The 2012 Emmy Awards - 9/23 @ 8/7c on ABC

I'm no Cryer fan, but wouldn't you rather give back someone like Perez Hilton? :o

Not that we want him either, mind you, but still...

We tried trading him a long time ago. We even volunteered to take John Gosselin and/or Spencer Pratt at the time (it was topical back then). No dice.

Wait...."Jonathan" from Buffy for an Emmy? "Jonathan" as in short guy, as in 1/3 is the evil trio?

What the hell for? The last thing I saw him in was as a priest on how I met your mother.

He wrote the screenplay for the Sarah Palin movie. Brains > looks in Hollywood, as the rest of the former Buffy cast is finding out.
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I reconginzed him from Mad Men. I think he was in season 4.
Well, I guess it's finally time I got around to watching Homeland. I'm not mad about Cranston losing. He's gotten 3 for this role already, which is more than a lot of people have gotten for giving us great, iconic TV characters (Michael C. Hall, Jon Hamm, Steve Carell, etc). Though losing for "Crawl Space" is pretty damn shocking.

I do recommend Homeland. It is a good show; however, it is a tad over-hype. The first half of the season was very good and riveting, but, there is a slight decline in the quality by the second half of the season and ending with a disappointing and cliche finale. Nonetheless, the acting is top notch especially by Claire Danes.
While Breaking Bad was definitely my pick for Best Drama, Homeland was great enough in its own right that it winning instead isn't an outrage. And only yesterday I was saying that Damian Lewis could be Bryan Cranston's most serious challenge yet in the Best Actor category, so while I think Bryan Cranston earned the Emmy two times over for "Crawl Space" alone never mind his stellar work through the rest of the season, Damian Lewis is also a worthy winner.
Haven't seen season 5 of Breaking Bad yet but was it split into two parts with the second half finishing the series?

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