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The Best Batman Movie Moments


May 10, 2016
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With people rewatching the older films for the new 4K transfers, I thought it'd be a good oppurtunity to rank the best moments from all the theatrically released Batman films. There was a thread made for this back in 2006 but we've had a few Batman films since then. I'm doing a top 20 but feel free to rank as many as you'd like.

20. Batman ejecting from the Batmobile and flying up towards the camera and gliding back down- Batman & Robin
19. The end shot of Batman Forever
18. The Bat-Pod turn-The Dark Knight
17. Bruce responding to the Bat Signal- Batman Returns
16. Joker speaking to the corpse- Batman 1989
15. Bruce confronting his fears in the Batcave- Batman Begins
14. The Penguins Origin- Batman Returns
13. Batman vs. Bane in the sewers- The Dark Knight Rises
12. Joker blowing up the hospital- The Dark Knight
11. Joker killing Bob- Batman 1989
10. The Smylex Commercial- Batman 1989
9. Descent Into Mystery- Batman 1989
8. The Dark Knight Bank Robbery
7. Joker telling Gamble how he got his scars- The Dark Knight
6.The ballroom dance between Bruce and Selina- Batman Returns
5. The Axis Chemicals raid resulting in the birth of Joker- Batman 1989
4. The Batwing saving the citizens of Gotham at Joker's parade-Batman 1989/ With this one I love the context of the people of Gotham essentially turning their backs on Batman in favor of The Joker, but Batman still shows up to save them anyway. Something about that just summarizes Batman's sense of duty very well.
3. Interrogation scene- The Dark Knight
2. The ending of the Dark Knight. Specifically from the conversation between Batman, Gordon, and Two Face to the end credits. Perfection.
1. Finale- Batman 1989

Honorable Mentions (In no particular order)
1."How Could you? I'm a woman!"-Batman Returns
2. Batman escaping Riddler's death trap in Batman Forever-This sequence is a little silly but I've always enjoyed it, and I love the shot of Batman coming up through the floor into Riddler's lair.
3. The birth of Batman- Mask of the Phantasm
4. The rooftop scene (I'm Batman)- Batman 1989
5. "Somedays you just can't get rid of a bomb"- Batman 66

What are some of your favorite moments?
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