The Amazing Spider-Man 2


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May 4, 2000
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Been a long while since I posted in this forum. About 10 (Yes, that's TEN) years ago I started a thread for my animated Spidey film, titled, logically, The Amazing Spider-Man. I got a lot of great responses from site members to do voice acting, and came away with some pretty great performances. So.. earlier this year I finished and posted the first Spider-Man film on YouTube. It can be seen here:…

It was mostly a learning experience and it shows. While I'm very proud of the story and my direction, technically it isn't really up to the standard I'd like. But I did learn from it, and continued forward.

The results begin here, with the post of the first teaser for my Amazing Spider-Man 2 animated film:…

I look forward to feedback both positive and critical. I'll be posting more in about a week. Please check it out, subscribe if you like and share!

My Best..

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