The Amazing Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel?

That Spider Guy

Jun 20, 2012
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So, the game is supposed to be based after the movie, right? And people have been talking about sequels to the movie. A sequel to the movie... wouldn't the game have already done that? Would the sequel be based after the game? Or maybe a little before the game? In which case I ask, how and would they make a game for the sequel to the movie?? IT'S ALL SO CONFUSING!!! :huh:
Mmm, Dee Brown... I think it was Dee Brown... said himself that the game shouldn't be considered canon. So basically you can think of the game as a 'what if' kinda thing.
They've done prequel and sequel games all the time for movies, usually if the movie doesn't have enough action scenes for a game to be made using the story.
Mysterio for TASM 2. Green Goblin (not a Power Ranger) for TASM 3.
I think this is for the game, not the movie Joe.

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