World The amazing Spider-man web shooters???

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Aug 4, 2011
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Hello guys! Has anyone here on the forum made a web shooter from the new movie? I mean not a working on but a replica i've made one and i'm working on making a new one but i wonder has anyone here been making one?? :yay:
I found a prop web shooter that shoots silly string. Courtesy of white widow. It would cost about twenty bucks.

Things you'll need:

-4 gillette shaving cream cans. Each are two ounces.
-adhesive Velcro strips and the opposing sides.
-several cans of silly string
-duct tape
-2" stick

1.) Boil some water and use the tongs to put the EMPTY gillette cans into the water, one at a time.

2.)Use the tongs to squeeze the air out of each can for a while until no air is coming out. Continue squeezing the cans for a couple minutes afterwards.

3.)refridgerate the cans. They now have a vaccum in them.

4.)poke a small hole in the playdoh. Now take off the nozzles of each gillette can and silly string cans. There should be a little tube.

5.)In the playdoh, put the tubes of the silly string and shaving creme cans together so that the holes meet up and the playdoh keeps the seal airtight. Push the cans together until they aren't putting out.

6.) repeat step 5 for all four cans.

7.) attatch the adhesive strips to the cans. Actually use this for a guide on the velcro: (I recommend following the spray paint tip too)

8.) Take the spoon and drill hole at the end. Then use the hammer to bend the spoon under the hole you drilled. then hammer the scoop part and duct tape the 2" stick to the spoon.

9.)finally, put the spoon's hole that you drilled onto the silly string can's tube.
we have 3 other threads about web shooters, no need to make another one
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