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Feb 16, 2003
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Sorry, my original post had to be trimmed down. All I took out was the character descriptions, which are available here.

Captain Wesley "Wes" Downey - Wesley Downey is the Captain of the U.S.S. Tiberious, a former StarFleet Marine where he achieved the rank of Major(ala Major Hayes from Enterprise) and a former operative of Section 31, with whom is still affilated with at the start of this series. A peaceful, happy person as a child and a teen, Downey is the grandson of Legendary Admiral Wyatt Downey, who had served with the likes of Picard, Edward Jellicho, Benjamin Sisko, and more. Downey’s father Wallace was head of the Engineering project “Atlantis” on Earth and did not follow his father into Starfleet, so Wesley’s interest in Starfleet was met with great pleasure from his grandfather, as the two were always very close, so close that Wes deep down views his grandfather as his true father, having not spent much time with Wallace due to different interests and the time Wallace spent with Atlantis. Although never seeing himself as much of an explorer, Wes saw himself a "protector" of both the innocent, and of explorers such as James Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard, and wanting nothing more than to help out, Wes thus enrolled in StarFleet academy as a Tactical Major, along with the required command training of a cadet. Downey became the second person to defeat the Kobayashi Maru test by choosing not to save the crew of the Maru and instead his own. The ability to make hard choices would become one of Downey's trademarks. While on a cadet observation assignment in deep space with his Grandfather on board the Valiant, they were ambushed by Romulans warbirds and the crew and cadets were either killed or taken captive. Downey would be taken captive while his grandfather died, changing Downey from a peaceful, happy go lucky person into a brooding, icy, emotional wrecked, determined soldier of war. Downey was rescued three weeks after the destruction of the Valiant, but in those three weeks was tortured, starved, and force to watch the daily execution of survivors of the Valiant. Downey was to be executed three days after his rescue. All of these moments led to Downey's unfailing contempt for Romulans. After completing the last stage of his academy training in Tactical and Command, Downey immediately enlisted in the StarFleet Marines and went off to fight Romulans with a bitter vengeance, and, although you, immediately shot up to the rank of Major after taking part in several successful ground missions and taking command of the starship Sydney when the bridge crew was killed in an attack far from Federation forces. Downey also achieved the field rank of Lt. Commander. It was then that Section 31 took interest in this young but accomplished officer/soldier, and Downey happily joined Section 31 as an undercover operative while at the same time maintaining his duties as a Major and Lt. Commander, while those that served with him had no idea about Section 31. Downey continued to led successful ground campaign's and took many Romulan colonies by force, and at times would be granted temporary command of a Defiant-class starship named the Midway. Downey often had singular missions for Section 31 that he performed in secret. With the war between the Federation and the Romulans in a close stalemate with the Federation slightly ahead, but with loss of life and ships ahead of them, Downey was dispatched aboard the Midway to the Gamma Quadrant assist the Founders in the fight against the Borg and, in exchange for the Federations help, receive the breeding devices for the Jem'Hadar. Accompanied by a skeleton crew of Bridge officers and StarFleet Marines, Downey and Kevin O'Ryan, another Section 31 operative who would play re-occuring role in my tv show, secretly board a ship downed by the Midway and Dominion fights to steal weapons technology for the Federation to attempt to duplicate, and then returned to the Alpha Quadrant. The Borg tech was adapted to a number of newer Federation ships in the shipyard, and the war quickly became a slaughter house of Romulans. Afterwards, Downey resumed his usual activities, and even led the ground troops of the Federation in taking over Remus and setting up base there. In the wake of Downey's success against the Romulans, and his ruthless approach toward them, the Romulans sought to capture and kill Downey at any cost, but failed in doing so. Some Romulans viewed Downey as Space Fox, similar to the nickname humans gave to the Swamp Fox, Francis Marion. After the war, Downey re-signed from the StarFleet Marines and was given a promotion to Commander in the field, and then took over administration duties on a Federation land base in the Andorian system, where at times he would feel guilt for his viciousness toward Romulans, while the same time still harboring hate for them because of his grandfather's murder. Downey choose not to carry on as an operative for Section 31, and live in near solitude outside of his command duties on his Federation base, although Section 31 informed him that if his services were ever needed again. Downey went out of his to avoid knowing his officers at the base, deep down afraid of caring about someone, and afraid of feeling in general. Upon the delicate assignment of the U.S.S. Tiberious, the time came for Section 31 to contact Downey, having higher ups pull strings to land Downey the Captain's chair. This was against Downey's wishes, as he had no interest in long term commanding of a Starship, but with his success during the war and his command training, he was the perfect choice. Due to the delicate matter of the Tiberious's assignment, Section 31 wanted a capable Captain they could trust to help insure safety for the Federation, and also be there eye's and ears aboard a starship. Downey's crew finds it odd that a military man with limited starship command experience outside of short range strike missions is named Captain not to mention his age as he is still somewhat young, but except it anyway. His crew, at least at first, would be in the dark about there Captains Section 31 affiliation, not even knowing there is a Section 31. In many ways, humanities journey back from darkness would mirror Downey's. Can either one of them overcome it and be what and who they once where? Will Downey learing to care about his crew and seeing the as a family, he just may be able to find his way back to happiness and hope. While thinking of this character, I see a cross between Angel/David Boreanaz and Jack Shephard/Matthew Fox type playing Downey. There are similarities between the two characters and Downey. Downey also likes to be called Wes, similar to Kirk being called Jim. Wes is also a fan of the 21st century, and has many collectable items including hand guns and shotguns, which came in handy with the Borg, and will again. Since Boreanaz and Fox are taken, Eion Bailey should play this role.

Dr. Liam O'Connor- Dr. Liam O'Connor is ship Physician onboard the U.S.S. Tiberious. Also young like Downey, O'Connor was a field doctor straight from StarFleet Medical Academy and was thrust into duty during the war and was on hand to treat victims of several battles, witnessing many atrocities on both sides. Liam has a reputation as a miracle Doctor, almost like the Montgomery Scott of Medicine, after saving the lives of many Federation citizens, and while he always remains cool face to face, is often times shy and only comfortable while engaging in his duties as a Doctor. When he opens up, it is noticed that O'Connor actually has a wonderful wit and charm to him, but often times can't let it out. Like Downey, O'Connor is dedicated to helping others, hence why he became a Doctor instead pursing his other dream, that of a Historian. O'Connor is a deeply caring, emotional guy who truly cares for every single patient on the ship, and he forms a friendship with Downey very quickly. Thinking of what he saw during the War makes him uncomfortable, and he prefers not to discuss it. O'Connor forms a friendship quickly with Downey, as the two share the common bond of wanting to help and protect the innocent. O’Connor’s father is the highly decorated commanding officer of the U.S.S. Intrepid, famous for both exploration missions and tactical missions, and is seen as one of the finest Captains to ever put on a Federation uniform, along with the likes of Kirk, Picard, Pike, Archer, Sisko, and so forth. There is resentment on both sides, as Liam’s father was hard on him during his childhood, and often absent due to deep space missions, and is upset that Liam became a Doctor instead of a Commanding Officer, believing he still wants to play his childhood role of the hero to others, and is foolish to believe he can save everyone. Older brother is a StarFleet Captain aboard the U.S.S. Barcelona, and younger sister is an Ensign Pilot aboard the U.S.S. McCoy. Alexis Denisof should play this role.

Cmdr. Rachel Loomis- The first Officer of the Tiberious, Loomis once held the rank of Captain, but lost it when she diverted her ship from it's assignment when learning of a Romulan attack on a colony where her husband and daughter were located. Not only did she lose her ship and the majority of her crew by falling right into a Romulan trap, her husband and daughter were both killed in the attack. Not having anywhere to go, Loomis stayed in StarFleet but is often uninterested and unmotivated by the things around her, with not only her families death haunting her thoughts, but also her dead crewmembers. This is yet another character who must find there way back from the brink, and also help Downey with his command abilities. As the First Officer, Loomis is expected to be a jack of all trades, with the ability to jump in at Science station, Helm, Operations, or Tactical.

Lt. Cmdr. Patrick Brooks- The Science Officer for the U.S.S. Tiberious, Brooks is an idealistic young Officer who is the epitome of everything the Federation once was in the days of Kirk and Picard. Nerdy and naïve, Brooks doesn't believe in the grey area. Brooks became a Science Officer so he could explore new life and discover new worlds, not fight battles and wear Military style uniforms. Brooks pushes for the ship to stop and do a little exploring here and there. Brooks is against how the war was won against Romulus, believing it went against everything the Federation stands for and that the Federation is better than how they acted. Brooks has the personality of a true boy scout, and often times points to Superman as his favorite hero, and is often prone to making cheesy comments, while deep down lays a heart of gold. At times will come into conflict with Captain Downey over difference of opinion, but in his heart knows the Captains intentions are good, unlike Ambassador Tarek.

Ambassador Tarek- The assigned Ambassador for the Federation, Tarek is a Vulcan male, and a former pupil of Spock. An old, established Ambassador, Tarek, like many Vulcans, didn't like how the war was once, believe every situation has a diplomatic solution. Tarek often clashes with Downey over different beliefs and methods, and often speaks out because he is not under Downey's direct command. Downey will sometimes point out that the Federation put the lives of the many before the few, yet Tarek still disagree's with the methods and is afraid that the Alpha Quadrant could possibly forever be at odds!

Lt Cmdr. Demetrious Morgan- The ships helmsman, Morgan is a well skilled, well trained Officer of African American descent. Morgan was more often than not Downey’s pilot of choice for short range attack missions during the war and was pivotal in the success of many missions, and was a constant presence on the bridge of the U.S.S. Midway, where he and Captain Downey formed a close friendship and trust, although Morgan is unaware of Downey’s involvement with Section 31, or of Section 31’s existence to begin with. Morgan actually piloted the Midway into the Gamma Quadrant with Downey to assist the Founders against the Borg. Upon being given command of the Tiberious, Downey requested that Morgan be his Chief Helmsman, and Morgan transferred to the Tiberious from the U.S.S. Yorktown. Morgan is brash, arrogant, cocky, and a ladies man who with his very presence gives him shipmates a sense of confidence, although at times will speak without thinking and make unflattering, amusing remarks. Matthew St. Patrick should play this character.

Lt. Abigail "Abby" Hammond- The Chief Engineer of the Tiberious, Hammond is a beatiful women with a brain. Graduated top of her class from the Academy. Although an Engineer, Hammond has a bubbly, girly girl personality that can charm the pants of any man, while also retaining a sweet, soft spot that makes her a beloved member of the crew. Abby, like Patrick Brooks, is also an idealist who believes that the Federation and humanity will find its way back in no time.

Ensign Franklin Quinn- The operations officer of the Tiberious, Quinn is the oldest graduate of StarFleet Academy in his late forties/early fifties. Life long learning still exists. Although an Ensign, Quinn is very experienced in the universe and very resourceful due to his days working for the Orion Syndicate before looking to start his life over. Quinn has a dark, shady past that could return to haunt him at an time. Quinn was a smuggler, an assassin, and all around space pirate before being offered a new identity and clean slate for assisting the Federation against the Romulans in secret during the war.

Lt. Maria Diaz- The ships Tactical Officer, Maria Diaz is a highly trained but disobedient Officer who has been moved around from ship to ship during her StarFleet career, claiming she has never met a Captain she has liked. However, Diaz is more than happy upon hearing of her assignment to Captain Downey’s ship, as she attended the Academy with him and to was aboard the U.S.S. Valiant as a Cadet when it was attacked by Romulan’s, and like Downey, was taken captive only to be rescued. This, like Downey, has influenced her attitude and personality since, as she was a quiet, soft, intimidated girl before this incident. She transferred into Tactical and Security and began her career aboard the U.S.S. Edinburgh, and began her rocky relationships with other Captains and fellow Officers. Diaz is well trained in hand to hand combat and weapons, while also very skilled at Tactical defense, planning, and execution. Diaz feels she shares a bond with Downey due to there history and wishes for him to help her heal, although Downey rejects her emotional advances for some time, unable to heal himself.

Counselor. John Marta- Marta is the ship Counselor aboard the U.S.S. Tiberious, and as a male is a rarity in that particular field. Marta is the bastard offspring of a human male and an Orion Slave girl, and takes the appearance of a small human male with green skin and other Orion features. Never knowing his human father and being seen as a freak among Orions, Marta has always felt like an outsider wherever he has been, with Orions or at StarFleet Academy, where he took the first name of John as an attempt to fit in. Marta is ashamed of his mother for being what amounts to a ****e, and swears off all things Orion in bitter fashion, although he forms a relationship with Franklin Quinn, all at first he has no idea Quinn worked for the Orion Syndicate. Often times, Marta is a very vibrant, eccentric personality who has no trouble fitting in with others although deep down feeling like a man without a family or place in the universe. These feelings of loneliness are what led Marta to becoming a Counselor, so that although he felt alone, he would do everything in his power to make sure no one else was made to feel this way, and through helping his patients, perhaps Marta can one day help himself.

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