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Aug 24, 2011
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Right-oh gents. It's another character thread that will eventually go mad, so casting and costumes, standard procedure.
No need to change the costume. Use a material close to what Spidey wore(without the scales)

I don't like the Young Justice design. The boot length and low height of the arm and waist bolts emphasise him as being too thin. I get it's a long distance runners physique, but Flash is fast too. He should be somewhere in between.
I'm not going to lie, any man in that skin-tight suit will definitely get my approval. :fhm:
As long as he shows off that man-butt like Spidey! :eek:

I bet it feels like he's wearing, nothing at all... nothing at all... nothing at all.

How about Edward Norton.
Paul Dano? No?

At first this may sound very unusual, but I think this direction is an inspired casting call. He's a gosh darn talented actor with multiple movies under his belt. Also, a distinctive character about him.

The only problem is that he's a bit young. But who knows what direction they'll go with
as far as costume goes, I think Flash's was the first that I actually liked from the New 52 so I'd say something similar to that :)
This might sound off and Ill probably be bombarded with "Wtf!? Why!?" for this suggestion but how about Aaron Paul a.k.a. Jesse Pinkman for Barry Allen?

This might sound off and Ill probably be bombarded with "Wtf!? Why!?" for this suggestion but how about Aaron Paul a.k.a. Jesse Pinkman for Barry Allen?

I think a lot of people would be okay with this, hes on the cover of Rolling Stone

He looks more serious and mean than Barry usually does but he is a badass and AMAZING scene stealing actor that I know could make a convincing and dynamic Barry Allen.

His face would look cool under the mask I think too

I might be wrong but I think Eddie Dean may have first suggested this? Such an inspired choice

I have a couple of drawings of the Justice League. This one, and you can't really tell, is NPH as the Flash hahaa I made him sleeveless. I was inspired by the outfits of track runners in the Olympics, except I added hexagon scales in the torso and thigh areas to make him seem more superhero-y. The dash on his temples and ankles are just simple "checks", not too thunder-ish
The Flash definitely needs sleeves man.

I guess I wouldnt be opposed to Neil Patrick Harris as Flash but he doesnt seem like leading man material.
He certainly looks the part there. I especially love that cowl. I dont like the crotch area or the way the solid yellow lines are positioned. Other than that, I could see that being a cool movie costume.
Yeah if I could fix that crotch area, it would look perfect. I like the Tron-esque LED lights on the armor.
What about instead of the yellow lightning on the costume they just had two different colors of red to break up the costume visually. I think that may look nice unless they can pull off the yellow lightning bolt trim on the costume which can easily look cheesy.
I'm pretty flexible on the costume. I like the dark crimson red on it too.

I think it would be neat if they pulled a Nolan Catwoman and made the bolts on his helmet be functional. Like Catwoman's 'ears,' they could be part of a scope that he can lift backwards.
I'm all for that Tron-ish costume, however it needs to steer a bit away from having too much armor or armor-like material. It'll remind me too much of Iron Man's costume. He has to look like he's able to move freely and quickly in it. I'm in favor of more fabric
I'd prefer GL and Flash to have suits that are a mix of thin armor plating and spandex. And both have the LED lighting.

Batman can have thin armor as well. I'd prefer Aquaman in a chainmail-like suit, similar to Cavill's.
Aquaman definately needs a Man Of Steel esque suit. Darken the orange and the green a bit.

Flash , as long as it's not too much armor and looks as close to the classic look. Nothing drastic at all when it comes to Flash and Green Lantern.

I like the new costume. Its very similar to the old one but can be translated easier on screen with the lines. I also love how the lines will glow when Barry runs.
That manip is badaaaaaassssssss.

I'd be fine with Cooper as Barry.

As for the Aaron Paul suggestion... he's one of my favorite actors, but I think he's a little too small to play a convincing superhero. Even if he put on a lot of muscle, I still don't think he'd look all that convincing.
What's the best origin story that you can incorporate to a film for Flash?

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