The Batman Motion Picture Anthology coming to Blu-Ray Disc Q3 2008

I need a PS3 now and I hope for new interviews and features on all DVD's please. Also I wonder if the BB one will be the same as the special limited edition that is being advertised for Blu-Ray? I just wished they had included Mask of the Phantasm it's as captivating and mature as any of the quality live action ones so why not.
Mask of the Phantasm is such a great movie, it needs a complete remasterization on dvd and blu ray, the old dvd seems dated, the video quality looks really bad
Dammit now i'm gonna have to shell out for a PS3.

But it'll be *so* worth it!
I hope it has new artwork. they couldnt give region 1 the logo artwork on the standed dvds.
Why are they including Batman Begins with the original 4 films? argh! hopefully it wont be.
I'm sure they meant blu-ray, because Blu-Ray is a Hi-Def format.
Why are they including Batman Begins with the original 4 films? argh! hopefully it wont be.

I'm glad cause that way I don't have to buy it seperately, less money :woot:

Then again I was never one to fully hate that movie just a lot of moments in it though it did have some great ones too. It's a good movie and a great reintroduction to the character for some people, I respect that.

Oh and the anthology should include a coupon for the TDK Blu-Ray I hope.

And for those who don't know, Warner Bros. is a Blu-Ray exclusive studio along with many others. if anyone here needs more info on blu go to because that site has everything.i keep checking it every day to see if the release date has been set yet for the anthology.
Ya its lookin like PS3 is definetly going to be on my list for '08!
the PS3 is my favorite purchase of 2007. It is so versatile and awesome! I swear I find a new use for it every day! :up::up: you will not regret it.
Did anyone happen to get The Batman Double Feature that came with MotP and Subzero?
i wanted to but never did. i still have the cardboard and plastic snapcase version of MOTP and subzero
I really hope that the blu-ray gives the films alot better of a look, the newer released anthology on dvd definitly did.
WB is in the process of scanning their entire library of films at 4K resoulution and digitally restoring them for Blu-Ray releases. there was a huge article at High Def Digest about how they transfered the new Blade Runner Final Cut to Blu. Its an amazing process, :up:.
lol, it's the 3rd quarter of the year, so...

Dun dum dun... July-ish.
To be more specific July-September. This is my most anticipated home video release this year by far.

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