous, VAN GUARDIAN is one talented bot.
Abilities: Robot mode flight and high powered laser blasts from his fists which are standard with almost all Gobits. With his new body, he now has an optional high impact battle mask and SHOCK GUN for when he needs to protect his fellow Gobits. He also possesses a unique ability to detect close by enemy scanner devices keeping him always a step ahead of the enemy.

Weaknesses: If VAN GUARDIAN has one fault it is that he is very arrogant. He sometimes thinks the battle is won way before the final shot is fired and that tends to get him in some serious situations. Being revered by so many Gobitronians has gone to his head.

Keep an eye on this spot for the 2nd TFcon 2013 exclusive profile reveal before TFcon 2013 registration goes online May 1st at 9am.
TFcon 2013 Exclusive Roswell Profile

ALLEGIANCE: Heroic Gobits
FUNCTION: Warrior / Communications
“I am not trying to prove I am better then you, I am trying to prove I am just as good!”

Profile: Originally a beautiful humanoid, when the Terrorist Gobits nearly destroyed their planet, she was forced to take on the form of a robotic space craft to aid in the war against BIKEMURDER. As the battles raged on, she became a seasoned warrior and trusted solider, so much so that in the absence of CAPTAIN-1 and TURBOLAG, she is left to command the whole Good Gobit army. In a recent mission; ROSWELL and a skeleton crew of bots, tried to find a solution to their home world and universe being wiped out by an unknown cosmic factor; it resulted in ROSWELL having to change her robotic form to match that of the local esthetic in a strange new dimension where everything was “More Than Meets the Eye”. Thanks to the Modifier, a machine from her home universe, she has finally achieved a design, color and body that she is somewhat pleased with, but even ROSWELL feels it could be better.

Abilities: Like all other Gobits, she has the standards of robot mode flight and high powered laser based pulse blasts from her fists. Unique to her design is that in UFO mode she is capable of light speed travel. Armed with her Path Cannon she can fire a short range blast that emits small sized black holes. ROSWELL is always looking to upgrade her weaponry to keep up with the ongoing conflict.

Weaknesses: She always drives to be better and thus some of her teammates feel she pushes herself to her to the point of exhaustion. She also can be a little vain sometimes, as she used to be a very curvaceous and beautiful humanoid and is not pleased with her more current blocky robot body.

TFcon 2013 registration goes online May 1st at 9am.
Transformers Comic Book Artist Alex Milne to attend TFcon 2013

TFcon is very pleased to welcome back Alex Milne to the TFcon guest list this year. Alex is the artist for IDW’s current Transformers: More than Meets the Eye comic book, and has also worked on Megatron Origins, the Transformers (2007) Official Movie Adaptation, Spotlight: Arcee, The Reign of Starscream, Transformers: Alliance, Transformers: Drift, and many more. He will be attending both days and offering prints and commissions to attendees all weekend long.

And the TFcon 2013 Event Schedule is now online
TFcon 2013 exclusive Van Guardian image gallery
We are pleased to reveal the first images of the TFcon 2013 exclusive VAN GUARDIAN figure. Limited to only 500 pieces it is produced by iGear Toys.
You can reserve your figure and register for TFcon 2013 via the online registration page.
Collectible Expo programming returns for TFcon 2013
TFcon’s expansion to a 2 day convention was originally made possible through merging with the 80s Toy Expo on the Sunday due to many dealers completely selling out of merchandise on Saturday requiring a dealer room restock. This year is no different with the Sunday bringing us one of Canada’s largest dealer rooms for 80s toy related merchandise consisting of dealers selling Super Heroes (Marvel, DC etc), Star Wars (new and vintage), G.I. Joe (vintage and modern), Masters of the Universe (vintage and classics), Wrestling, Power Rangers, as well as Transformers (vintage and Japanese imports), and tons of other Action Figures and collectibles.
Gobots voice actor Marilyn Lightstone to attend TFcon 2013
We are very pleased to welcome voice actor Marilyn Lightstone the voice of Crasher and Path Finder in Challenge of the GoBots to TFcon 2013. Ms. Lightstone will be taking part in a Q&A panel and autograph session with the attendees of the world’s largest fan-run Transformers convention on the Saturday only.

TFcon 2013 Custom Class Exclusive Decepticharge
TFcon is happy to reveal the 2013 custom class figure “Transformers Prime Decepticharge”. Instructed by customizing veterans DAK, Nemesis Predaking, Plowking and Chans formers, this class will take you through the real customizing process from start to finish, taking a toy and transforming it into a new character. Using a new head sculpt, paint, stickers and several hours of focus, all skill levels can learn how to create their own custom toy in this class where everything you need will be provided. There are still spots open for the Sunday class which you can register for here: http://tfcon2013.eventbrite.ca/

Transformers Comic Book Artist John-Paul Bove to attend TFcon 2013
TFcon is pleased to welcome UK-based artist John-Paul Bove to the convention this year. Bove is best known to Transformers fans for his work colouring the Regeneration One book for IDW. He will be available throughout the weekend, digitally colouring your black and white sketches and signing your comics.

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