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The apes coming home. KONG returns to universal orlando 2015


Jul 27, 2001
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Good Evening, my family and friends! It’s time yet again to take a stroll with me around Universal Orlando tonight as we discuss the past, present, and the future of my favorite resort. I would like to start off in saying thank you to the members here at Orlando United. We truly appreciate all that you do and look forward to our adventures together in the future. I also want to point out that everything I say is speculation based on information from anonymous sources. Everything is strictly on a no-name basis and I have no inside knowledge and never have

We will begin our tour around the resort in reference to an attraction that has had numerous problems in the past. So many problems, in fact, that they actually never had a grand opening ceremony. The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster has had issues since day 1. While the main issues were all programming related in the beginning, one issue slowly began to take form under the trains chassis. The trains wheels were wearing down much to fast and lead to a rather rough ride on several of the trains. For those who may not know it was due to the extreme torque of the circuit most notably the non inverting loop. Well a few months ago I reported that a new company won a bid and was set to begin train refurbishments starting in the Summer and going through the fall. Well I am happy to announce that the first train with a completely new chassis structure is in the bays and will soon begin to give riders a new smooth ride. The feedback so far from those lucky enough to ride it after hours say its an overwhelming positive change. The next train is now going under the knife and the entire fleet overhaul should take another 45-60 days. Oh and Rockit fans, not only are you getting a more comfortable ride but your also getting some new tunes as well.

As we continue our tour, we happen to see a vast amount of structures popping up from the Wizarding World Diagon Alley Construction site. The largest of these structures will house a Gringotts themed rollercoaster experience based off of the sequence in the Deathly Hallows 2. The attraction itself will be the flagship of the Universal dark ride line up. Its ride system alone is so advanced several major companies are involved in its installation and execution. Premier and Vekoma are already on site working on a system that will incorporate flight simulation, live effects, animatronics, 4K3DHD Screens, and sudden drops, “tilts”, and acceleration. The massive interior sets will incorporate “portals” or screens that will blend into massive cliffs and rockwork. Some interior rock work will be approaching 5 stories in height inside the Gringotts show rooms. Including sub sections for scenes there are 14 total zones within this attraction with scenes 8 and 9 being two of the largest and most complicated scenes created. The dragon is something else…

As we pass through Springfield USA (Yes were passing through, I mean what else can I give you? ) Well I take that back. Lets just hope they didn’t cut effects like the spill, choking, and blinky to name a few when they increased the budget again for the faux brick work in Duff Gardens. As I enjoy the full bar at Duff and eat fresh finger foods like Nachos, Twister Taters, and Potato Skins I find myself looking at two gentlemen goofing off with cameras and some serious computer equipment. Seems they have found a way to turn guests into Simpsons and offer that picture up for sale on several forms of merchandise. I couldn’t help but take a look at how I might look Simpsonized. The photo was very impressive and I had to have a mug to pour my beer into as we continue our tour.

With Springfield in our rear view mirror we come across a very sad and lonely Kidszone. The area itself is well into the planning phases of a TOTAL overlay and remodel. Soon the first signs of change will be obvious as the only water ride in all of the Studios prepares to be dismantled first. The slide in Fievals Playland is on the chopping block first, why you ask and for what? Well that my friends will have to wait for another day. Skipping past Curious Georges water wasteland we come across some very ghoulish interior decorators who are well underway constructing attractions for my personal favorite event Halloween Horror Nights. This year will be another one that is following the use of IP involvement. Of the eight haunts this year, many will involve an IP. The house lineup is Havoc 2, Resident Evil, Walking Dead 2, Grimm: La Llorona, Cabin in the Woods, The Evil Dead, Legendary Truth, and American Werewolf in London. All of houses will be located in there normal spots with one spot possibly being its last year in use as a haunt location. Why you ask? Well future construction of course.

The next Universal Studios attraction has been green lit and be labeled as Project 301. The project has been well underway with iTEC for months and will involve the removal of Disaster. For years Universal visitors have enjoyed this updated yet classic attraction. During its tenure we have seen many of the parks most iconic attractions be removed in order to make way for the next big thing. Well this time it’s a little different as were removing a classic in order to bring back a classic. I am pleased to announce the big man is coming back to Universal Orlando.

King Kong will be replacing Disaster in an effort to completely rebrand the entire park. This custom creation for Orlando will bring the banana breath himself back to the studios in an entirely new way. With a new queue, new preshows, a new RV, a new station, new track, and custom show scenes complete with Kong in the flesh. This attraction is certain to bring some of that classic nostalgia into the park so many say have been lost. This new mega attraction is set to break loose Summer 2015. During that same summer, Islands of Adventure will unleash its updated Jurassic Park area with a brand new E ticket attraction as well.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this as much as I have sharing it. I really need the help promoting this website and all of the cool info we share here. I would love to see this shared on other sites and forums but please give credit where credit is due. If you see its not, call them out via Twitter, Facebook, the forums and so on. Orlando United is the premier Universal fan site and its about time it gets credit for it. Last, but not least, I would like everyone to keep one of our fellow members Izzy in their thoughts and prayers as she recently lost her son Johnny. Izzy, I will say a prayer for Johnny tonight and I hope you can find comfort in knowing he’s in a better place waiting to see his mother again. Thank You everyone, Good Night…


ok i'm geeking out and i know a certain hype poster has just died of a heart attack

the original ride

Great to hear. I remember going on the original ride when I was 8. We turned a corner, Kong popped out and scared the **** out of my 5 year old sister. My dad couldn't stop laughing at her :funny:
YESS!! one of the of the only rides when I was younger to really scare the **** out of me.
Heck yeah!! I remember going on this ride & being freaked out by Kong. This is awesome.
The Evil Dead and Cabin in the Woods should be awesome horror mazes.
Is this the "new ride" or the old one polished up? I seem to remember that the new ride is all digital with a 3D environment putting you in the middle of the kong/t-rex fight.
Is this the "new ride" or the old one polished up? I seem to remember that the new ride is all digital with a 3D environment putting you in the middle of the kong/t-rex fight.

complete new ride combining aspects of the old full animatronic kong and the newer digital one.

the press release states you will see kong in the flesh, so i'm thinking harry potter esq type ride

you see the dragon chase potter on digital 3d screen, track moves on full size animatronic dragon head in front of you
I was just at Universal Orlando last Oct but I lived in Orlando for a few years as a kid and Universal was my favorite park by far. When I went back as an adult I was kind of bummed to find my favorites like Kong and Jaws were gone. I loved the updates to Earthquake, now Disaster, with the fake movie and audience participation so I'm bummed they're getting rid of it. It was really funny.
I got to be in the Disaster show the last time I was there. :oldrazz:

However, I'm excited that Kong is coming back! Loved that ride!!

Maybe it means that one day we'll see the return of Jaws. Here's hoping.
All I read was Jurassic Park upgrades with new ride. Yay!
Hooray! Now bring back Jaws and Back to the Future.

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